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very rude and incompetent people. Waiting for over 5 months for my dauther passport and still waiting. Cannot call them because they do not answer to the phone so I need to go there in person every time just to get an aswer such as "need to wait... why you gave two surnames to your daughters... I have one surname and my daughters have only one surname..." etc...

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  • Se
      Sep 08, 2011

    I see that you get the point... they give answers without any sense !

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  • Se
      Sep 13, 2011

    I totally agree with you sebastianov, I need to apply for a tourist Visa for my holiday and it take them 1 week to booked a meeting with the consulate office and 2 weeks to produce the visa. I didn't bring the hotel confirmation for the interview and she told me that if I cannot understand the requirement that they have listed on the website therefore I should not travel to Italy or go for travelling at all. Because I need to be able to understand English everywhere I go. While at the same time she was the one with broken English.

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  • Jk
      Apr 30, 2012

    I agree with all previous posting re Italian's Consulate rudeness & incompetence.
    After making sure that all of my travel documents are available for her perusal, she also asked for train tickets. On 2nd appointment she asked about "which border are you going to use to enter Italy?" I've traveled to several other countries before, and this is the first time I heard about having to know the border.
    To say the least, the Consulate office in LA does not give good reflection of Italy, especially during recession like now. Who would want to spend their money in Italy if foreigners are being treated poorly & shabbily when they first visit the Consulate? Isn't the Consulate suppose to represent a country in general?

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  • Le
      May 25, 2012

    Well, Italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is no different. With the consulate officer - Macri, there is no way to get information on visa at all. I sent them email, which they required me to visit their office for one reason- to yell and humiliate you. This Macri will keep telling you that the embassy is there to help, but really, I dont see her being helpful at all. The only reply you will get beside the yelling is "the embassy is only here to process the visa". Best part is, I need to search for information on the type of visa I can apply and bring that to them where they will tell you whether you get the visa right. After 2 months trying now, the result - I get no visa and was accused by the officer that I keep changing my visa option. Well, if the embassy is competence enough and tell me the right visa, I can save all the time. And now, after all the mess, they told me that the only visa I can apply is student visa - which is not my option as I want to go there as a professional freelancer. I wrote a complaint to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this unfair treatment, and I really hope that the Italian government can investigate on their consulates around the world. If they failed to provide necessary information, I dont see the reason for the Italian government to set up embassies in other countries. Embassies represent a country's imagine. With such an unprofessional service in the consulate in Kuala Lumpur, it will definitely give Italy a bad name. PS: the lady will never give you a chance to speak up. She will keep yelling once you try to explain to her your position. So, last time i visited, I just kept quiet and let her yelled like a mad woman in the embassy. I think I did the right thing, no point arguing with closed-minded people.

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  • An
      Jan 02, 2013

    i am an italian citizen and yet i do agree on all the complains about our embassies ... italians have no sense of urgency no matter what, incompetence is italy's # one problems, nepotism is allover this country and his people, i am shame i am an italian we are third world when comes to everything schooling, economy, etc. i have been humiliate in many ways i do think italians do not know how to do the right thing all they do is arguing and yelling ... a very closed-minded people ... and i am sorry this is the country where i was born... antonio galati .

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  • Na
      May 29, 2013

    dear sir,
    where do i can register the complain about the persons who came to italy through illegal way


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  • Kh
      Jan 15, 2014

    Ohh so i thought they are rude, incompetent, lazy only in Pakistan... They are all over the world... They dont reply on time, If you email them this week, they will reply you next week, or may not. And than if you ask for some documents or an appointment 2 more weeks... If they say we will send you next week, consider it next next next week... Thats the reason they are going backward... Very bad embassy and their representatives... If you ask them about any requirement, it will change frequently... they will tell you everything is complete, just bring this document next time, when you go there next time after 3 weeks. they will again tell you Sorry sir you dont have this documents... WTH, why dont you told me last time... You told me last time it is complete... No sir... i have no words to use for them... the worst of all

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  • Ja
      Feb 05, 2014

    i have applied for italian employment visa at vfs delhi but they all bull ###.its about four month gone but still under processing.

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  • Fr
      May 26, 2014

    I have been waiting six months for my Italian passport, and still they do not reply to request on the progress. Very unprofessional and no wonder why Italy is in economic crises! Maybe Italians attitudes have changed! Is is not the way I was brought up.

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  • La
      Sep 06, 2014

    Applied for an Italian Tourist visa 32 days prior to travel - my trip starts in 4 days but still no sign of the visa. No questions, communication, feedback from the embassy - this is such poor treatment. Every single document given - my company's leave letter (its a Fortune 500 co.), Bank statements with excellent balance, 3 yr Tax acknowledgements, Return tickets, Hotel bookings everything...
    The Inefficiency, Disrespect & general Incompetence of the Italian Embassy in Mumbai is breathtakingly shambolic!

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  • Ja
      Jun 21, 2017

    @Latha_Kumari hi... did u get ur visa before your travel then? I am in the same boat now after 4 years

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  • Ni
      Jul 12, 2017

    @Jaspreet Kaur Singh Hi Jaspreet, Did you get your Visa?

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  • Aj
      May 01, 2015

    Italian embassy in Islamabad is the worst in World.I applied for a tourist visa a month back but still i have yet to receive my passport/visa. Despite of significant travel history, the interviewer asked me stupid questions and was being racist as well.He treated me like i was some bloody criminial trying to illegally sneak into Europe.Its been more than two weeks since i had an interview and I havent received my passport yet whereas my friend who applied with me has got his passport and wasnt called for interview as well.Ironically, my friend has no travel history and this is the firdt time he's going to Europe.
    These Italians have no standards of visa processing at all and are treating third world country citizens as animals.

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  • Dd
      Jul 27, 2015

    Completely agree with all of these statements about the Italian Embassy. Here in Dublin it is ridiculously horrible. Absolute rudeness, lack of communication, and complete unprofessional attitudes. I have been trying to renew my passport for over 5 months, and it expires today. It is the only means of me living in this country and every time I call, I get no answer, and I have not had a response to the last 5 emails spanning over 2 months.

    The only contact I have had was when I sent a hard worded email about my frustrations, to which I received a call (finally), however all I got was the Representative yelling at me very aggressively and using profanities due to the fact I couldn't speak Italian fluently. I don't know how they get away with this!?

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  • Ci
      Mar 09, 2016

    The Italian Consulate in London is no different! Their website sends you around in circles, the appointment system doesn't allow you to make appointments and their premium line 75p/m treat you like you are stupid and refer you back to the website! No one is willing to help you, they have no escalation procedures, no SLAs and do not respond to emails. To say I am exasperated is an understatement!!

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  • Pa
      Mar 11, 2016

    I am totally agree with all I read, I left Italy when I was 18 and now that I got back for taking care of my injured shoulder I can tell you this attitude is in every field not only in the embassy, I'm Italian and I tell you Italians are lazy, incompetent, rude, is stressful to deal with my people, they yell all the time, if you have to deal with a woman at the supermarket for some problem with the credit card payment, or at the posto office, or bank, or embassy is GAME OVER! Be ready to be humiliated, disrespected and insulted . I'm facing all the worse experience here in Italy and I can't wait to leave next month .

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  • Si
      Apr 05, 2016

    Thank god it's not just me! I am comforted by reading other people's experiences after a truly humiliating meeting at the Siena local government office yesterday to get a residence permit for me and my 6 year old son. The woman Ludovica Taliani was angry and hostile from the moment I sat down with het. She berated me for emailing her prior to the meeting as I had wasted her precious time checking what documents I must bring. Then she berated me for not speaking Italian properly and forcing her to speak English. Then she shouted at me that as I still paid tax and national insurance in the UK how dare I think I can use the Italian medical sysytem. She threw my son's birth certificate back at me saying it was useless as it was in English and not Italian. She did the same with my financial statent to show I was financially independent and not wanting to sponge off the Italian syst even though it was predominantly figures so not written in English! I got upset at this stage and said I was sorry I had not got the paperwork she was demanding (even though I had given Passports, official proof of address and Codice Fiscali - but she even told me off for getting this through the Italian embassy in Zlonfon rather than in Italy and pretty much hinted these were tantamount to fake documents!) and I asked her why she had to be so angry with me when I'm just a person trying to move to Italy and do the right thing. She responded by saying "you're just a person? You are pathetic. You are PATHETIC" she was shouting this. Then she turned to her male colleague and said "look at this pathetic woman". I actually got a bit tearful at this stage at her being so rude and horrible to me and infront of my little boy. And when she saw this she stood up and leant over me and said "oh poor you. Am I breaking your heart? Is your heart broken". My heart wasnt broken but I did ferl humiliated and demoralised. She told me to go away and come back with someone who spoke Italian and with officially translated and stamped documents. I accept if I had not produced the right papers if they were meant to be in Italian. But she could have told me tp do this in our email exchanges and she could have refrained from being so aggressive and personally rude to me especially when I had my little boy with me - we were both very upset. Worst is she didn't give me a receipt for the documents she took from me or has given me anything to prove I have made an application. So I will have to go back to her with mu Italian translated docs. I am dreading it. I am shocked by this woman's personal animosity and aggression and also het unprofessional approach by wasting mine and her time by her working out her personal bile and anger rather than just dping her job.

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  • Jo
      Dec 06, 2016

    We could complain with someone or something? It's kind useless just complaining on internet, we should do something effectively to change this!!!

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  • Ma
      Apr 25, 2017

    I am agree the Italy embassy was very bad embassy I am submit my application for short stay visa on the 2nd March 2017 they give me the time of 30 days today is 25 April and they give me no any response and the department of Italy embassy was soo lazy they give me no information they said that we have no information ur papers are under process when I call them they give me the same answer every time under process under process . I am alone in Pakistan my husband in Italy want to go but they Geive me no any response can any body tell me how I contact to Italian embassy direct if u have any contact information plz email me my email id is: [protected] plz help me how I get my visa plz I am waiting plz

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  • Na
      May 22, 2018

    @Madiha Raheel If you get your visa or still not?

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  • Na
      May 23, 2017

    I confirm that italian embassy continues to suck and should be avoided for schengen visa. I applied for visa nearly 3 weeks ago and am still stuck; we are clueless as to when we will get visas so as to apply for uk visa. those who applied along with us @ denmark or france got their visas in ~10 days.

    No response to multiple mails sent to embassy so finally rang up the embassy in delhi and the lady who picks up phone (and was certainly not polite) says if your flight is in june then call us in june and banged the phone on me.

    So my advise, please avoid schenegan visa from italian embassy in india...

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  • Ar
      Jul 03, 2017

    It is the same in Sri-Lanka. I waited 3 and half months now for a conference visa. And finally they say they need another week to proceed. Which will be after the conference. What is the point in getting the visa after the conference. I have never seen such lazy and inhumane people ever in my life. Will never apply visa through an Italian embassy. So much big headed and rude people.

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  • Us
      Jul 06, 2017

    Its not me only then. I am regretting to apply for Schengen visa via Italy embassy. It is the wors texperience ever. My schengen visa came within
    10d ays when i did apply for Switzerland. Laid back and idiotic bunch of people

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  • Zo
      Jul 11, 2017

    I wish I have read these comments earlier then I would never apply for italian. Visa. I had to attend the course in italy. I applied on 1 june. I had to fly on 1 july in order to attend the course. Today is 11th july still my is under process. I sent them emails no reply. I called them they say we reply on email. Really it sucks. Anybody can guide me where to send complain about embassy . Thanks. My email [protected]

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  • Ra
      Apr 18, 2018

    I cannot agree more. i'm trying to find if there's any complain procedure for italian embassy in the philippines but I cannot find any. because if there's one I will give negative -5 star for being poor and unprofessional. my 70 year old grandmother applied for schengen visa and I gave all the proper document required. the agent asked my grandmother for unrelated birth certificate of her dead sister but was already provided with my own birth certificate to show my relationship with her. maybe I should provide them with my cat's birth certificate to show how unrelated that is. please avoid if you can and use other embassy for schengen. I find german embassy is very good and professional like the uk so I would highly recommend it.

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  • As
      Apr 24, 2018

    Agree with all these complaints... if you can avoid italian consulates / embassies please do so! They do not give you the right information, they do not give you answers and they are not willing to help you. They seat there just for the sake of getting a salary. I had very bad experiences in Asia. They do not accept documents written in English so you have to hire an official translator, chosen from a (very) short list approved by them; the translation service itself, just to translate 1 document from english to italian is quite expensive, around 50 USD. In addition to that you also have to pay the consulate to put a chop on documents.

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  • Na
      May 16, 2018

    Hello, have anybody had any experience with the Italian consulate in Houston Texas ? . I will like to have the email of an official person of the Italian Consulate in order to make them aware of the rude and incompetent manner in which they treat people. Please email me to [protected] Natale Vittori

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  • Bs
      Sep 07, 2018

    I am 65 years old retired Pilot and have traveled most of the world. In my life time I have never come across more stupid, rude or incompetent persons than those in the Italian Embassy in India. No need to elaborate further.

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  • Al
      Oct 19, 2018

    lina pizzi stefania constanza 2 culprits and their administration a big fraud.

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  • Al
      Oct 19, 2018

    i am a seaman travel around the world i have to pay for transit visa every time i transit through schengen and this stupid embassy made me miss flights have take more than a month to just stamp a 3 day goddamn transit visa to gt onto my ship.its the worst embassy every. they delayed told me to resend documents as the ship left the port, i have resent the documents i am almost missing my flight again sent email to external affairs ministry filed complaint at the madad portal sent a plea to national seafarers union of India no help from anywhere this country is cursed .

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  • Ed
      Jul 22, 2019

    I have called the Italian consulate at Edmonton-Canada this morning and I could not believe how rude the receptionist was... She was so unprofessional, she does not want to listen... I was planning to have a vacation with my family in Italy but you know what, I totally changed my mind after having such a bad experience with the Italian consulate over the phone today... Very rude, unethical and unprofessional...

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