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This company is nothing but a scam. I worked there and when I spoke up about the company charging cards without auth i was fired for "not fitting in with the company." I REALLY hope this con gets what he deserves. Dave Phillips i hope you get what is coming to you.

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  • Wh
      Jan 20, 2009

    I have worked for this compnay for 6 months, this is not the way the business is run. The only people who get terminated there are lazy people, and people who steal. So the person posting this probably didn't one or the other.

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  • Th
      Feb 10, 2009

    This whole company is a scam! They are a rip off and do not care for the people they call there clients nor the employees they hire on. They go through many new employees every week. SCAM!!!

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  • Un
      Jun 17, 2009

    I worked for this company and the Supervisor, Jennifer was not professional and a liar who manipulates about everything this company offers in the initial training. Lies were told about pay. Your paycheck is never what it should be and your hours are not as well. The receptionist (whatever his name is) is very rude & obnoxious. Not only are the people employed here as unprofessional as they come, the company is a complete SCAM. It's main goal is to rip-off as many people as possible. The company has been in business since 1994 and only have two employees who have been there for 8 months. They have a swinging door. You will work and not get paid so people are quitting on the regular. With the economy being as it is, I highly recommend that you DO NOT seek employment at Island Media Advertising unless you want to work for free!! "The above comment had to be posted by the owner himself, hi David"

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  • Ri
      Jul 01, 2009

    I worked at that company around the beginning of the year and I completely agree with the last poster. You get promised the world by the "Skipper" (David) and "Marianne" (Jennifer) and when it comes time to do your job, you have no idea what the company is all about. My paycheck was never right and the commission structure was always being changed to not have to pay us what we earned. The labor board should be contacted. When you try to collect, all of the customers (or victims) claim they never agreed to have a listing on the bogus website. The listings have no link to the customer's website, contact information is inaccurate and the quality of the web listing is so poor my kids can put something together better than that. Most customers I contacted said they received no benefit and could not even find their listing online. All this for a charge of nearly $1000.00 for something that could be produced for nothing in less than an hour by a 12 year old. I was told to do anything to get David's money, which included being a part of a fake collection agency or law firm. I was also told by some customers that they thought they were buying an ad in the yellow pages (the one provided by the phone company). This company is a scam and engages in fraudulent practices to sell worthless services to small businesses and uses even further fraudulent practices to collect from its vicitms. The Skipper is engaged in wire fraud and mail fraud and should be put away. Stay away from this company!!!

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  • Av
      Nov 17, 2009

    I worked for this company for only a day and a half and was hired as a 3rd party collector. It was near the end of my first day they even talked about collections in detail. During the 1st day when they mentioned collections, they said it with a sense of awe and importance like I was going to do something omonous. I spent the first day just sitting around a conference room hearing about their policies, then sitting in their dingy sales office.

    It's an old building and the sales people have NO computers...just a phone and stacks of yellowpages from all of the Caribbean Islands. They talk so fast, it's easy to scam the prospect on the other end of the line. Let's be honest, they call 3rd world countries like Haiti, Bahamas, and other poor countries with small business that struggle more than we do. Many of the islanders are not well educated and easy to scam...that's who David Phillips and his team prey on. That is why they don't do what they do stateside...because the legal ramifications would be there. There really are no legal reprocussions from one country to the other (example: African Scams...they are run from Canada).

    It was the 2nd day where they sat me with a female collector and she was MEAN. She threatened to seize their business if they didn't pay up. She raised her voice and it was a bit scary. They eventually got me to my desk, set my account up and away I went with a script, electronic phone/business records and the phone.

    I made about 50 calls and all of them had no idea what I was calling about. I was supposed to sound official. J.R. said to speak like a Lawyer, but don't say you are a lawyer. I was told to even threaten to send someone to their business to remove money from their register. I felt for these people and know they had been had! I made my lunch and told the collections manager that I got a call from a previous employer offering my more money to return to the job.

    I, to this day, have not received payment for the day and a half that I was there.

    Rather than getting a real lawyer, I contacted the Wage and Earnings department of the Department of Labor. Apparently there is a HUGE investigation that is going to start since I wasn't the only one to report them. I can't wait to talk to their investigator.

    What this company is doing is illegal, immoral and they will fall.

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  • Th
      Jan 07, 2010

    The storm is coming for David Phillips, JR, Mark Wilson and the others in this scam based company. I was an employee for a day and a half and walked out after a day of telling people I was from a fictitious legal firm, (Stone, Thomas and Goldberg) and was going to send someone from the courts to take money as it comes in, before they get it in their registers. The people in the islands have a voice here.

    Dave Phillips and the gang don't think there are any legal ramifications for what they are doing...they are wrong. They have been reported to the Fair Trade Commission which has transfered that file to Tampa, FL's office of the Wage and Hour Division.

    If you are an employee who has been financially taken by these clowns, feel free to join the impending investigation by calling the U.S. Wage and Hour Division locally at [protected], press option 7, then hit (star) *8771. You will talk to an indiviual that will tell you that there is a large file on this company and investigators are ready to start the work on attacking Island Media...add your name to the list of employees. You WILL get paid, regardless of how little or large you are owed.

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  • Av
      Apr 15, 2010

    What great is that the Department of Labor is now investigating them. I know this because I actually got contacted on my claim that they never paid me for the time I was there. So, even though the pay is converted to minimum wage, it's the principle that now they will be under the microscope. I hope that my call to the Fair Trade Comission will net simliar action.

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  • Av
      Apr 30, 2010

    Well...I finally got paid by Island Media Advertising. It took the U.S. Wage and Hour Department to take action and apparently they did. Granted the monies were ultimately minimum wage pay for the 10 hours I was there, but's the principle, not the amount. So, if you haven't got paid by them, look up their local office here in Tampa. You will get paid!!!

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  • Ji
      Jun 13, 2012

    In December 2007 I worked for the company and I noticed the unfair treatment of the potential clients. After my dismissal I had to sue them for not paying me.

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  • Ca
      May 20, 2016

    This is funny. I see the last post was about 4 years ago but could not help myself to comment. I currently reside in Iowa and am a sales rep for a very credible company, H&H Ventures. I was just explaining to my coworker that is sitting next to me at this very moment about a job I worked in Tampa, FL about 8 years of my first jobs. When hired I was excited, was one of my first jobs, at that time thought a corporate job. Then I arrived to the building...somewhat...dirty. It was a job that paid 9/hr with the potential to move up to maybe 15-16/hr hourly depending on your collections for that week. Problem was...what were we collecting for? Supposedly, these Carribean owned companys thought they were getting exposure for customers in their county (hence the name of the company Island Media Advertising). Island Media Advertising's way of collecting money was by a verbal agreement to have the customer state their name and that was supposed to be the customers way of signature. Funny that every customer I had called had no idea that they owed us money yet alone even really know who we were. Did I mention there was a fake lawyer in his own office threatening the customers that if they did not pay it would go to court? While I was there for one week they had already went through two lawyers indicating the one before must have quit. Would be even funnier if this company is still is business.

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