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ITT Tech / School takes your money

1 Canton, MI, United States Review updated:

I am an instructor at ITT Tech. I have been working there for over 5 years. Most of the instructors do what they can to teach the students learn.

The school has a seat and keep policy where they tell the instructors to just pass the students to keep them. Instructors must call the students 2-3 times a day to make sure they come class.

During the school year they change their rules and can drop you from school if you miss 1 or 2 days off class so upper management can retain their bonuses.

They treat the instructors like crap to the point where all the instructors leave or quit. Imagine having 3 new instructors in an 11 week period.
They claim their computers are state of the art and they often crash, shutdown or they teach old software no one uses anymore.

Their books have many errors, missing pages and incorrect information. Most instructors do not even use the books because of the incompetent books you spend thousands of dollars for.

The school bounce you from profession to profession. They may teach you Architecture in 1 quarter, then engineering the next, civil engineering after that, then graphic arts. Now back to architecture. Most students forget what they were learning because they are bounced around so much.

Their career fairs consist of jobs at Home Depot, Lowes, Security Guards and working at Comcast. Try paying a $500 a month student loan bill making $10 an hour.

The school loses student paper work and screw up the financial aid on a consecutive basis.

If you really want to go there. The recruiters will take the entrance exam for you so they can get paid their bonus. The recruiters will tell you the credits transfer and they do not. No where in the US will these credits transfer.

Trust me I am an instructor there, and I don't mind getting paid $60k to teach there, but the school has bullied me enough and bullied the students enough. Enough is enough.

One more thing. Un-certified teachers teach the classes. They will have an architect teach engineering and a engineering teacher teach architecture, while the criminal justice teacher teach graphic arts. They do this just to please their schedule because of their small school.

All instructors share classes with each other. Imagine sharing a classroom with 3 instructors. All three instructor teaching 3 different subjects. Most of the time the classes are so disruptive and chaotic it's impossible for the students to learn.

Go there if you wish and I promise you will pay $50k for a crappy 2 year degree, where you can get the same service from another 2 year college for $10k.

If you are going to pay for (What my students would tell me) "crap wrapped in chrome" at least pay the minimum amount.

The picture shows an CAD class doing green screening. Nothing to do with architecture. That day we had to set up all this equipment and share the small classroom with another instructor.

Also go to youtube and search yungnine and thugworld and watch how the multimedia students used the school to produce vulgar movies in the presence of the staff. Lots of cussing and they used the school equipment and classrooms to do it.

Did ITT Tech care? No. They just wanted their money and asked the instructors to pass them.

Anonymous Instructor

ITT Tech
ITT Tech

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  • Sn
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I never taught at Itt Tech nor did I attend any of
    their classes, but I made the mistake of hiring
    a few engineers who had an ITT Tech degree.

    None of these people lasted long enough to justify
    the extra time and expense required to bring them
    to a point where they could begin assigned tasks.

    For a few years I worked for ITT and for a short time
    I was interested in taking a class myself to enhance
    my career knowledge. I lost all interest in ITT Tech
    after I learned that ITT would not accept ITT Tech
    for tuition reimbursement for the classes I needed.

    My local Tech school was accepted with no problem
    and I was even able to have my employer agree to
    pay the school directly after I completed each quarter.

    This made many of my fellow employees and workers
    change their plans after we learned our own ITT HR
    department denied all applications for reimbursement
    of tuition to ITT Tech.

    Thank you

  • De
      14th of Apr, 2010
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    First off, the ITT tech instructor has some of the worst grammar I've ever seen. Just based on his/her response, I would never go there (not like I needed another reason). I just can't comprehend why people pay so much money to go to a crappy school. Just go to your local community college if all you want is an associate’s degree. As for the second writer, I'm laughing my a** of reading that ITT won't pay for their own credits. I've never heard of anything more ludicrous. That just goes to show how much they believe in their school.

    Actually, I happy many people go to these crappy schools because it allows a person like myself, who graduated from a REAL university, to come in and get the jobs these lackeys aren't qualified to do. Hahahaha

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