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I am disappointed every time I try to exchange my deposited weeks only to find out every time that my vacation resort is "unavailable". I tried for the last three months to book a reservation, every I called I was told that it was too early and that I have to wait 59 days before the wanted vacation days start. When I finally call to make reservations they tell me that the resort is unavailable. This is the second time I have been told the same, and the first time I had to insist and all of a sudden something opened up.

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  • Bs
      27th of May, 2012

    Can't agree more. Interval Exchange is utterly useless. More often then not, they can not give an exchange for the deposit made in advance. Always stating there are a limited number of exchanges. But never a shortage of extra weeks one can "buy". And then to add to their total ineffectiveness, i am never able to do a like for like exchange. Penthouse and 3 bedroom unit deposits, i'm lucky if i get a 1 bedroom exchange back. A studio - forget it! I want out. I want my deposits back, i want my money back. DON'T join up. Stay away!!!
    Akl NZ

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  • Su
      15th of Sep, 2012

    I do not understand these complaints at all. I am purchasing a timeshare which will includes I I. RCI has been a disappointment so I figured I'd try I I. Problem with all these complaints is NO ONE says what their Travel Demand Index is for their week, the lower the better. I asked straight out before buying if the Resort week I bought had an index number of 15 would I be able to stay at a Resort with a 14 or lower and was told "NO". (so I bought at a Resort with a number under 10)
    Whenever I look up the locations of the Resorts of the people making these complaints (the few that mention location) they are high index numbers, like 35 or 50, some even higher. It's not I I that ripped you off. It is the person that sold you your timeshare because they did not explain how I I works.

    These complaints are not effective without posting your location or Travel Index number... so if you really have a timeshare be sure to update with your Travel index number.

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  • Ra
      24th of Jan, 2013

    I can't agree more interval really doesn't work in the owners favor. I have had interval for awhile now and I run into the same problem of not having the resort of choice available. Couple of years ago I was told I didn't make my reservation with enough time, this year I have put the request 7 months an advance and the same answer I get, nothing of my choice. I think it's a waist of money.

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