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Worst Interlock device ever. First off, they had me install a camera, when my state never designated one. This included 3 hug wires hanging everywhere in my car, with a camera glued under your review mirror, along with the largest interlock device i've ever seen. This thing drains your battery, even if your not using it. I mean drains, drains, drains your battery (4-times my battery died). They're priced at the very highest of all interlock devices, and are the least unsuspicious. When i mean unsuspicous, I mean that most interlock devices you can find a cup or something to put over to hid the embarrassment of blowing into a breathalyzer say in a gas station or fast food drive in (worth looking up). Under no circumstance would i ever encourage anyone to use this piece of crap. They make you sign a 1-year lease. So what i did, was said i agreed, however never signed the lease, If you are desperate, then do the same, just to test the device. oh!. and by the way the service is the worst, takes 30 mins to 1-hour to even talk to anyone on the phone. I was stuck in my car in 10 degrees in winter, and you can guess the outcome. Also if you miss your monthly recalibration, then you have to get your car towed to the service dealership in order to get recalibrated. My battery died, and i was snowed in this winter [protected]), and they charged me $75 + tow fees. I am very blessed i never signed the lease, and i got it uninstalled. Under no circumstances would i ever recommend this company. Worst ever. I used Lifesaver. They have the smallest device + cheap + you can buy a coffee cup to hide the device. I hope you read this because, a DUI interlock device is always the worst of your DUI experience. You think that jail, fees, HaaHaaHaaa your wrong, driving with the interlock is by far the worst, and most embarrassing, unless you use the right company. Best of 2016, and lets all petition our state legislators, to stop interlocks. There unconstitutional (please read your rights). Please email me if you have questions [protected]

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      Dec 23, 2018

    Intoxalock is as good as any iid company. The whole iid thing sucks. However there is now a cup specifically designed to fit intoxalock device . go to they work perfevt amd are awesome..

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