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Jenny Yap & Associates / Bad Services, No Ethics

Apr 22, 2015
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Contact information:
Jenny Yap & Associates
Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 603-62518488
I had never seen/met such a "xxxxx" lawyer in my life... This would be my biggest & stupidest mistake in my life to engage "HER"!!

I had given her plenty of time to settle my Purchase case, I did not rush/push her and I only follow-up once in a month on the status however after more than 10 months from signing SPA, and when I asked why do the case take so long to process, she only replied it is still processing and should be next month the case can be close... However when next month arrived I asked again for status, she gave me the same replied it is still processing and should be next month the case can be close... she is keep making empty promises... and this continue for 4 months and finally my tolerant has reaches my limit and I called Jenny up to understand the situation clearly however she did not pick up and did not also return my call despite I dropped her a message to call me back urgently... Hence I called her office looking for a lady name Lynn (whom Jenny appointed her to follow-up on my case and if require any clarification can also look for her, as per Jenny told me). I think she is just a clerk/admin personnel who do paper works in office... Lynn did explain to me however I just cannot understand why every single process take so long... i.e submission of documents, issue letter etc also can take up to 1 week... With anger, I had raised my voice up on her as I foreseen that these people are not really following-up for me, not pushing at all basically they are delaying me they are dragging me they are taking their own sweet time to do it... Then after an hour plus, Jenny finally returned my call however she scolded me so harsh asking why did I scold her staff... And she also said some very bad & hurtful words like 1.I had given you big discount on the legal fees (which the cost is still burning my wallet it is still not cheap at all) 2. Given you VIP service (which I do not see how VIP I am), and why I am still so demanding and being rude... Is this the way as a professional lawyer (I doubt it now) talk to her client?? Ok, I admit that raising my voice is not something good however being demanding (accusing me) is not right at all... Like I mentioned earlier, I only follow-up once a month and given her/them 10 months time already however still haven't settle my case, does it seems I am a demanding person? As I had survey around, normally for Leasehold Purchase case the max takes up to 10 months and I am just trying to understand the situation after 10 months time why my case is still processing?... After a heated argument with her on the phone the other time, she ask me to liaise with Lynn for everything as she is not going to involve herself in the case... she totally ignore answering my calls even replying sms/whatsapp... What the heck?? I assigned her as my lawyer and she tell me that she is not going to involve herself in my case and completely handover to a clerk/admin personnel to handle it?? In that case, I should have only pay the clerk/admin personnel for administration fee and not paying a lawyer for her legal fee right... Fine, finally this case (ding dong here ding dong there) were closed at the end... And the seller/vendor also taken more than 7-working days by numerous pushing/chasing/calls/sms only able to get her Balance Sum back... She wish me Luck ~ ~

Story Continue as I am idiot/stupid to give Jenny both my case to her to process... One Purchase case and One Seller/Vendor case.

Same thing happen, both my cases actually running at the same time... So grace period wise is about the same, after 10 months old should be close case however no and it is still pending still processing, same old "sh**" excuses given by her... Until now processes finally done on early April 2015 but case is yet to close and I had handover my selling unit keys on 10/Apr... However as off today 23/Apr the so call "lawyer JENNY YAP" has yet to do the transfer of balance sum to me... I had been pushing & pushing from 13/Apr but from one excuses given then to another excuses given until the last excuses given was (you might not even able to think of it you know) is that she were hospitalized to CCU unit and is unable to access laptop/mobile phone to do the online transfer... Crappy or not?? I am not sure what she up to but definitely is not something good otherwise you will not hold up on your client money for more than 2 weeks... FYI, up to now, today, I am still pushing & chasing for my balance sum...

To Everyone who read my comments here, I am here to share because I want awareness on everyone of you... I really been thru and still going thru a very pain stage to just get both case done/close/settle...

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N  27th of Apr, 2015 by 
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If she is not professional tell her you are going to complaint to Bar Council http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/complaints_against_lawyers.html
A  17th of May, 2015 by 
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My case takes about half year, mine is just the loan agreement. Even the banker also couldn’t understand why they take so long to process the document and keep giving the wrong document to the bank. The “VIP” service sounds very familiar, this was what they promised to me too, but I will was being scolded for harassing them! Lynn is just a clerk, she never give proper explanation if you question anything.

Her partner, Chris Lee, also a lawyer, they both are lousy lawyer. He was the one i met to sign the document, and he was the one who promised me the "VIP" service.

I hope all the loan banker and everyone out there, please take note of this law firm, never ever engage with them or you will regret!
D  25th of May, 2015 by 
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Dear Complainant CSW.D,

We have on 25/5/2015 served to you notice of demand which you will be received immediate in email and by AR Registered Post.

By 4pm 29.5.2015, should we failed to receive your action and response as per content of the said Notice of Demand, we shall proceed to commence legal action against you.

Thank you.
Jenny Yap & Associates
D  25th of May, 2015 by 
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Dear L W T

Concerning http://www.complaintboard.com/complaints/Jenny-Yap-Associates-Bad-Services-No-Ethics//comments

We had sent to Complaint Board for requesting for your full details to proceed Notice of Demand and thereafter no response on you part within 7 days to arrange content of the said Notice of Demand to procced legal proceedings against you.

Thank you.
Jenny Yap & Associates
N  26th of May, 2015 by 
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Dear Jenny Yap & Associates

As per requested from your Notice of Demand letter dated 25/May, I apologize for the statements I've made above.

Doris Chong
N  4th of Aug, 2016 by 
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Just a passersby. This lawyer who wrote in demand notice for his/her own client. Is so unprofessional. Poor people to engage lawyer like this.
N  30th of Aug, 2016 by 
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LOL, you are stating a fact why care to apologize?
Anyway, this lawyer firm reputation is so HOT! This page come up to the top when I search thru google!
N  7th of Apr, 2017 by 
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She been charged in court for misappropriation of customers money more than RM 1 million.
N  3rd of May, 2017 by 
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@ETSing good to know that!!! she deserve it!!! i kena from her also, made a police report.
N  3rd of May, 2017 by 
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i heard from the police, she kena like 20 cases police report

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