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I own three properties in the Metro Atlanta area. I moved out of state and have been unable to manage the properties myself. I came across JD Homes Property Services and was impressed by the seemingly professional nature of the representative that I met with- David Floyd. I told him how important it is to me to ensure the properties are well-kept since my family and I depend on the income that they generate. He explained that JD Homes only uses licensed and bonded contractors to perform maintenance duties for all of their properties.
I was coming to Atlanta on a business trip and decided to check on the properties; one was vacant, so I called JD Homes and expressed my interest to visit the property. I let them know the days that I was scheduled to be there at least a month in advance. Upon my arrival they kept coming up with excuses saying that they were out in the field and they would call me back. I had to keep calling them until finally, I just went out to the property (JD Homes had all the master keys to my properties.) I hired a locksmith to go inside the property and what I saw clearly explained why the property had been vacant for almost a year. The tiles in the bathroom had been spray-painted with a substance that was peeling off. The lighting fixtures had been removed and wires were exposed. The cabinets and drawers in both the kitchen and bathrooms held the remains of previous tenants. The stove and oven were extremely dirty as was the refrigerator.
After the last tenants moved out, JD Homes billed me $500 to have the home completely cleaned- this was supposed to include removing all items that were left behind, as well as, cleaning the property so that it could be shown to potential tenants. As I looked over the property I became enraged because I realized that $500; not to mention the deposit that the tenants had already paid JD Homes upon moving in, did not go towards the property, but it simply lined the pockets of JD Homes.
As soon as I left the property, I went to see an attorney who prepared the paperwork needed to discontinue their services at all of my properties. Once that process was completed, I incurred expenses upward of $50, 000 to make necessary professional repairs at all three of my properties. The professionals showed me how things were rigged to work. The electrician said that all of the properties were fire hazards since the electrical work had been done by an unexperienced person and could not have been done by a licensed electrician. He also said that had I not called his company in when I did, I probably would have been facing lawsuits due to negligence by at least one of my existing tenants. The plumber pointed out how pipes were not properly installed at one property. There were many other problems that I encountered that reflected the poor judgement of JD Homes and their disregard for renter's safety, as well as the upkeep of owners' properties.
I spoke with two of the tenants that were renting two of my properties. They both exclaimed how JD Homes is often non-responsive when they call whether the repairs needed are emergencies or not. They said it usually takes weeks or months just to get a returned call. Both tenants also advised me that when JD Homes sends over people to perform repairs they are never able to furnish licenses for their trade. The tenant who has been in one of my properties for the longest time (6 years), said that several times when the maintenance man has come that he reeked of alcohol and seemed inebriated.
Property Owners beware of JD HOMES! If you are concerned with long-term investment returns, this is not the company to do business with. They will drive down the value of your property and you will loose lots of money because of the damage they will cause to your home from using non-professionals to maintain the properties.

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