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Got into a car wreck with a drunk driver!!! Needless to say he totaled my car so had no time to check into this car lot wish I did!!! The repair shop sucks they use used parts on your car, so when you get it back the same issues happen again!!! I asked for a tune up they said it didn't need one, so a couple weeks later I took it somewhere else and they said it needed one bad!!! In a year and 1/2 it has been in the shop more times for repairs then oil changes!! Just last week they had it for a full week and let the mechanic take it home over night, when I went up there around 11 am he still hasn't shown up for work!!! Finally got it back and someone went through my center console and some stuff that was in there was on my floor and seat!! That night I realized my battery charger was missing!!! Not happy with this car lot at all!!! Already told everyone I know not to buy nothing from them!!!

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      Dec 03, 2013

    I went to JD Byrider about a month ago in Columbus, Ga. The sales woman read off of flip tablets with diagrams and wouldn't give us answers to the questions we had. I told her I was not going through an hour of her demonstrations while she flipped through how JD works. I wanted to see the Vehicles. She said, " they don't show the vehicles until after they run your credit and do this presentation to determine if you are Eligible. I asked her the price of the Vehicle ( Mini Van) I was looking at. She wouldn't tell me. I told her well we can stop right here because I'm not interested. She excused herself and asked the manager what the price was. Well, turns out there was a price list as you enter the show room. The Van was 2005 Kia Sedona with a KBB of 3500.00 in excellent condition. The Van had 72, 894 miles on it and they were asking $13, 000.00 for this Silver Mini Van. I told her she can cancel the appt. that I was NOT paying that price for this OLD mini van. Are you serious. I"m no fool. We walked out.

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