Itrixx IncItrixx Inc. ( or I TRIXX is basically an exact clone of the company Thistle Consultancy Corp.

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James F.R. Donald - Itrixx Inc. – Makati, Philippines I TRIXX

Itrixx Inc. ( or I TRIXX is basically an exact clone of the company Thistle Consultancy Corp.,
James Donald and his merry little followers stole all the ideas and all the hard work including the equipment and formed itrixx inc.

They also claim they have many years experience doing shows and events which is not true.

Itrixx even transferred contracts that belonged to Thistle without the President’s permission which is basically qualified theft.

James (Jim) Donald basically befriends people takes there ideas, then the first time you say no he tries to sabotage your business, then does it himself without you.

This man is born with a platinum spoon and does not care but is not man enough to answer for his illegal actions.

He recently got a contract and screwed the entire project up and still expected to get paid when he should have apologized and refunded the payment.

What sort of business man is this guy? Beware

office at 12F Vernida IV Bldg. 128 Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

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  • Wa
      Sep 03, 2009

    this is all true as i was the president of thistle so for him to right about me is lies as i have all the written evidence against him so invite him to file a complaint as then i will prevent it against him

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  • Wa
      Sep 03, 2009

    and further more he maid the staff board members on the new company just to keep them and got my proxy lemuel who was my trustee for some of my shares to vote in favour off jim so they all could out vote me on the board so he could try to cover up what he did,
    hes even on a retirement visa which hes not allowed to work for thistle i got a cert from immagration to prove it. he was working without a visa that means all contracts signed by him as chairman is not legal,
    You can not deny any of this FACTS OR FACTS

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  • It
      Jan 11, 2010
    i trixx inc - Itrixx Inc. ( or I TRIXX is basically an exact clone of the company Thistle Consultancy Corp.
    i trixx inc

    The claims made by Mr Wayne Favell (since neither company mentioned has ever done business in Montana!) against I Trixx Inc are both libelous and ludicrous. He should spend more time examining his other failed businesses and bizarre immoral personal life rather than maligning a solid, hardworking group of people who have founded their business philosophy on integrity and professionalism. I personally have an unblemished 25 year record in international business and, as a Chartered Accountant, hold the highest personal standards in all my business transactions. My staff conduct themselves with the utmost dignity and respect.

    Thistle Consulting Corp was established as a consulting company to foster and develop new business concepts. I Trixx is a sales, marketing and promotions company. Their corporate structure, ownership, Articles, Primary Business Purpose and activities are very different. Both companies have collaborated on projects and continue to do so with full approval of both Boards and management. Any claims of impropriety are unsubstantiated and absurd. While we at I Trixx promote the right to free speech, providing a platform for wild and blatantly untrue accusations is unprofessional and demeaning to the 30 people who work hard to support the genuine activities of I Trixx. I expect this unsubstantiated “trash talk” to be withdrawn immediately.

    Jim Donald
    President of ITrixx Inc and Thistle Consulting Corp.

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