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Innocept Marketing / Job is a scam

1 12655 North Central Expressway #1025Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 214-635-3081

I posted my resume on Career of course when I did that, I knew I would get scam jobs emailing me. I didn't however know I would get such a pushy one from this company. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! They tell you that you're going to be a junior account manager, and you will have your own location with in one year, and you end up going door to door selling stuff, not getting paid, not getting promoted, and it is not a marketing job like they say, it is a cold calling, pushy, sales person job.

When I recieved this email from Amanda Stewart in the "HR department":

Dear Katie,
Our hiring managers have reviewed your resume, and they are interested in possibly scheduling an interview with you to discuss your qualifications. Based on your experience and education, our hiring managers are interested in meeting with you one on one about our Junior Account Manager position.
We are currently hiring for this position so please call [protected] as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.
The hiring managers will go over the day-to-day responsibilities of the position during the interview, but for any general information about the company prior to please visit our web site at .
We look forward to meeting with you soon.
Amanda Stewart

I googled the company, looked on (they don't exist there btw) and found exactly what I was looking for, and what I suspected. They were a scam. I replied to the email, no thanks. They continued to harass me and tell me "IT WAS MY LST CHANCE FOR A JOB" so I finally got annyoed enough that I got ugly. I sent her an email back thinking maybe I did not make myself clear enough in the first place. Here is the email I sent to her:

well Amanda, I have told you multiple times I am not interested. And maybe if I am not answering your calls or returning your messages, you would think you would take the hint and realize i'm not interested in your scam of a job. NO I DON'T WANT AN INTERVIEW WITH YOU! COMPANIES LIKE YOURS ARE A WASTE OF TIME!
Thanks and have a great day,

Then this is where it gets REALLY good. I get an email back! (seriously, she is that thick headed that she cannot just take no for an answer) and here is the email chain that happened after.


I’m sorry if you are having a bad day, but there is no reason to be rude. You applied to our company, so we were extending an offer to come in. I’m sorry that you feel that we are a waste of time, however, you did think of us enough to take the time to go to our website and submit a resume, as well as on career builder on 2 different occasions. We have only spoke to you once, and that was back in march, when you scheduled an interview, but then said you could not come down b/c of school. So when you applied again, this time with a Dallas number, we thought that you had finally made the move, and wanted to invite you back. You would think that not answering would mean you are not interested, but that is very far from the truth. In today’s society, people are very hesitant to pick up the phone, and respond so much better by e-mail (I have been guilty of it as well), so when we send out a final invitation, people respond well to that. Again, I am sorry that you feel the company is a waist of your time, but there is no reason to be rude, YOU DID APPLY TO US 2 TIMES. And the 50+ people that are employed with us also don’t think it is a waist of there time either.

Thank you,

I have not applied to your company. You have been continuing to harass me after I have already told you no thanks. I am not having a bad day, I just don't like emails in my in inbox after i have told you SEVERAL times to STOP EMAILING ME! you guys got my resume off career builder, I did not submit it to you. There is a difference. And your company is a scam. You send people out to sell crap to people door to door and solicit. (and might I add you market this job as a marketing position, not a door to door sales person pyramid scheme thing that you are) You tell people they can make ungodly amounts of money with no experience required. Anyone who believes that you can make the kind of money you claim people to be able to make, with out working very hard to get it are also idiots. So if you have 50+ people working for your company, believing if they go door to door and business to business to sell crap that they can make 5 grand a year, no wonder they are still around with a scam company, they must not be very bright. OBVIOUSLY in order to get you to stop emailing me I had to be rude, because my previous NICE emails didn't get through to you. (I then sent a copy of the first couple of emails where i told her no thanks and she continued to email me)

This response was over a month ago! you mean to tell me that you have been hiring for this position now for a couple months and have been unable to fill it? LET ME GUESS, your "junior account manager" position is exactly what I described it as. And you do group interviews and then when people actually show up for your scam you call them and say "congratulations you made it to the next stage in our interviewing process" and try to make people think that they are getting some great job in the marketing world (WITH NO MARKETING EXPERIENCE). I have been to one of these interviews before, it didn't take me long sitting in the waiting room with 10 other people that showed up that day, going in for interviews two at a time, to figure out this is a joke... just like your company. Your company does not exist on the Better Business Bureau, THERE IS A BIG RED FLAG, google your company Amanda, see what shows up! Here is just a RANDOM list of what shows up when you google the name of your company:
(when you google the company things about how much of a scam it is pops up and how this is a joke, so I sent her copies of a couple of those)

REALLY AMANDA, if you actually believe the crap you write, you're an idiot. If you have just been trained really well on how to be a robot, then WAKE UP- go get a real job with a real company and stop harassing unsuspecting victims of the crappy economy.


Kayti, again I am sorry you feel that way, clearly direct marketing is not for you. However, I have been doing it for 6+ years, and have made more than a living doing so, in the field, and office. Because you don’t feel you can do it, as well as idiot that don’t want to work (I know the guy that wrote that, he did not get paid b/s he did not work, called in all the time, and did half ### work when he was here), there is no need to talk bad about something, or someone. You have not even been here, yet you judge…. That seems ignorant to me.

And FYI the economy is not crappy, the unemployment rate in dallas is higher than it was 10 years ago.

You really should get a job, and find something better to do with your time besides e-mail employers that you have applied to, saying you didn't... again, I have proof, do you?

THE ECONOMY IS CRAPPY! the unemployment rate is not good- the housing market hit an ALL TIME LOW- do you live in a bubble?! SERIOUSLY?!
You're not going to convince me that this is not a scam. This is not direct marketing- IT IS DOOR TO DOOR SALES! stop trying to market your job position as something it isn't! If you want to work for a company that sells crap door to door, that's fine- but MARKET YOURSELF AS SUCH! Don't market your self as some great career opprotunity when WE ALL KNOW IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SIMPLE, DOOR TO DOOR, PUSHY, COLD CALLING, SALES PERSON! MARKET THE JOB AS SUCH!

Further more, good grammar goes very well when trying to convince someone that you are a legitimate company
as idiot that don’t want to work
I think the word you were looking for here was didn't, you missed "JUST" at the begining of the sentence and the word "AN" in front of the word Idiot; that sentence did not make much sense. Not to mention, cussing from a company email- SO NOT PROFESSIONAL!!!
(Might I point out, BY THE WAY, I did not say I could not do the job, I am just not willing to sell crap and market myself as an account manager in a marketing department. I said NO THANKS... and you continued to harass me... let's keep things straight here).
Highschool English Amanda- never start a sentence with because.
You have a WONDERFUL rest of the day! Good luck trying to convince people you're not a scam- I feel for those poor people that waste their time on your company.

Amanda Stewart then sent me "my information" that I sent to her. It was a completely different person. She emailed me personal, confidentail information about someone that is not me. I think there is something wrong with that. here is the email she sent me:

The economy is fine, the last 10 years, it has been exceptional, and so know that it is going back to normal, people are freaking out, if you read the paper, or any business magazine (forbes, times ect…) then you would know that. And, as a person, representing a company, it would not be smart to say we do not do door to door sales, if me indeed did door to door sales… b/c if you were to have it in writing, you could sue for false advertizing. But you would not know what we do, b/c you are just like the rest of the heard, following along what others say. And yes, it is a great opportunity, as a entry level rep, are employees make 30 to 45 thousand a year, and on average, in 2 years, running your own marketing firm.
And, if we were not a legitimate firm, why do you think big companies (fortune 500 companies) out source there marketing to us, and in some cases only us? And if you did research on illegitimate companies, you would know that most do not stay open longer than 6 months, b/c they are shut down. And, as for the way I type, that was just for you to understand, I wanted to slow things down for you.

The following individual has requested more information about your company via the web form.
Source: Internet
Position: Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations
Salary: $35, 000 to $50, 000
Experience: 0 to 2 Years
Resume: ********...

Name: ***** *******

UserTel: ***-***-****

UserEmail: ******
ContactAsap: Yes
And, here is proof that you went to OUR WEBSITE, and filled out an online application after seeing out add. And. Hmmmm it says that you wanted to be contacted ASAP, that seems odd to me that you are making such a big fuss about us contacting you afterwards.

I do hope you post this…. It will be very entertaining to read how someone that never even came into an interview, and applied for the position, thinks we are a door to door direct marketing firm, again WITHOUT TALKING TO ANYONE. You must be a psychic though, I get it!!!

I have chosen NOT to post the rest of the email Amanda Stewart with Innocept Marketing sent me, as to protect the identity of the unknowing person she is claiming to "be me"

I got tired of going back and forth with her at this point because she REALLY started to not make sense. I never applied to this company. In fact, I really just want them to leave me alone and stop marketing their company as something it is MOST DEF. NOT!


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  • Ly
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    The woman who applied is obviously the idiot, not the employee itself. Kayti should think twice as to why she is not currently employed... it may have something to do to do with her attitude. These maketing companies are sought after and contracted by larger Fortune 500 companies for a reason. If "Big Business" have figured it out, so should she and get over her ### of an attitude problem.

  • Ly
      24th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    And one more thing, door 2 door sales is one of the oldest & most proven professions, in fact it has been around since the 1950's. Maybe Kayti has heard of a woman who went by the name Mary Kay and google her. Stupid people make me laugh & after reading her post, I will be giggling for at least a month.

  • Ad
      19th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Lynn5966 is probably the "idiot" employee of cydcor marketing which is the parent company of Innocept, which if you research you will find used to be called eqm, and/or mogul marketing. Thus please give no credibility to the above comments posted unprofessionally by the disgruntled and defamed "Amanda Stewart" (whom is ficticious as most candidates notice since she is the arbitrary recruiter that sends every email to invite you for an interview, and never seems to be available when you call back. Note to Innocept: this is deceptive advertising and you can be prosecuted for such.

  • Co
      20th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Just to let you know, Amanda does exist.

  • Te
      11th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Kayti is COMPLETELY CORRECT about Innocept. They advertise it as marketing and it's not even's SOLICITING. Even when you do make a sale, you may see $10 from it. They train you to harrass the people to the point where I was embarrassed when I was being trained by the person doing the "saling". I worked there for two and a half weeks and never saw one dime. It's a binary marketing strategy (aka Pyramid Scheme). Not to mention they waste the whole morning that you could be in the field making you play dumb games in the "atmosphere room".
    The interview process is a joke. You're herded in like cattle and they take trainees and interviewees out at the same time. The whole thing is very shady and unprofessional. You're told that you have all the qualifications they're looking for and then you end up getting hired at the same time as some 18 year old kid fresh out of high school. How could they have the same qualifications as someone experienced in sales. Bottom line...they're not looking for qualifications. They're looking for anyone they can brainwash into thinking they're actual going to make something out of themselves at this company.

  • Ms
      21st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was approached by this company at well Katie and I applaude you for what you did! And even more so for posting this. You have saved me from a lot of unnecessary hassals and I greatly appreciate that! Good work on not falling for a scam!! Your a smart girl!

  • Pr
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Katie / Kayti've been brave. Usually these are the organizations across the spectrum that instead of simply adverting an accurate job descriptions they boast in bold caps. Nobody else but them need to compensate with size what they lack in substance.

    Lynn5966 should think more than twice why is it that you are involved in this type of organization or defend this type of activity. Why do you share the values of abusive language and disrespectful treatment used to manipulate feelings and thoughts. You appear to be well suited for where you stand and we all hope it serves you and your family well while it lasts but persuasive communication requires one thing that your post an these ungodly operations don't have---truth. No other industry in the entire job board system advertises for a job that every and each applicant will attain only after living through another initial job for months ----that job you don't advertise for, that job you are really looking to immediately hire for, that job employees will be actually doing for a year. These practices you so fervently represent have consequences you not even bother to acknowledge. That behavior alone says to candidates that those you associate with don't care or aren't careful. Is carelessness one of the principles of this industry? Nobody is saying that there is something wrong with Door-To-Door or Solicitations. Everyone knows that building any business takes time and effort. Not a single person in this page or any other page for that matter, has a complaint about the amount of work. The complaint revolves around incomplete disclosure combined with astute positioning: Calling DoorToDoor or Solicitations something else knowing that " a particular something else title" is making people risk their limited resources (at a time when resources are unusually limited for most) generates mistrust and disloyalty. The purpose of enticing rather than delivering is the problem and that's the job offer problem not the job seeker's. That's all. If you truly agree that there is nothing unappealing regarding the DoorToDoor or Solicitations you specifically offer, then why in the world not promote it as such? Hmm? It is just another job ...right? It might not be for everybody ...but so is medicine. Have you ever seen a job opening in medicine advertised as the job the doctor will end up having after a year of good surgeries and exceptional patient relationship? No. There is a reason for that: It would be unreasonable not to mention dishonest. Those expectations are unreasonable. If intentions like that aren't dishonest they are at the minimum questionable. Your refusal to even consider it makes it worst not only for you but for true solicitors who do have something to offer and give their families a good living with it. Any business who is serious about their work would pay volumes of positive attention to the feedback they get ---not only from their supporters but from their opponents ---rather than sending an inexperienced unqualified unprepared envoy like Lynn5966 here to silence it in the worst possible manner because she evidently lacks the necessary interpersonal tools that the leadership team should have provided. It is in any business best interest to be aware of the consequences of its actions: unintended or not. The inability to manifest the most basic skills in business, public relations, customer service, and communications to market their own name proves that the people put in place to evaluate the qualifications Lynn5966 says these companies look for, are not equipped to make professional judgements (not even when it comes to email etiquette much less measure psychological traits such as Katie's attitude). They may all be serving Fortune500 companies at the moment. But so did the marketing entities that served Nike during their child labor period until ...someone like Katie said: We are not buying because we disapprove of your methods.

  • Um
      6th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    WOW really? Wonder if they are connected to Core Industries as well... but then again all these scam account manager jobs all sound the same.

    I once interviewed with Core and on my second interview we were to go out into the field so that I could see how the operation worked...

    First off i would like to say, ... the guy "Lead account rep" .. ya know the ones making the BIG BUCKS asked if we could use my car to go out into the field due to he didn't have the gas...

    Wow this point when he knocked on the first door.. yea.. not what the job description detailed. I just feel dumb that I didn't realize it till up to that point. But I guess sometimes when your unemployed and your son needs diapers and food one can believe just about anything.

    I blame myself for interviewing with them and wasting real time looking for work at in honest company. But I blame them for the blatant false advertisement and just flat out lies.
    Good job Katie, you did the right thing.

  • Nc
      1st of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    As an employee of InnoCept Marketing for over a year, I know completely the ins and the outs of the company. I definitely understand that people are naturally distrusting of the unknown or unfamiliar. I have a few things to say on the ways and the whys of how we do things.

    First, when we screen for possible canidates, we look for various backgrounds that are related to people/public interaction, possible management experience or direction, and a desire for a career. We do not prey on people in their moments of vulnerability but we are offering opportunity for employment in a time where the unemployment rates are so high.

    Second, yes the job is MARKETING and SALES!!! Whoops for the news flash. The things that set our company apart from others is that we provide results for our clients and only represent those who fill a specific NEED for our customers. Meaning, we are visiting businesses offering a service/product that they use ALREADY!!! It would be different if we were selling Cowboys tickes at a daycare, that is too hit and miss.

    Third, I apologize for the misrepresentation but alas like I said previously...its a MARKETING company! We are looking to attract QUALITY individuals! Its different than McDonalds or Burger King advertising a new sandwich that looks massive on T.V. but is smaller when you order. We are looking for certain traits and qualities.

    Fourth, we conduct a 3 part interview process!! This is so the candiate has FULL disclosure before they accept a position!!! We introduce the company, show a day in the life job shadow, and even break down the compensation structure for them in writing!!! I don't know many companies that would be scams doing that BEFORE they offer a postion.

    This job is not a scam!!! This job is not for everyone. We are a legitamate company that is offering opportunities for others. If we did something to upset you in the past, I apologize, but the slanderous behavior is unwarranted and unappreciated.


  • Nc
      1st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes
    Innocept Marketing - Company Representation
    InnoCept Marketing
    United States


    Self-Motivated, High Energy Team Players looking to Advance into Management


    Entry Level- Account Executive


    Student Mentality and Great Work ethic


    0% Seniority
    100% Growth from within
    Competitive pay and bonuses
    Health Benefits
    Travel opportunities

  • Fe
      1st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes


    You have to be kidding right? Going door to door, or business to business, is Sales and sales alone. Marketing is a COMPLETELY different thing. Marketing doesn't send you knocking on people's door to sell them stuff. (and your reference to McDonalds and Burger King is completely off topic and off subject) Yes, you may be selling office supplies to offices, but they are not using your products, they are using products that some one else has already sold them; so your statement of "we are visiting business offering a service/product that they use ALREADY!!!" is only slightly factual. That would be more of a sales rep, where you check on existing clients to make sure their current orders are satisfactory and try to up-sell while you're there. You're sending people to businesses trying to sell them something they do not currently order and the businesses are not currently clients of yours. All I am saying is don't market your position as something it is obviously not, market the position as a sales person job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sales, and there are plenty of people who are incredibly successful as salesmen and women, but they also know they are going to be salesmen when the job is presented to them.

    Skipping over your irrelevant rebuttals, "the slanderous behavior" you're accusing us all of is ridiculous. Do you even know what the definition of slander is? First of all, slander is ORAL and SPOKEN defamation by the use of false and untrue statements, clearly this is written so the word you were looking for is Libel. Also, the key for the definition of either of these is "false and untrue" there is nothing false, or untrue about my original complaint. I copied and pasted emails between Amanda Stewart and I WORD FOR WORD. That's fact right there, not some made up, untrue, b.s.

    Third- I sincerely hope, as "HR", you're not actually trying to defend the unprofessional actions of your previous employee. (whom by the way is currently employed at Chili's as a waitress (Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool fyi), i wonder how her background, frivolous screening, management, and "6+ years of experience" that landed her that job wasn't capable of landing her a job where those skills were useful? I don't know, maybe because you will take anyone that wants the job seeing as the resume i posted on career builder had ZERO marketing, or sales experience on it and I couldn't get you people to leave me alone when I politely said "no thank you"). There is nothing about Amanda Stewart's emails that was anything close to acceptable coming from a company email. Apparently, since you are incapable of seeing any fault in her email, lets do a quick "re-cap" of the entire conversation, shall we?

    -HORRIBLE grammatical and spelling skills
    -she cussed at me on SEVERAL occasions
    -she tried to tell me the economy is fine LOL LOL LOL LOL- really? you can't actually defend that statement
    -she BLATANTLY said that the reason everyone at that company side steps the "is this a door to door sales job?" question is because they are but they don't want to tell you that because then we could sue you for false advertising- apparently you missed that part while reading so here, I'll quote it for you: "And, as a person, representing a company, it would not be smart to say we do not do door to door sales, if me indeed did door to door sales… b/c if you were to have it in writing, you could sue for false advertizing." (please take not of the letter "z" in advertising, once again backing up my LEGITIMATE NON LIBEL claim of HORRIBLE spelling and grammatical skills.)
    -LAST BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST: Amanda Stewart tops herself off by sending me the name, email address, address, phone number, age (simple math by using the year she graduated from high school), SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, 10 years worth of past employment history, the college this person graduated from, the high school this person graduated from, of a person whom she mistakenly thought was me! She gave me some one's SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and every other piece of information that i needed to steal her identity. Good thing I am a good person with good morals, and the first thing I did was use the phone number and email address of the person she gave me to let her know what innocept had done with her INCREDIBLY personal information. Needless to say Katie was not a very happy camper when I was capable of repeating all her information to her.

    So, "HR", crawl back into your bubble, and stop trying to silence those of us that are tired of the crap companies like yours pull, and are standing up for themselves and saving plenty of people a lot of wasted time. Hey Amanda, if you're reading this take note of how you spell "wasted" when referring to time, "waisted" is not only not a word, but waist is used to describe that thing on your body between your hips and your stomach. We have every right to bring our complaints to the public, and we have every right to our opinion of your company as do you. Sorry our complaints are unappreciated, but the harassment by your employee was unappreciated and she dared me to post this on the internet, so I called her bluff and I did it. Obviously you're not very happy about that even though Amanda Said "I do hope you post this… " so viola, I posted it. Don't try and silence me now.


    P.s.- Lynn, I don't have a [censor] of an attitude problem. I have a backbone and I am not afraid to use it, and that backbone has landed me a successful career. I am not afraid to stand up for myself and call some one on their [censor], if that makes me a [censor] with an attitude problem, then SO BE IT, I would rather be a [censor] with an attitude problem than someone who allows people like Amanda Stewart and Innocept Marketing the opportunity to walk all over me; and your reference to Mary Kay is also irrelevant. I never said selling door to door or business to business is a scam, I said marketing a job as a "marketing position" when it is a D2D or B2B sales job is a scam. You obviously missed my very last sentence: "In fact, I really just want them to leave me alone and stop marketing their company as something it is MOST DEF. NOT!" I got tired of the harassment and the unprofessional behavior of a representative of this company, and I am tired of my inbox filling up with "you can make 6 figures in a month with absolutely no experience required" scam jobs, but glad i have you a "giggle."

  • Nc
      1st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Kayti,

    I’m so sorry that the actions of the few have caused you to mad at the whole. I really do apologize for any behavior that Amanda exhibited with your situation. I’m not sure of what happened in your particular case, but Amanda no longer works with our company. I definitely do NOT endorse any behavior that she expressed in this matter.

    The fact still remains though that the rebuttals and the points I made are actually valid and substantial. As I said before, this job is NOT for everyone, but it is great for the people that call that company home.

    Thanks again for the correction from me using slander instead of libel. I failed to spell check this document before posting. My apologies. Since you are proficient in giving information via the internet, I felt compelled to do the same. You should do research on really what MARKETING is and not what the preconceived notion is about the term. Wikipedia states the following:
    Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. [1] It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves. [1]Marketing is used to identify the customer, to satisfy the customer, and to keep the customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it can be concluded that marketing management is one of the major components of business management. Marketing evolved to meet the stasis in developing new markets caused by mature markets and overcapacities in the last 2-3 centuries.[citation needed] The adoption of marketing strategies requires businesses to shift their focus from production to the perceived needs and wants of their customers as the means of staying profitable.[citation needed]The term marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions.[2] It proposes that in order to satisfy its organizational objectives, an organization should anticipate the needs and wants of consumers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors.[2]

    I know that’s a tad lengthy but I think the fact people think we misrepresent as a marketing firm is not true. This definition is EXACTLY what we do. I really do not wish to get in a war of words with you as previous representatives of the company have. I wish you the best in whatever endeavors you choose or have chosen.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. Viola is an instrument. I believe the word you were looking for is voilà!!

  • Fe
      1st of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    thank you for the correction, glad you could figure out what that meant since my computer doesn't make those fancy "a's". None of my rebuttals were anything I googled on the internet, it was my common sense. And the difference between slander and libel aside, nothing I said was untrue or nonfactual, I simply used copy and paste and your representative made an [censor] out of your company all by herself, I didn't even need to add to it.

    P.s- take a high school English class and they will tell you Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source for factual data to back up your claims. Just out of curiosity, where in Wikipedia did it say that marketing is selling crap door to door or business to business?

    I'm not "mad at the whole", I'm irritated by her actions and the actions of your company so I did exactly what she told me to do and posted it.

    you have a good day now!

  • Fe
      1st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    P.s. P.s.- stop giving your own comment a plus and everyone that disagrees with it a negative vote (I obviously did the same so now they all reflect zero like they did before), it's obvious and it makes you look even more ridiculous than you already do.

  • Po
      1st of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    The individual above is spamming advertising on this site, so I think that tells a little bit about the legitimacy of the company.

  • Nc
      1st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Again, I definitely sympathize with you about the way Amanda handled the situatioin. For the final time, she is no longer a part of this company and we are looking to rectify the damage that was done. Being upset about the way we do business when you have supposedly moved on is not registering with me. I truly am sorry that you were handled that way and hope that you understand that I am not attacking you. I am only trying to spread a little light as to our true purpose.


    P.S. @pobarjenkins--We have ads on CareerBuilder and Craigs List. Im just putting out there that if anyone should be upset about us offering job opportunities and getting attakced or prejudged should be us. So yeah...I have a complaint.

  • El
      22nd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is not for everyone. Just like any career, you have to work hard and be able to learn and grow to be able to 'move up the ladder'. The most successful people in the world are in sales. Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Cuban are all examples of successful business sales people who do what others can't do. The people involved with this company are the best quality people and can get hired anywhere because they all have a history of success, possess high levels of integrity, and exhibit strong work ethic. These are factors that we look for and only offer an opportunity to the ones that want to help themselves.

    Having current experience with this company, I can vouch for them. I see others in the office everyday with success and I myself have success with this company. My trainer will be opening her first office around February of 2011. She will be CEO of her own company. Because she understood that her opportunity was there and she worked hard (just like any other successful person), she created her own success.

    Having opinions is great and being able to express them is a privilege. Some choose to express opinions on everything (including things they don't know about). Others, like myself, only have opinions on the things they understand. I understand that every company has disgruntled ex-employees. Keep in mind that this is why the aren't employed and will never reached high levels of success. I have never heard of someone having a bad relationship with a company they didn't even get hired for. Too me, this sounds like you just had a bad experience with a bad HR person. This is probably the reason she no longer is with the company. It's very unfortunate for you to have had that experience. But take it from someone who is employed with this company and is experiencing great happiness with being able to say that "I am a part of this", this company is great and I love going into work and being surrounded by others who are great at what they do and don't complain or give excuses.

    Hope you have luck in finding something that will make you happy.

    A Current Successful Person with this Company,


    PS-Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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      22nd of Dec, 2010
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    Thank you for saving my time. I had an interview for today and before confirming I decided to do some research. I'm not interested in being a sales women. I currently work for a corporate company with an air conditioned office my idea of moving up is not standing in the hot sun selling door to door.
    A thankful job hunter

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      12th of Jan, 2011
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    I have carefully read every bit of these comments posted here. First, I have had an experience working with this company for 2 weeks. I quit because I could not keep up with the idea of working and hoping on an only commissioned based job. Mind you, this was not the fault of the employer, because the terms and conditions were clearly laid out on the first day I was hired. However, I thought I would push through and make some good sales as quickly as possible. I will also mention that a young man was hired in my presence and two days later he had a good sale and some good pay as commission. So, this shows clearly that it depends on both the individual and the enabling environment/opportunity at the point in time.

    For one, the training program is very educative, such that will be beneficial to the individual whether or not they remain in the company. The working relationships between most members are to my assessment highly cordial. This company is big in sales and they teach their employees real aggressive marketing, (believe it or not) which is what is needed for today's competitive business atmosphere. Applying what you have learned from this company's outstanding marketing skill would no doubt catapult you to higher heights even outside the company. The two weeks experience I had with them has been rewarding (far more than the paycheck). I took notice of a man who joined the company for about three years almost getting to a managerial position. I also know a man who joined about four and half years quit immediately after I quit the company. So, it depends absolutely on you. I completely agree that it is not a job for everybody.

    It is clearly obvious that Katie, from the tune of her writing has had some bad experience with this company in the past (what ever that is). What seems not yet cleared however, (which was not attempted to be addressed)
    Misconception in the hiring position as opposed to the actual job function immediately after one is hired. There is a great and clear distinction between the position of Junior Account Manager and Marketing Rep or Sales Rep. Perhaps the company should rectify that part of their letter of offer.

    Finally, it is welcoming that the new management has apologized to Katie and declaring that they have no intention to be engaged or entangled in any battle or words. The next step is to reach out to her by whatever means to amicably discuss this issue which was originally escalated and mismanaged by Amanda.

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      31st of Mar, 2011
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    I am the poster of that original email exchange between "Kayti" and "Amanda" from HR. When I first started receiving these emails from her I immediately did what I could to handle this with someone above her head instead of going to the internet. I called, left voice messages for and emailed the higher ups of that company that I found on that website. Their names are Tim and Kevin. I tried repeatedly to let them know my awful experience I had with their company and the actions of a representative from there. They ignored me, but while I was looking up the information on that company I saw the "CEO" and "VP" of the company's names, pictures and back ground history on the website. Oddly enough I have a really good memory. Today, nearly 3 years later I get salesmen in my office. They were trying to sell me office supplies under the name "" and the gentleman that walked in selling door to door was none other than Kevin from Innocpet. I recognized him immediately and I told him I knew he was with innocept. He looked like he had seen a ghost and then replied "innocept? Uhh yea i think I know that company...yea i know those guys yea. How do you know about innocept?" and I replied "oh it's no big deal." and he immidately changed the subject. I know who that man was, and I know by talking to him, the relation to what he is doing now, and the look on his face that is who he was. Not to mention, I went back to innocept's website,, to look at the picture again on their website and that web page expired on 3/28/11 and is up for cancellation. So for those of you sticking up for this "reputable company" I find it odd that they went under, and not only is their CEO now back selling door to door again, he his unwilling to be associated with innocept Marketing. HMMM also seems "sketchy" to me.

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