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Int*idprotect Mntr Svc 877 - 974 - 1563 / Fraudulent Use of Debit Card

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Notified by PayPal about a Pending Transaction from this Company, which after research directed me to Apparently this stemmed from My Use of their .95 Special for Looking up the Name of a Company that a Phone # belonged too. I contacted and Filed a Complaint, telling them to Stop this Transaction.
No Response Yet.
I also let them know that I intend to File a Complaint with The Federal Trade Commission, and My State Attorney General/Consumer Protection Unit, AND PayPal Security.
Well I contacted PayPal BEFORE I submitted a Complaint with Since I used my PayPal Browser Plug-In to Generate a Single Use Card for the .95, and with them trying to access that Card Number a Second Time is clear-cut Fraud.
My Advice to those of You That Choose to do this in the Future, is to Use a PayPal Plug-In account, and Generate a 1-Time Use Card, which should avoid this Company from trying to attain any more Finances from You.
Therefore, IF they try to get you for more Money Your Protected via PayPal, PLUS it gives You really Great Evidence of Fraudulent Business Practices that you can Forward to Your State AG, and the FTC.

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  • Br
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    Int*idprotect Mntr Svc 877 - 974 - 1563 - FRAUD
    INT*IDPROTECT MNTR SVC 877- 974- 1563
    United States
    Phone: 1-877- 974- 1563

    I just realized that this is NOT my credit monitoring service! Like others when I call all I get is music and never get to speak to anyone. How do I get my money back? I am filing a dispute with my bank as we speak. I hope I get my money back! I am a single mother of two!!! PLEASE help!

  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    apparently they sign you up then you have to search them out to activate or cancel your membership.

    website is

    gives you the option to cancel . also has numbers and email addresses.
    it lets you find your membership with the code from your bank statement ( the name they charged you under) and your email address. It gives you the option to enter your credit card number BUT I WOULDNT RECOMMEND IT!

    Good Luck all!

  • Di
      13th of Dec, 2009
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    Int*idprotect Mntr Svc 877 - 974 - 1563 - being charged since 6/2/09, monthly $19.95, and it won't stop, I don't even know what it is
    United States
    Phone: 877-974-1563

    I have been receiving charges on my credit card starting 6/2/09 every month for $19.95. I think the only thing that will work would be to cancel my credit card...which will be a pain for all of my auto-pays. I don't even know what it is for. I have called, but cannot get a "person" to discuss the matter.

  • My
      1st of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I, too, have been getting charged this amount on my CC bill for 3 months-by the same outfit-it's pretty bad when your cc company can't/won't protect you.
    Why can anyone just charge to your account without authority? WHY are they not being prosecuted-WHY is it allowed? I am getting sick of this crap!
    Going to look for a CC company that CARES!

  • In
      8th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    If you select a promotional price on the Intelius website, you will also receive a free 7 day trial of Identity Protect. After the 7 day trial, it will convert to a regular subscription and bill out at $19.95 monthly.

    However, there’s no obligation. If you determine within the 7 day trial that you no longer want Identity Protect, you can cancel your service anytime, online or over the phone with a customer support representative.

    Please call 888-445-2727 Monday – Friday 5am – 8pm PST. We will be more than happy to assist you with your account.

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