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No faith in the man, full of excuses and acts like a despot

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Steve has been talking and writing prolific numbers of emails, travelling extensively, but hasn't built anything on the ground, only in his mind, and in the clouds, where I met him, much to my personal financial cost. He just keeps on flying, talking and writing and using up shareholder funds.

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I believe Mr. S Hargreaves is unsuitable to run any company. I invested in his two companies Select Design and IIL on the basis of his promises and expectations, none of which have materialised. It appears very unlikely that there will ever be any return from the millions invested with him. Mr. Hargreaves is in my opinion no better than a fraudster or scam merchant and should be held accountable for the total failure of these ventures, The sooner he is investigated by the appropriate authorities, punished and prevented from any further scam activities, the better it will be for investors everwhere.

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Steve is a criminal and has maliciously squandered money that wasn't his.

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he is sick and needs help

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While I don't know, I'm leaning toward the "gracefully hand over" option!

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Is there any IIIL to hand over? I am completely at a loss to know what is still viable in the company. Steve has made contacts obviously; would someone else be able to build on them? What does the company actually have to seek backing for? I bought $5, 000 worth of shares several years ago and only wish to have my money back - I am certainly not taking the risk again.

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He is an alcoholic!

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what is there to hand over?

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Hargreaves should be reported to ASIC and the Federal Police. He is simply a scammer.

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fails in has fiduciary duty as a company officer to objectively progress the compnay in the interest of all shareholders

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(this comment changed at the persons request Original held securely)
“Don't see how that's going to happen. [SH handing over to someone competent] Would anyone or group be able to take over. The guy is completely delusional, & enough so to activate some childish retribution. He’s Always talking abt what he has ‘delivered’ -which in actuality, is exactly nothing.

I have patented a couple of things myself -patents are only the beginning.

In my dealings with Steve it was noticeable how he was not so interested in the detail of how to produce the thing, in which had an early involvement –& wherein the devil doth lie –but was keen to promote how he was the entrepreneur who was so smart that anything he touched had or would, turn to Gold. The mere inconvenience that the opposite was indeed the case didn’t seem to enter his thoughts.

His opinion on something seemed to always be based on his ‘innate’ understanding of how things ‘could work out’

not on the actual experience of people who had achieved more (not that hard) & therefore had better knowledge of how to achieve a finished product. His attitude in slamming the actions of the Board stem from this delusion.

–as one shareholder mentioned that whilst idea that standard ‘off the shelf ’components may be cheaper it is not necessarily so, & detailed investigation is needed to prove it.

Since then I have watched in bewilderment as the guy has ###ted his way from a great idea (& that only) to oblivion. He seems to be able to find the right people, & then, won't listen to them. And eventually alienates them as they begin to discover his lack of comprehension as to what is required for a business plan & how you have to make the company profitable before you spend the investor’s money on lifestyle. Originally I thought that his move to Poland at least saved us the $750 a week he was spending on a luxury apartment in Surfers. And previously I heard him telling how he pressed the BUY button a number of times ('cos it didn't seem to work) when buying the Centro Property shares & how he was arguing with CommSec abt how it was 'their fault'. -Sound familiar? - He should never have been trading with company funds in the first place. If he can't even understand, as a CEO, that he has to pay his income tax out of his 'salary', he probably also has difficulty with the concept of embezzlement too. He only succeeded in proving that he didn't understand how to drive the CommSec Trading Platform properly -GEEEZ.

His attitude that Karl Tuckfeld “lied to the top 100 shareholders and ‘lost £2m” is also delusional. The financial deal was at best a promise to look into the raising of such funds by a rapacious venture capitalist (COS) at no risk to themselves & a potential huge windfall. Fortunately it was revealed as such & voted against.

He was so obsessed with his spoilt child attitude of blaming others that, despite generous offers to achieve a credible Business Plan, as mentioned by xxxxx xxxxx, that he failed to appreciate this important necessity and also ‘capsized’ the Chris Cawston’s involvement in process.

I had forgotten ‘the second attempt at getting COS to support you (at 7% instead of 20% this time) but you (Steve) fluffed that as well. The ‘wonders’ never cease..
Most shareholders would like to believe as xxxxx said -that surely ‘all of this cannot be written off to incompetence”.

But we are being overwhelmed by the evidence.

And all this posturing about the ‘company is finished’ *& “I’ll start a new company in Malta.” Is also not credible.

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He is useless as a manager and had long enough to prove his worth

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Should just "hand over" gracefully or otherwise.

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His strength is persistency, tenancity, best suited for salesmanship/marketing.

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Mr Hargreaves has consistently shown the shareholders that he is nihilistic, narcissistic and egocentric. He has no capacity for company management, real fund raising or proper and ethical use of shareholders money. May he rot in misery.

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Mr. Hargreaves is a proven con man he must be brought to justice and take the consequenses of his conduct not because I think I will get my money back but to stop him from harming more people.

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I would like a special meeting to discuss face to face.. I run many high profile programs so I would like to be involved.. Have we actaully got patents or is that smoke and mirrors too

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All this man does is make rediculous promises and condemns anyone who speaks out againt him.

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He has had 13 years to show us what he as CEO has been able to contribute. We instead contributed an income handed to him on a plate. The man is an egotisticle idiot. In a Business world he would have been fired by the 3rd. year of being in the very least.

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Steve however is the person everyone invested in. He has a knowledge like noone else of the people involved. He is just not capable of making it happen. He will also not accept defeat easily and will destabilise further if deposed.

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The man is and has always been a con man, and I regret ever having met him. If anybody thinks they are ever going to get any return on money's invested they're regretably delusional... Somebody needs to stop this man from doing any further damage (but hard to stop him plying his trade and spouting his rubbish about listing/amazing products etc) as he will never get close to ever producing anything.

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A patent is not a product. A patent has no prolonged value. Without production, a patent is nothing more than a bad deep sink for good money - just like the illiterate blinkered dishonest Mr Hargreaves

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has been doing this since the mid 90's, starting with richter technology. i did my dough then and whats happening now does not suprise me

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he has shown disregard and contempt for all share holders of ill he should be goaled.

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His track record is abysmal

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He has proved himself incapable of progressing the company in any 'real' sense, despite personally using extensive amounts of capital resource. His powers of self delusion, and inability to accept professional advice invalidate his occupancy of any future management or executive position in IIL

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Who is Paying all the depths. Steve will Not Pay his Duty. How to clarify all these problems. Best regards. Xxxxx

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I was told company would float in 2005. I also said I look forward to seeing Steve on Today Tonight one day...a con man's days are numbered.

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no way gracefully doesnt even come into it he should just right off!!

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He only wants to raise money (and spend it) He is totally incompetent at business.

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A very polite way of saying "this thieving lying cheating little drunk should be lynched..."

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Steve has had this for 10 years and done nothing with it. We need people with vision and determination to put IIL out there on the world market. AND NO MORE BUlL ### !!! Just do it.

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when i signed up $50K in the original intake i was told that the company would be listed on the ASX within 1-2 yrs. Amazing I am still waiting. I have certainly lost confidence in Steve. Being an average blue collar worker $50K is a lot of money so being only 52 single and stuck on the pension after health issues, i could do with some good news wanting to move interstate for health.

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His overblown remuneration always comes first

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He has killed my Retirement Savings!!! He continually talks about what he has created and yet we don't have a working Demonstrator!!! We have been going to be listed on a Stock Exchange for years but we now appear to further away than ever!!!

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He's an incompetent IDIOT, THIEF and LIAR - He should be charged and made to do 5 yrs community service to make up for willful damage he has caused on IIL shareholders!

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Yes IIL should be handed over quickly, with particular care as to whom. I'd be happy revisiting the Carson Group or some other legitimate Co. I'd also appreciate less justification and abusive emails from others, e.g. Stephen Elis to Hargreaves. While I understand there is a lot of anger, these types of emails are just continuing the schoolyard antics we've been putting up with for years. Let's show some professionalism.

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Steve must go and the sharholders take over the company and all that it has and owns.

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I think that Steve Hargreaves should off forever. He has done untold damage and, in my opinion, taken IIL past the point of no return!

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Thank you for giving me the chance to answer this question. Steve had me completely bamboozled but luckily I did not put my house on this one! I also think Ametron who convinced me to buy these shares were a very shady outfit. Does any one else remember the story that the Brazilian government were going to invest in the Smartmatic but the money was never delivered due to corruption in the development ministry? Best regards, XXXXXXX Xxxx

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Mar 17, 2016
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      Mar 17, 2016

    Hargreaves would probably say all the investors are imbeciles. His stock reply to anyone who disagrees with him.

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