JD Byrider/CNAC / loan process

I purchased a car from this dealership 10/2016. I put a $500 down payment and was told if I put some of my tax refund down as a deffered payment, it could lower my overall amount owed. I signed up to put $1500 of my tax refund after I filed the following year. I wound up getting my taxes offset for a previous debt owed. I spoke with the finance company, CNAC, and explained the situation. Intially, I was told it wasn't an issue and that they would hold my account until I recieved proof from the IRS that it was being taken. I am a customer that makes my payments on time, always answers or returns the calls, and kept this company informed every step of what was happening with my taxes. About 1.5 weeks after I notified the finance company of the tax situation, I recieved a call from "Miss Archie" (she called herself) saying that I have had the car since October and they need their $1500 from my taxes. I explained to her that they were being offset and per the other agents I spoke with I just needed to wait for the IRS to send me something. She told me they couldn't wait and I needed to go the the dealership so they could rewrite the loan without my taxes being included. I agreed but explained that since I work and my husband went to school, it would be difficult to get us both at the dealership at the same time for long. She told me she would see if we could come in separate times and call me back. She called back and said that the Mishawaka Indiana location I would be going to said no we had to be there at the same time. I got frustrated and asked to speak with a supervisor at CNAC. I spoke with a lady named Beth. She assured me that the process would only take 1 hour and to keep in contact with her with any issues. When we get to the dealership we were told that they had to completely redo the contract, including checking my credit again. This is where my problem is. I was never told I needed to have my credit rechecked. As a consumer trying to get my credit repaired, which is orginally why we ended up at this dealership at the first place, I am upset my credit needed to get an inquiry hit for something I already purchased. After 3 hours, not 1 hour as promised, we finally left. I just think everything should be explained up front, especially since the company "prides" itself on helping peoples credit.

Mar 07, 2017

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