[Resolved] Jack Williams Tire and Auto / Customer service nightmare

135 S. Wyoming Ave, Kingston, United States

Feb 12, 2014 - They picked up my new 2013 Honda to fix the tire and to do an inspection.

Feb 13, 2014 - Service Manager returned the car during a snow storm. When I check the car it had marks on the front bumper and on the garage.

Contacted the Service Manager and sent him pics, he came and looked at the car 2-3 days later. For 7 weeks, he told me not to worry about it and that Jack Williams would fix it because that kind of thing happens all of the time. For 7 weeks I waited and called him weekly, he finally asked me to come home so he could take it for an estimate at a collision place. I asked my boss to go home early, called him on his cell as he requested and he took my car for about 1-1 and 1/2 hours.

For another week, I hear nothing, he promises to come and fix it, finally I asked him "Come on this has gone on long enough". A week after that - almost 8 weeks after the incident - a get a call from their insurance agent who told me he got the claim 15 minutes earlier.

I went and fixed the marks myself, out of being disgusted and I will tell you I am an over 10 year customer of Jack Williams who has never been disappointed with service, until now.

I get the email from their insurer today that says they can't honor the claim (which for me know what a moot point) because Jack Williams said they never damaged my car.

So, why did the service manager lead me on for 7 weeks? Why did it take 8 weeks to report the claim to their insurance? Why when my son called the Kingston location, did a worker whose name I will leave out, say that they were fixing my car. When my son asked why it hasn't been fixed, he was told because the service manager asked to take it and I said I was to busy. Really now?

I have been led on and deceived by the service manager at this location. I would have respected "We won't cover it" or "Don't feel we did the damage".

However ask your self - why does someone lead you on for 7 weeks if they did nothing, telling you they are going to have your car fixed.

I will no longer go to any Jack Williams location, my grown children will not be going, and many of my co workers who have seen me go through this - will also not be going.

Consumer beware.

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    I don't feel they will ever give a resolution. My blood pressure is up, I can't sleep and the entire situation is making me sick. Time to put it to rest..

Apr 14, 2014

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