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My husband recieved this today the form 1080 request a $9.00 fee in cash, check or money order . Yes it ask for cash... sounded suspicious therefore when I went on line I found previous contest from this same Company asking for a $20.00 fee and the series was listed as Blue series VI so we knew it had to be a repeated scam.

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  • Jo
      Nov 16, 2009
    International Award Payment Center - Fraud
    award payment data release division
    United States

    I've already been taken for 5 grand i have an attorney and the Nashville police on these so called winnings i want there phone number and return address no more stealing from me I'm suing all of you.

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  • Bl
      Apr 21, 2017

    @john666 It is a scam, Fraud.
    El Mirage, AZ

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  • Ze
      Dec 14, 2010

    I, too, got the same mail from the same company for its Blue Series VIII scam. It asked me to send $20, their "small" fee for me to get my cash award of $15K. If they're really a legit company, and if I really won in their contest, it's supposed to mean that I'm going to receive money from them, correct? And if this is the case, then I don't think it would be difficult for them to deduct the $20 processing fee from my winnings. In the letter I received, I'm told I won 15 grand. Simple math would tell them that I will only be entitled to $14, 980 if they indeed have a "small" processing fee of $20! I would not complain of the $20 deduction as long as I can immediately encash the check they've enclosed! I'm just sorry for those in dire straits who fell for this. I mean, come on, how could you win something that you NEVER participated in?

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  • Ca
      Dec 31, 2010

    I, just received the same mail as the gentleman prior to this complaint., for the Blue Series VIII scam. It also asks to send $20.00 to get the cash award for $15, 000. Yeah, I hardly think so. They must think people are stupid and you know some people do fall for this. I know it, s a scam because I never enter any contests, lotteries out of my country. So, how can that be possible that I won that much money in something I did not enter in the first place and out of the country, my country Canada. Go figure. Please people, if you should ever receive mail like this, just think about it, if it, s too good to be true, well then guess what ? IT, S NOT TRUE Don, t be so taken by the figures of the cash award unless you had enter . Too many people are being scammed in this world and it has to STOP!!!

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  • Ur
      Feb 18, 2011

    yes i just recieved that also yesterday.feb.17, 2011. same as you I never enter any country is australia.We do hope through our expereience like this we need to informed people through post by the website so that everybody will aware and time will come that they are the one who recieved this kind of letters they know whats next step for it.

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  • Lo
      May 25, 2011

    Same here! I never entered any contest either other than Publishers Clearing House and Readers digest. So they must have gotten my mailing address from them. One of these companies even had a picture of the same building as their Logo on their envelope for P.C.H. There must be some recourse for the poor people who were scammed to get their money back. Please let me know. The only literature I read about this is how people know so much and yet they do not offer any solutions to these scams. Are there no laws to deal with this? The reason why there is nothing being done is because no one wants to help the other person. The way to get to these scams is research. They are very good at playing with words that have a double meaning. The one thing that comes to mind is that they have written those letters. A file should be accumalated on them. The problem every one has is lack of money! If there was someone out there with some compassion and understanding and money than something would be done but the cost is high.

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  • Az
      Jul 19, 2011

    Its the cheesy chessiest cheez-a-rito nacho cheese nacho fever!
    Its supposed to be a math competition of skill but I can't find the "last years" tiebreaker examples. My entry asked "one bundle of $50 bills contains 200 bills. What would be the total value of 20 identical bundles? Check one box only:
    ∆ $200, 000 ∆ $1, 000
    How lame are the answer options. You've got a 1:2 chance to chose one answer that is not even in the same time zone for a 5th grader! I'll bet this math contest that was created by a person who didn't even graduate high school.

    SO i'm sending a picture of the money requested $9 dollars exactly!
    (Check out photo below)

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  • Co
      Jul 19, 2011
    International Award Payment Center - sending a 15,000 dollar check for me to answer a question and i will recieve a check and i send them 9.00 dollars for a processing fee
    international award payment center
    United States
    Phone: no phone nuber

    keep sending me letters with checks in them asking me to send any where from 20 dollars to 9.00 dollars and will submit check in y account also i have not because i know this is a scam i took last letter to a judge but some one who does not know about this is liable to loose alot thank you corena swain

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  • Te
      Jan 26, 2015

    Well it is now 2015 and they are up to Blue Series XI. Prize is still 15000$ but the fee is down to 9$ and that was discounted from their normal 12$. I got the letter today at the same time with another company telling me that I won 2.000.000 and all I had to do collect that one was send them 12.99. But the 2Mil people were smart about it by giving me a number and in one line said that if it matched the winning number. So they covered their rears Unlike the Blue Series. I hate Lie and Thieves Boil them in oil.

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  • Ja
      Feb 06, 2015

    Yes I receiving a letter today saiding blue series XI... Talking about this is your final deficiency notice talking about send $9 registration fee...they don't have a address or anything That's how I know this was a scam cause they sent me about 4letters last month and today...

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  • Yv
      Feb 26, 2015

    It's a fake it's not real they want you to send 9dollars and you win 15, 000.00
    How is that disregard that letter it's not real

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  • De
      Mar 02, 2015

    I just recieved the Blue Series XI, letter too, rip it up, and throw it away! It's a scam!

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  • Im
      Apr 09, 2015

    I got a letter today 15.000, 00 Dollars or 11.000, 00 Euro I sent the letter back without paying the postage

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  • Ma
      Apr 14, 2015

    bjr pourrai t on me dire arnaque ou pas

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  • Bo
      May 19, 2015

    I would love to not get these letters or scam anymore, it is disgusting. What in the world do they do with the money collected from people that fall for this crap, something should be done with these bad people!

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  • Df
      Jun 14, 2015

    It is now 2015 and they're still sending out these bogus IAPC Blue Series competition they're up to XII now. They're still saying you need to send them $9 dollars for a registration fee and answer a stupid question. Anyone who so hard up to think that they are going to win $15, 000 this way really isn't using the brain the good lord gave them. However, anyone taking advantage of people in this way should be taken care of if you know what I mean. If it's one think I can't abide by it's someone who lies to cheat someone else out of their hard earned money.

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  • An
      Nov 07, 2015

    When I'm I going to get the check cause I need the money

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  • Yo
      Jan 10, 2016

    I got a letter today saying i need $ 9.00 to enter.
    I knew that something was wrong because i enter only. Free contests, nevertheless it should be deal with a iron fist after a few reports.

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  • He
      Jan 15, 2016

    Bonjour, nous sommes en 2016, et j'ai reçu une lettre me gratifiant de 360000.00 euros pour lesquels je dois payer 10 euros de participation. Cette lettre arrive soit-disant des Philippines, mais le timbre n'est pas tamponné, et le courrier de réponse est à envoyer aux Pays Bas. C'est exactement comme les voyants et médiums qui ont vu dans leur sommeil que j'allais gagner de grosses sommes d'argent. Même adresse. Surtout ne pas tomber dans le panneau.

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  • Em
      Feb 22, 2016

    These are very fake get a lot of people's hopes up for nothing I got two letters for 15, 000 and 2, 000, 000.00 one says judges final decision like what ever

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  • Lu
      Mar 11, 2016

    People are very closed minded, firstly and foremost if you are paying attention yes you have entered a contest! Reason being is because you either played the pch play&win app and signed up and have claimed to enter prices you may have recieved notification through email and entered to win and it may not have been pch in your inbox it may have been something other tha you clicked either way you have entered to win something. You even clicked to recieve mail listings to enter or you may possibly have won. Lastly, if you are paying attention most letters explain "no purchase nessasery to enter or claim prize" what gets me upset is people are not reading and paying attention. Listen the letters may ask to send money to process claim. It also explains don't what you need to do though is use your own envelope to claim for your winnings in your self enclosed envelope using your own postage stamp writing their address and correct info for you to their mailing address and you are all set, you can be gurenteed to either recieve a winning of 1000, 500, 25, 5, ect. As runner up prises. If you are going to play the damn game then play it right, play smart no one has to spend 9$ or 20$ or 40$ that they ask to claim wins. Just send your damn letter back with out payment in your own self served envelope and stop whining like a ###. Acting as if it's a scam ! How on earth would you know if you are not playing it right, you will never know if you can't claim. And confirm wins. I don't care how often they send these forms to you but you would need to play it right. The more you can get it to enter the more you are close to your winnings you need to confirm you are the adressee. . Bunch of slow speds who are unfortunately lost in the game. Don't gamble if you can't handle waiting. . . It's a game and u definitely need to be on it if you want to win follow the darn rules. Nobody is ripping anyone of and it is not a scam if it clearly states: or should i say tell you bcs ppl are so slow. It tells you no purchase nessasery and you can claim your winning separate from envelope provided with out the payment duh!! Lol

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  • Do
      Mar 11, 2017

    @Luxury This is direct response to Luxury...First of all your very rude, secondly your just wrong when referencing this particular scam. I have the letter in front of me and will attach a copy. It clearly states "a small fee ($9) is required for registration ; this discounted fee must be enclosed with your completed IAPC1080 form." Later in the "memo" qunder final instructions the rnclosing a fee is mentioned once more as a requirement.

    I'm aware of the sweepstakes you have referred to on-line that state no purchase is necessary . On the back of the memo under "Official Rules" it states that "this is not a sweepstakes or a lottery but a contest of skill".

    Perhaps next time, prior to making such rude and disparaging remarks, You can take some of your time as you seem to have plenty of it and do so research yourself. Or perhaps this is how you spend your time and pretend it makes you feel good about yourself when we all know how truly unhappy you must be inside. Who else would lash out so blindly and be so wrong. Maybe therapy would be more helpful!

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  • Ja
      Mar 25, 2016

    I JAMES TRESIZE just received a check for $15, 000 dollar .On March 25th day 2016. They want $9.00 payment to receive the money.

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  • Do
      Apr 30, 2016

    I too have found myself to be gullible to the amount of$ 47.00 in money orders that I hold the receipt stubs. I am as mad as everything at my self, but more so at them. Thankful that it was not more before I got my head out of the clouds. They sent me a FINAL NOTICE..LARGE CASH PAYOUT AT RISK. CODE: U50515-ENG DEADLINE 15 MAY 2016. These people need to be stopped, but I am guessing that they are printing out of a storage locker. The next letter they send is going to be marked "Return to Scammers"!!!

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  • Am
      May 13, 2016

    Intelligent and detailed answer; read all: I have been sent multiple letters. One asked for a fee to add into another contest but could be returned with no money. The second requires a discounted price of $9 for registration. Whoever went off about this not being a scam is partially correct. Legally, they are doing nothing wrong. As long as they can make record of winners for those deadlines, suggest but do not require a fee for sweepstakes and when requires a fee, calls it a contest (such as the $9 fee for the puzzle contest)(sweepstakes are purely chance whereas contests require "skills"). This is why when you google it, there are complaints going back for years. They have a bad rating with BBB and have been stopped in certain states for breaking those states specific rules but will not be facing charges anytime soon. So legally, they are fine. Ethically, they are horrible people and should be ashamed. They are doing everything just over the line of legal and tend to prey on seniors and disabled. They purposely try to fine print the real information and skirt right outside the legalities knowing there are people out there that do not have the capacity or knowledge to know what is real and what is not. My suggestion to anyone who receives these mailings is to send a letter to: Notification System, IAPC Mail Preference Service, P.O. box 219637, Kansas City, MO 64121-9637. Specifically put in the letter to (a) do not release my name and email address to other companies (b) remove my name from your mailing list or (c) remove my email address or (d) all of the above. Make sure to copy your name, mailing address and account number exactly as appeared on the letters you receive from them. This is equivalent to registering with the national do not call list or unsubscribing from an email list. That is the most you can do unfortunately.

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  • Me
      Jun 03, 2016

    June 3, 2016 by: Melvin Taggart

    I called them on a Thursday, to see when the 7 days would be up? They told me; they would have to have the money the that day. The drawing would be on Monday. for the $15, 000. I used a debit card, so they would have the plenty of time. I received a letter the next week - the chance to win was in default due to being late with the processing payment.. There was no chance to receive a processing fee returned. But $19.99 cash, or check, or credit card I could be put on the next list for a $1XXXXXXXx. drawing. in the future.
    It was a waste of time and money. Sorry. I have another one with no date to be paid on the face. They want $40 to be put on the chance to win a bonus of $5k making the tie breaker $20, 000. in lieu of $15, 000.

    You might do better using the out fit that Mr. Donald Trump has promoted for people with time on their hands who can type real fast with out Microsoft smart software. Any mistake with the smart software stops your line of thinking. Finally the computer glitches up because your line of thought is faster than the engineer's that wrote smart the soft ware. IMO, Your typing speed would have to be 60 wpm or less to use smart soft ware..
    This glitching might be the server speed also..

    I do not know how to file a scam with this notice.- sorry. LOL

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  • Ri
      Jul 18, 2016

    Why when everyone knows that this is a scam can it still be happening,
    I don't get it put the @$$€₩£$s in jail that is where I would be if it was i,

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  • Da
      Mar 20, 2017

    I too received this mail for $15, 000 and they want me to mail $9.00. I wish the police could trace the address and P.O. Box to capture theses guys. They are probably making millions scamming people.

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  • Fl
      Jun 16, 2017

    I cannot believe they still exist...I just got this scam letter Blue Series XIV ... No any Authority does anything to stop them?
    They have been ripping off innocent people for many years!!!

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