Ivory White Teeth WhiteningTrial offer, product returned, account still charged

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I signed up for the free trial with Ivory White. They sent me the trial product and a box of the complete product. I emailed a cancellation request to them and stated that I was returning their product and did not want my account charged for that or any future shipments. I got an automated reply that I'd hear back from them in 1 day. I didn't hear anything a day later, so I sent another email to them requesting no charges to my account and to cancel, even forwarded a copy of the first email I sent.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Boulder, CO
Then 3-4 days later, I finally got a confirmation that my account was cancelled and I would not be billed for the shipment. The product was returned in time, and I later called to verify they received my return. The representative answered and they received it at the warehouse, but without an RMA number, my refund could not be processed. The confirmation email they sent did not state anything about an RMA number and I couldnt find it on their website. I argued with her, and even talked with the supervisor. They kept saying their was nothing that could be done about me getting my money back.

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  • Lv
      Jun 06, 2009

    Is there anything we can do to get our money back. The same thing happened to me. I got hit twice. One from Ivory whites and another one from Brilliant whites.
    This sucks. I played phone tag with these crooks for a full week and I didn't get anywhere.

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  • Te
      Jul 02, 2009

    I ordered Ivory White for a 14 day free trial, as stated on their website “” The order was placed 6/13/09. I received the item on 6/17/09. I used it for 5 days, 30 mins each day (instructions say 30-60 mins for five days should cause one shade or more change. I saw no result. I then used it for 5 days, 60 mins each day. It did whiten my teeth barely one shade but my gums were so inflamed, red, raw and sore. I was in intense pain. I called the company on 6/28 to cancel my subscription and they told me that I could cancel future orders but that I would already be charged $78.41 for the trial product I received because my 8 day trial had expired. I disputed the 8 day trial, as their website still says 14 days. The lady told me that in addition, the 8 day trial period began the day the order was placed, on 6/13 even though I didn’t receive it until 6/17. She said the trial ended on 6/21 and that the four days I had the product was plenty of time to try it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that she was the supervisor and that she had no supervisor. The conversation went downhill from there. On 6/29 I was charged $78.41 to my bank account. I called again on 6/30 hoping that I might be able to speak to an honest person but evidently they don’t employ any.

    One of my daughters had ordered a trial of Dazzelwhite- again a 14 day trial. Once this happened to me she called immediately and canceled her order and they told her that she still had the remainder of her 14 day trial period, which began when she received it (imagine that) to try it before returning it. I tried it for two days. You only have to put it on for 15 mins each time and in two days it lightened my teeth three shades. If you’re going to get a trial of one of these products I would go with Dazzelwhite it actually worked for me and my daughter. I am actually going to buy some for my other daughter before her wedding- its’ only $58. And it works.

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  • Ls
      Jul 30, 2009

    the same thing happend to me, I was also hit twice. I called my bank right away to have them change my ATM/visa checkcard number and filed a report. I also called IvoryWhite and demanded that they send my money back. I told them that I was reporting them to the Federal Trade commission, the Better Business bureau and my bank. My bank blocked them from going into my account and I also got my money back. They are currently under investigation. I say...keep trying. They're a bunch of crooks, dont let them keep your money!

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  • Cp
      Sep 01, 2009

    i total agree with the complaint the same thing happen to me they wre rude and i cant belive the law allows them to get away with this

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  • Th
      Oct 11, 2009
    Ivory White Teeth Whitening - charged before trial was up
    United States
    Phone: [protected]


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  • An
      Dec 31, 2009

    My son asked for a free trail. He later found that he was charged $84 on Nov.23. He figured he'd have to take the hit for that charge but contacted the company to cancel the account on Dec.21 (the day he got his bank statement). On Dec.22 they sent an email confirmation that the account was closed. Problem is they shipped another set the day he canceled. On Dec.23 he was charged another $84. When it arrived on Dec.24 he refused to take delivery and sent it back. He contacted the company on Dec.31 to ask for a refund. He was told that because he didn't call them to request a RMA that he would not be getting one. The woman told me that it was stated in the terms and conditions that you must have a RMA to return. However after review of the terms and conditions I can assure you there is NOTHING about returns in it. The woman threatened to hang up on me if I didn't stop speaking to her in a agitated voice (you can read TRUTHFUL voice). My son has filed a complaint with his bank but has no idea if he will ever see his money again. After reading post on other sites I advised him to report his card lost so that they can't use the number under another company name to charge his account. These people are unbelievable!

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  • St
      Jan 06, 2010

    Both Ivorywhite and Everbright are scams. I signed up for the $1 trial kit from both of them but ended up paying almost $300 for the 2 suppose be the sample kits and was not able get any refund because they said I didn't read the cancellation policy.

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  • Sm
      Jun 15, 2010

    I don't understand how people could call company crooks when their terms are stated clearly when you place your order. I my self am a Happy SMART Consumer, who reads everything I am getting into when I put my personal credit card information on the computer. I mean, it's only common sense. I have tried Ivory White and found it to be a great product, and when knowing what your getting into, it clearly states its a week trial. I guess when people see free they immediately dont bother to actually read the terms they agree to, and it clearly says free trial - I guess people don't know what a "trial" really means. - but anyways Ivory is a good product and it does work if youre willing to be asmart comsumer and read the terms of the offer before putting your personal information online!

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  • Iv
      Jun 17, 2010

    I sent for a free trial of Ivory White for a $1.00 shipping charge. On my next credit card invoice, I see an additional charge of $78.41 from Ivory White. I questioned the additional charge and was told that if I did not cancel my account within 8 days I would be charged the full amount of the trial sample. I am 75 years of age and I never heard that you had to cancel a trial sample or you would be charged the full amount of the product. Eight days from the time you ordered the trial is certainly not sufficient time to judge the product. This company is definitely out to scam the public and I would do anything to try to put this company out of business.

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  • Iv
      Feb 18, 2011

    Hello All, Just recently got scammed as well. When I called Ivory White after getting charged for something I did not buy, they told me to write a letter to Brian Lint.. Well I'll do you one better.

    This is a legitimate higher- up. Convertis owns Ivory White. Call Him. Demand to be heard!

    Brian Lint
    Consumer Affairs
    Customer Service - Fulfillment Manager
    Phone: 303.997.1366

    Good Luck! They stole your money. Get it back!

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  • Mi
      May 09, 2011

    I got suckered into a free trial on 05/01/11. I did not receive my package until 05/05/11. I was charged $78 on 05/09/11 - I called and canceled that same day. I was told "too bad, it's outside the 8 day trial period." Apparently the trial period starts the day you order, despite when it is received. I was offered a $45 courtesy refund, or I can send it back for a $60 refund. I am sending it back and am wondering if there is anything else I can do about this...

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  • Bu
      Sep 10, 2011

    THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM, AND BOY AM I PISSED OFF. Don't even bother to speak to the supervise she was no help and they are all in it together. I just ran across a advertisement saying that i had to complete 2 out of the 25 offers so I choose Ivory white thinking maybe this will work and its free for the first time all I have to do is pay for the S&H fee (or so the advertisement said... ) WRONG! it says all you will pay is $2. for a free trail just be sure to cancel before your 8 day trial period is up. but this is where they get you. Say you call them the same day to make sure you don't get charged the full amount, they will still charge you $2 or depending on who you talk to they will lie and say they can since its a new order and needs time to process into their system (lair!) so i told her ill call back tomorrow. So first thing i do when I woke up is get online to get the 1-800 number and called (be prepared to wait) and as soon as i spoke to the "supervisor" she tells me it is too late its all ready been shipped to the US..?!?! so for her to cancel my account she could do that but I would still be billed $20 to keep their product which I told her "then no I don't want it, take it back" she tells me she can't and that all I can do is when it arrives is take it to the post office and return it (UNUSED or OPEN/DAMAGED) but I will have to pay out of my own pocket to ship it back which will be close to 10- 20 dollars anyway and then I will get my moneys back. But after reading many other reviews and clams they will just say it got beat up in the mail and still have to charge you THE $20. SO EITHER WAY THEY ARE NOT GIVING YOUR MONEY BACK. Oh and to top it all off it doesn't even work. They know the costumer isn't going to read the terms and conditions right away or before we order, and how can we if we or on a 3rd party website advertising their product with a "free trial offer" .. What they are doing there is WRONG!

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  • Sm
      Dec 28, 2011

    People really need to read the terms and conditions, it tells you you get a 30 day supply and a "trial" obviously you can open the trial portion they only want the 30 day supply back. free trial is just that, it is not a sample. and since they are a very well organized company, they do ship asap so the customer gets the majority of the trial period to actually try and use the trial size portion. Geez people. Don't put your credit card info out there if you can have the common sense to read the damn terms and conditions.

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  • Uk
      Mar 01, 2013

    I agree that this is a shameful scam and is designed to hoodwink the unsuspecting. Here in the UK we would have recourse to get our money back. Unfortunately the supposedly "Free Trial" is designed to "con" the applicant.
    I have absolutely no chance of getting my money back and I have no doubt that this company will continue to rip off people. They have absolutely no shame and, I regret to say they give America and American Companies a very bad name. The government should take steps and legislate to stop this sort of thing. I have informed my card company of this scam and they will be sure to inform other potential customers so at least others will hopefully be made aware.

    I have put this down to bitter experience and have to live with it and move on. Boy does it make me mad though!

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  • Dh
      Jan 01, 2017

    I totally agree with the comments of other consumers. One gets tempted for a free trial and they request Bank Card details for postage charges which is under £1 or Usd 1.00. Then they charge you repeatedly without your knowledge and it is difficult to request a refund from the Bank when you have a debit card instead of a credit card. Have returned the products with original packaging including the RMA no given to us after the complain. Still, the money is NOT refunded. Fortunately the Bank has stopped future transactions and they over hundreds of Sterling Pounds.
    I am concerned about as to how companies of similar nature thrive as the scams are ongoing for more than 7 years. If the regulating authorities are vigilant, they could have stopped marketing their products which are unsafe, causing toxic or allergy which are harmful to the public so that everyone will be aware of Health & Safety issues of the products.
    Would really appreciate if the Governing bodies & Regulatory authorities take notice of the comments of the consumers to create a health environment for the public.

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