International Funds Transfer / Audit Unit) United Nations (World Bank Assisted Programme) Directorate Of International Payment And Transfers. / try to catch these frauds

1 31 Hurst Road, Johannesburg, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: +27763882941

Sir, i got mail like this, pls verify this and tell me, weather i got
The prize or not
Otherwise try to catch these fruad members ok

International funds transfer / audit unit)
United nations (World bank assisted programme)
Directorate of international
Payment and transfers.
Wire transfer / audit unit
Swift: imfdus3wxxx
Our ref: wb / nf / un / xx027 (South africa)
Website: www.Imf. Org

Irrevocable release of your payment

Attn: sir / madam,

I am mr robert b. Zoellick, the international monetary fund's (I. M. F)
President. This message is based on the meeting which the united
Nation (Un) , european union (Eu) african union (Au) and asia union
(Au) held in johannesburg south africa on 22nd of july 2011 regarding
Your expenses which you made for failed transactions like contract
Fund, bank transfer, lottery fund transfer and inheritance fund.
According to the international monetary funds agency (I. M. F) , they
Discovered that your payment has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt
Officials of the banks and legal attorneys who are trying to divert
Your money into their private accounts, and we want to use this
Opportunity to inform you that some of this fraudsters has been curbed
And their account has been also frozen, regarding to the meeting the
Un, eu, au, au held, all the money that was recovered from their
Account must be used to compensate the victims. This is to fight crime
And corruptions.

This notification email is to inform you that you have been
Compensated the sum of $4, 700, 000. 00usd {four million seven hundred
Thousand united state dollars} in this year edition which is
Organized by the united nation (Un) , european union (Eu) african union
(Au) and asia union (Au) held in johannesburg south africa.

How you won
We collect email addresses of people that are active online, among the
Billions that are subscribed to email addresses worldwide, such as,
Aol, hotmail, optusnet, bigpond, yahoo, gmail, google and including
Private domain users and also being a microsoft user, your email
Qualify you in entering the draw. Ten email addresses are been
Selected in every quarter of the year through an electronic balloting
System without the winners applying or purchasing ticket for this

United nations (U. N) delivery mode of payment.
(I) delivery of your consignment package of $4. 7 million (Four million
Seven hundred united state dollars) by south africa diplomatic corp.

Note: you are advised to contact the india high commission in south
Africa (Johannesburg) consulate commercial diplomatic embassy to set
Up for this payment by world bank with your correct contact details
Below. And also be informed that the amount to be paid to you through
A delivery mode of payment worth is $4. 7 million (Four million seven
Hundred united state dollars) . Meanwhile, india high commission in
South africa (Johannesburg) consulate commercial diplomatic embassy
{ihc} has received your payment authority / irrevocable
Release / unconditional payments guarantee by the executive directors of
United nation (Un) , european union (Eu) african union (Au) and asia
Union (Au) to pay you off this $4. 7 million. You are therefore advice
To contact the secretariat principal commercial who is in charge to
Direct you and give you the delivery schedule of your fund to your
Country destination with the below contact details:

Contact details of india consulate commercial diplomatic embassy.
Department: secretariat principal commercial
City: johannesburg
Country: south africa
Name: mr david smart
Email: [protected]
Telephone number: +[protected]

Write them a mail immediately. Contact david smart, and also send the
Following information as stated below to him:

1. Your full names……………. . .
2. Contact address…………. . .
3. Phone number & fax number………. . .
4. Your occupation……………. . . . .
5. Country name: ………………. . .
6. State:. . .
7. City:. . .
8. Age:. . .
9. Sex:. . .
10. Marital status:. . .
11. Won before:. . .
12. Email address:. . .

It is very important that you contact mr david smart immediately and
Start on the process to claim your delivery compensated award, british
Consulate department through email for urgent payment delivery.
Congratulations in advance.

Mr robert b. Zoellick.
International monetary fund
31 hurst road, west molesey.

Note: international monetary fund (Compensation) must be claim not
Later than 15 days from date of draw notification after the draw date
In which prize has won. Any prize not claimed within this period will
Be forfeited.

From: consulate commercial diplomatic embassy
> <[protected]>
> date: mon, 25 jul 2011 08:41:33 - 0700
> subject: notification of your consignment sealed package / ref no.
> wb / nf / un / xx027.
> to: [protected]
> notification of your consignment sealed package / ref no. Wb / nf / un / xx027.
> this is an official notification of the availability of a consignment
> deposited in your name and it is not a sales solicitation or spam. We
> are in contact of you from the international monetary. Consignment we
> use our immunity and status to safe keep special and valuable packages
> and baggage in trust for reputable clients that are honest and
> trustworthy. We work in collaboration with top firms and governments
> of various countries as we have earned a name as a service whose
> hallmarks in reliability and confidentiality are revered.
> international missions and fellow diplomats of the world have used our
> services to satisfaction. A benefactor whose identity cannot be
> disclosed because of the non circumvention and non - disclosure
> agreement that was signed with the international monetary fund (I. M. F)
> and united nations (U. N) when the consignment sealed parcel were
> being deposited made you the beneficiary of a package containing some
> amount of money and stated clearly that you should only be contacted
> when the time signed for it to be in our care elapses and the time has
> already elapsed that is why you are being contacted.
> we are obliged to inform you that your prize consignment has been
> programmed & packaged through the united nations south africa
> diplomatic corp. (U. S. A. D. C) to be delivered to your door step in
> india. Since we have some consignment to be delivered in india that is
> why we use this opportunity to include your consignments as a
> consignment where you should be called upon the arrival of the
> diplomat.
> once again be informed that our diplomatic delivery charge is rs. 50,
> 000. 00inr and you are mandatory to send the money to the british
> diplomat mr johnson joe upon his arrival through a running stock
> broker account while in your country. Note that the rs. 50, 000. 00inr
> would also be used to cover the indian airport clearance charge only
> there in your country prior to delivering your consignment in your
> house. Please keep this noted.
> it is the duty of the diplomat to guide you and advice you on how to
> make the payment to them without any complication. This money is
> payable there in your country as soon as the diplomat arrive to enable
> your authorities release the consignment to him for the final delivery
> without any complication and for easy and smooth delivery of
> consignment in your house.
> the appointed senior diplomat shall be departing from south africa.
> today being 26 / july / 2011 to arrive india on 27 / july / 2011 find the
> diplomat bio - data’s below:
> 1) name of: dip johnson joe
> 2) date of departure: 26 / july / 2011 05:00 pm or tambo - johannesburg
> international airport (South africa)
> 3) date of arrival: 27 / july / 2011. 09:00 am chatrapati shivaji -
> mumbai international airport (India)
> 4) indian income tax registration certificate: rs. 50, 000. 00inr
> make sure that the indian airport authorities charge is ready for the
> diplomat to clear the consignment there in india this is to avoid
> complication with the diplomat and your government while in your
> country. Note: the diplomat will call you upon his arrival in your
> country destination on your telephone number:
> ====
> warning!!!
> be totally warned and informed that the diplomat in possession of the
> consignment does not know the real content of the consignment that is
> what their rule of operation demand so as not to expose them to
> financial risk and related matters. So you must not expose the content
> of this consignment to him or any authority in india for the safety of
> your approved prize consignments.
> diplomats who departed to india were not told exactly the content of
> the consignment. This agreement was made between our security
> department & the british diplomatic service company to be delivered in
> india. Upon arrival of the diplomat there in india, with the
> consignment you shall proof to him that you are the beneficiary of the
> consignment by calling us on phone before him and we shall release the
> code numbers for opening the consignment to you upon his arrival to
> your house before he can release the consignment to you. We are
> waiting to hear from you once the diplomat contacts you upon his
> arrival next tomorrow. Please make sure you cooperate with him and
> follow his directives to ensure smooth delivery of your consignment.
> mr david smart
> principal commercial
> south africa consulate
> commercial diplomatic embassy
> johannesburg, south africa
> +[protected].

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