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Me and my family went inside Jack In the box and placed an order and when we got our order it wasn't rite because when we got in the car my daughter seen that her order wasn't rite so me and Her went back inside I went in first and my daughter dirty even make it all the way in and she slip and went up in the air and fell hard I know it was hard because I heard it and not one employee came to check to see if she was ok or ask her was she ok and I feel like that wad not rite because we eat there all the time a and not once was they concerned about my 10 year old daughter health and I feel like something should be done about that.

Jack In The Box

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      Feb 12, 2015

    So what do you want us to do about it. You are on a general complaint site, not the Jack In The Box web site. Why didn't you check your take out order before going out to your car? Why was your daughter dirty, which is what you make it sound like in your complaint, and actually that has nothing to do with your complaint. The word "rite" means a ceremonial or solemn act like in a church. The way you used it the word should be spelled "right." Your daughter might have slipped and fell, but I would be willing to bet she didn't go up in the air first. If she had went up in the air she would have been so injured that you probably would have had to call an ambulance. Also a 10 year old is old enough to look where they are walking and watch out for things they might slip on. What are we supposed to determine from the photo of your cash register receipt? My thought is you should concentrate more on learning how to spell, punctuate, and use proper grammar instead of worrying about eating out all the time or ordering take out. If you are old enough to have a 10 year old daughter you you are old enough to know how to spell and use proper grammar. Also there wasn't any reason that your daughter had to go into the store with you, she could have stayed in the car with the rest of the family.

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