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JJ VILLAR asked to be paid upfront for services for a Dance Choreographic and other things. He took our money, worked a 4 days and then quit with a bogus reason. He refused to returned our money. Tries to write clause in his contract to get around having to pay me back legally. If you are thinking about hiring JJ VILLAR OF FEEL THE MUSIC for any types of projects. Think again and do your homework. He claims to have developed Toni Braxton for a show, that is a lie. He only worked as choreographer on the show. Had nothing to do with working with Ms. Braxton directly. He is a liar, will get people to lie for him and will say and do anything to get your money and not pay you back.


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  • Ci
      12th of May, 2012

    I am so glad someone write a reported on this swindler. JJ Villar of Feel the music scammed me out of my money as well.

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  • Jj
      9th of Dec, 2014

    It has been brought up to my attention that there is this article claiming my company, Feel The Music Entertainment, is a "Ripp off Company". There have been statements made where I have been called a "Swindler" and a "liar" by two posts on this site. Hello, I am J.J. Villar owner and creator of Feel The Music Entertainment and I am writing this on my own behalf.

    Once I heard this was on the internet I searched my name and came across this. It saddens me to know the lengths of what people will go through to slander someones name and or reputation based on false accusations just for the purpose of getting back at someone. The truth is the two comments made on here by both John Harper and Cindy Larson are false. So much so that when I actually clicked on their names to find out their profiles of who these people were I realized that their accounts were created only a few days apart. Neither of which I have ever had clients by either of these names.

    I pride myself on being a very honest business man and I have dedicated my life and career in helping others. I am a person of values and character and I do not in any way take advantage or attempt to rip people off.

    Without going into too many details or releasing the name of the artist and family behind these two allegations I will say this on my behalf. I have helped develop many artists through out my years in the business. In the article above it stated that I claimed to have helped develop Toni Braxton which is not accurate at all. I have worked with her, danced for her and choreographed a show in the Las Vegas area for the dancers of her show to promote her vegas show back in the day. These facts were taken out of context to make me look and sound like a liar. I have also helped develop many young aspiring artists, teens and young adults. I created a training program for dancers and artists to help pave their way to breaking into the Entertainment industry. A few years back I had one artist who had her mom as a manager in which I signed to an artist development program. NOT A RECORD DEVELOPMENT DEAL BUT A TRAINING PROGRAM. The program was a rigorous training schedule in which the artists was obligated to follow to the letter. Much like any record company would do but I did it independently. Unfortunately the artist would not comply with the rules, schedules and guidelines set forth in their contract. Like any other program, gym membership, training camp etc you pay your "entry fee" upfront. That is not uncommon for this type of development program. It was clarified to both artist and the family that if the artists failed to comply with the program standards they would be dropped from the program with no refunds. Much like going to a gym and hiring a personal trainer or buying a book of yoga or dance classes, IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP AND PARTICIPATE YOU DON'T GET YOUR MONEY BACK. That in no way shape or form is a scam, it was not a lie, or it was not an attempt to swindle anyone out of money. Once the lack of participation from the artist was noted and documented I brought it up to the family and made them aware with a written and verbal warning. The artist needed to participate without excuses according to the contract and time line that was given upon signing. When the same behavior continued I was given no choice but to drop the artist from the program without a refund as stated in their contract.

    The artist and her manager/mom felt I had done them an injustice and sued me in court making the same allegations that are made on this site. It was a heart breaking process as my only intention has ever been to help people achieve their dreams. Especially teens and young adults. Needless to say after showing the court all of the emails, text messages and contract proving that I was doing everything in my power to have the artist and their management comply with the rules on the contract, the judge ruled in my favor and agreed that with the proof of all my attempts to get the artist to jump on board with the program I had acted accordingly and dismissed the law suit and denied the artist their refund.

    As I look into the dates of the ruling and the dates on the two individuals that are making these allegations on this site, I have no choice but to come to the conclusion that this in fact is the same manager/mom using alias names and accounts to discredit my name and my company.

    I will not reveal the name of the artist or her manager/mom because my intention is not to slander anyones name or judge their ways of handling situations such as this. My only interest is to speak on my own behalf to clarify that I am in no way shape or form or have ever been a scam artist, liar, or swindler nor is my entertainment company. So to whom ever reads this if you are ever doing research on me or my company I hope you do it accurately as you will find that what I am saying is true. Unfortunately we all know that most people believe everything they read on the internet however if you really would like credible sources to find out about my or what kind of services I or my company can provide, please feel free to contact me directly and i will point you in the right direction so you can base your own opinion on accurate facts. You can always reach me at [protected]@GMAIL.COM or contact me directly on my cell phone at 818-281-2787.

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