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International Register for Nutrition / fake courses

1 145 - 157 St John Street, EC1V 4PWLondon, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 08003689420

This fake establishment charges for various courses and then disappears. The website is down, no way to access the course which was supposed to be delivered online, no response to emails or phone calls. They claim to be internationally recognised, which is rubbish, pure nonsense, a LIE! They claim their courses are accredited but they're not. They took my money and then disappeared. Total scam!!! Does anyone know where to complain about them and try and get my money back? Please advice. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The courses aren't cheap but most of all they scammed hundreds of not thousands of people so far. This must stop.

Jun 28, 2015
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  • Th
      15th of Jul, 2015
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    I have done this course in august 2014. What they call CFN COLLEGE FOR NUTRITION. I AM very disappointed because I got that diploma level 5 and it is unuseless.

  • Ma
      10th of Aug, 2015
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    The same thing happened to me. I paid, I was doing the exams nicely, and now they disappeared. I was a bit suspisious in the beginning because the course fee had to be paid to an individual called Scott Austin, personally, but I wanted to start some course and then in the end, I paid. I figured he is just the site owner and so that is why you pay to him ...

    Now I learned that he also goes under the name Scott Jackson, his partner in crime is Katie Hope alias Katie Layton (probably all four names are fake ...). He is a professonal scam artist and he has repeated this scam several times over. Plus, the course materials were stolen from other, reputable and non-fraudulent institutions. Of course, even if you did finalize the course, the "diploma" would be worthless. I have learned this from this website about scam:

  • Ph
      11th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Hello, I'm currently going down the line of trying to somehow get my money back. I've lodges a complaint with the Citizens Advice Bureau, and started to make a claim through the small claims tribunal, the only issue being that you can't serve a claim unless you have a valid address - unfortunately all of my registered mail letters have all bounced back (surprise, surprise).. Interestingly there was a re direct crossed out to another address which I have since googled with an active, registered company called "Scott Austin Ltd". I'm going to keep pursuing this. I'm now aware the diploma means nothing but want my money back. Maybe raise it with Citizens Advice Bureau and make a complaint through Companies House online form - more of us the better??

  • Ph
      11th of Aug, 2015
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    Just to share some details to save you time if you're keen to follow this up, I've issued a complaint by phone to the Citizens Advice Bureau, online through Companies House (yet to hear anything back will call and follow up tomorrow) and I've just filled out an online form at Action Fraud (this took ages but is worth it.)

    None of the company addresses linked with The Nutrition Register / Fitness Industry training are current.

    Fitness Industry Training UK company house company number is : 08854254
    Scott Austin Ltd company house number is : 09442697
    and the Scott Austin company address is: 20-22 Wenlock Rd London, N1 7GU this is the most interesting as its a current company that is newly listed as opposed to the other ones that seem to have stopped being active.

    I've spent too much time on this now so tomorrow will follow up with Companies House and will probably just have to leave it there and hope that one of the above companies can sort it out!

  • Ce
      17th of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    He has now started again, this time calling himself Sir Scott Austin and is using the company name The Obesity Society (which has nothing to do with the genuine US organisation Obesity Society - see the subtle difference of the word 'The'!)
    He has set this up (again with Katie Hope named on the site this time as Certification Manager) as A not-for-profit organisation, registered as a company limited by guarantee 09592068. This has been set up by his Scott Austin Ltd with the following addresses:
    The Obesity Society
    20-22 Wenlock Road
    N1 7GU

    The Obesity Society Training & Awards
    Chenea Holm Barn
    IP19 0JT

    Email us at or give a call at 020 3744 3633

  • Sh
      18th of Nov, 2015
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    The same has happened to me, I've paid received a book and not the course and hey they have disappeared.

  • Sh
      18th of Nov, 2015
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    The number given in the above message is for Waterloo carpet cleaners. Not helpful.

  • Pe
      14th of Dec, 2015
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    I did the same with another fake nutrition course provider called The Health Sciences Academy. I purchased the course of Groupon for £59 after being told it was heavily discounted only to find out it is not worth the paper it is written on. I think Groupon should be investigated allowing these scam companies to advertise these fakes courses

  • Ec
      2nd of Feb, 2016
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    Same here. Paid - got the book and started the course only to find out TODAY that this is a scam. I am devastated!!! I tried to call up today to ask a question and the number is dead! People just shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.

  • Ec
      2nd of Feb, 2016
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    I have just found out that SCOTT WOLFE is running a new course online!!! The Nutrition School!!! Call them and hassle them. The telephonists are well versed in what to say but if we all call maybe we can save some other people. As this company is still standing we can send a letter to Companies House asking that they not strike them off until we have received our payment in full. Breach of contract. The College for Nutrition still exists so we can still do this. Also send letters to those addresses for the Nutrition School. The woman that answered the phone said they were taking legal action on groupon because they were slandering them - I couldn't believe it when they said their CEO was SCOTT WOLFE!!!

  • We
      8th of Mar, 2016
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    Hi there, I am just persuing this too asIhave gone back complete my course and now can't access it!
    Am I right in thinkigScott Wolfe sounded SCOTT Austin?
    Can you provide a number to call regarding this with the please?

    Have you found any further info? Any info would be much appreciated?
    Do you suggest I call the Nutrition School?

    Kind regards

  • Na
      1st of Jun, 2016
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    I am so upset that I also got caught in this scam. I registered for "Nutritional Studies" Level 5 Course online this year in March, in The Nutrition School, bought a book recently that never arrived, so when I try to reach the website it disappeared, do not have emails replied, and phone calls stayed in waiting for an agent. What should I do to get my money back? And they shouldn't be working, should be in jail for fraud. I need advice.

  • St
      15th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I seem to have fallen for this scam too. I bought the online course which promised certification to level 5. Started it and suddenly I am unable to log on. Attempts to find their website have failed and if you phone, you get a recorded message saying "all operators busy then please try later".
    Interestingly I find on a a page with a list of blacklisted courses and there sits The Nutrition School with an 'ASA Ruling' link beside it, but clicking on that link gets the response "Non compliant online advertiser not found"
    A phone call to the Health Sciences Academy resulted in a promise to call me back, but I wonder.

    I fear the cost of trying to recover the course fee will outweigh the course fee itself, but I will be interested in the progress of fellow complainents.

  • Kc
      19th of Jun, 2016
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    I too have fallen for this scam. Went to log on tonight and my account is locked and I can't find the site anymore. Found this site by chance. Is there anything I can do to a) get my money back and b) stop these people from profiting from others

  • He
      22nd of Jun, 2016
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    I have found the same thing too, I bought the online level 5 Nutrition course from Nutrition School in Feb and its has now gone off line. They are obviously serial scammers. I am pleased to have found this thread

  • Mk
      24th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have also fallen victim to exactly the same thing with regards to 'The Nutrition School.' Is anybody taking any sort of action?

  • Ch
      29th of Jul, 2016
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    Can't believe it's taken me all this time to realise it was scam. No one is getting anywhere in regards to getting any sort of money back. Can't believe people are getting away with this.

  • Na
      6th of Aug, 2016
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    I signed up at the nutrition school in march and it disappear now, I paid 800 pounds, what can I do?

  • Cl
      19th of Sep, 2016
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    Me too with the Nutrition the Citizens Advice the only place to take a complaint. I will research but wondered if anyone else has made any progress

  • Ba
      16th of Nov, 2016
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    I have paid £179 in January for Level 5 diploma in nutrition. I realise now it probably was way too cheap to be real but I have contacted my bank and they are dealing with it all and said they should be able to get the money back! Takes a bit of time but at least it should work!

  • Hp
      7th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    @barratth93 Hello. My wife got scammed by Scott Wolfe and the The course was her birthday gift from me, something she really wanted. I am so furious about loosing money to this idiot and my wife is so disappointed. He is a real low life scam artist, a petty thief. I did a bit of further research in addition to the above info in this thread. Scott Wolfe seems to be his real name and he owns a pub in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Here are some Facebook links to his pub and gym. Again Katie hope pops and they keep reusing the addresses above. The gym for example is registered to her. According to the Premises License this is his address and that is probably correct, or at least at the time for the application in 2015: Scott Wolfe 250 Drayton High Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6BH.
    He now calls himself Scott Cameron and according to his last update he is moving abroad.
    Let's keep adding to this thread the info we find. I don't know if we have much of a formal case against him and Katie but at least we can gather enough info to hassle and shame them.

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