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Having purchased 4 dogs from Irish Jacks over the past 4 years, I am writing to voice my disgust with the position taking by Keith after he parted ways with Susan Sarao and Irish Jacks. I find it unconscionable that Keith waited 5 years to come forward with his "truth" about the ethics and business practices which he was instrumental in implementing being "office manager, web designer etc" for Irish Jacks.

Before those of you with complaints come forward with this witch hunt against Susan, please consider the source and motives of Keith and how such a "knowledgeable person" as he could have waited 5 years to come forward and utilize this forum to promote his personal attack for the sole purpose of destroying a business that he could no longer extort money from.

I can only speak of my own experience as both a client and long-time dog breeder (ironically, not of Jacks). Having visited Violet Meadow Farms on several occasions thru the years, unannounced, I found the facilities to be clean, bright with lots of room for the pups, both inside and outside. My dogs were vetted immediately after purchase and found to be in good health, well socialized and thriving.

Unfortunately, it is apparent that Keith has embarked on a vicious disinformation campaign, forgetting that as Manager, he is implicating himself since he is surely of a sound enough mind to make his own decisions if he felt such an environment was so detrimental to the product he was selling (puppies) with great enthusiasm. I personally purchased 2 puppies thru Keith, who was unremorseful over either their heritage, suitability for breeding as future stud dogs (considering one was in fact from the Heff line), selling price. Rather, he went on a rather extensive sales campaign, praising the virtues of the dogs imported from Ireland and the fact that they came from the finest breeders and were carefully monitored. I have, in fact, seen the import papers on my puppies which were readily available and was given my puppies' vaccination records from Susan.

I urge all of you to consider Keith Butler's motives and form your conclusions accordingly. I have come to realize that Keith is merely a small man; a cyber bully, who is acting like a vindictive child who did not get his candy, and is now throwing an on-line temper tantrum. I applaud Susan for her restraint in her reply; I am not sure that were I in a similar situation I would be able to be as reserved. It is my fervent hope that she utilize every legal means possible to put an end to this Cyber-bullying by Keith and be able to operate her business without the caustic bashing by a self-serving, small man as Keith Butler.

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  • Mi
      29th of Apr, 2010

    I must take this moment to express my disgust with the expose' Keith is trying to slander Susan Sarao with by his obvious hypocritical lies. Yes, I said lies! I am the proud owner of two Irish Jacks purchased from Violet Meadow Farm in the past two years. My second purchase was handled exclusively by Keith and we had several conversations regarding the lineage of the dogs, where they came from, how well adjusted and well cared for they were, etc. Keith went on and on about how wonderful Susan was, how much time she spent with the dogs, the special calming oils she prepares, the special diet and the assurance that the dog was christened by a vet to be healthy. I can also remind Keith of our last conversation when he told me that he is the current owner of four Irish Jacks himself where he bred his dog to Susan's stud and was anxiously awaiting his pups. His own pups were pictured and sold on the Irish Jack website! I call this behavior very hypocritical! Are you just a blatant liar deliberately trying to cause harm to a reputable breeder and employer because you didn't get what you asked for? Stealing her website and slandering Susan sounds criminal to me as you are utilizing the worldwide internet to cause harm. I refuse to let you make me question my decision to purchase our healthy beautiful dogs from Susan as we could not be happier with both of them! They are what YOU promised and assured us of. Shame on you Keith!

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  • Di
      1st of Jun, 2010

    THE WRONG PUPPY website is worth checking out - It may enlighten most readers.

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  • Ki
      23rd of Jun, 2010

    Shantille - I don't think that what you said can be put any more eloquently. I, too, purchased puppies from Susan Sarao, and was told by Keith what wonderful animals they were, how the health problems with these dogs only happened in a "1 in 3000" occurance. How can someone be so on board with VMF and Susan for 5 whole years, and then BAM - suddenly in one day everything is so God awfully wrong with Susan and her whole operation. I think that Keith Butler has dished out the biggest pile of [censor] imaginable - and everyone that is complaining about their puppies' health problems should think about the fact that if they experienced nonresponsive behavior with respect to their inquiries and complaints, that there is a HUGE chance that its Keith Butler, who did not respond, did not return phone calls, did not communicate client issues to Susan, etc. I know all of this for a fact because when I purchased my first pup in March, I called VMF and spoke to Keith, told him which puppy I wanted to reserve from the site, and gave him my debit card information. He congratulated me and told me he would process everything. Then two, three, four days go by, and I notice that my card has yet to be debited for the deposit for the puppy. So, I call back and this time I talk to Susan. I told her the situation and while I was holding, heard her ask Keith about me, and the puppy I reserved, and if the deposit had been processed. Of course, Keith said he had not done it, would do it immediately, and apologized to Susan. Susan, in turn, apologized to me. Now, what would have happened if someone else had come along and reserved my puppy that I had already reserved? Of course, I would have been PISSED. So, no, I am not surprised by anything that I hear about Keith Butler, because my guess is that his bad ethics and unprofessionalism was par for the course. The only thing that I can blame Susan for is for keeping him on so long. So, you all really need to think about this entire situation, and really think about the bandwagon that you are jumping on. The wheels on this wagon are FLAT - all FOUR of them! Susan is doing GREAT - she is rebounding like nobody's business. And if you had big problems with your puppy, try calling her and letting her know... instead of blasting her on this site because of some sore-minded person with nothing but revenge on his mind because he couldn't get his way...

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