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PITTSBURGH, PA, United States
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I have 2 different campaigns that I am trying to get done with from so many days. The 2 campaigns are - hourglass and monstermash. For hourglass campaign, I have already uploaded the selfie but it said it is under review before. Now it says my activity was rejected and when I get in the activity, it asks me to reconnect my instagram. Which basically means that its not the activity which is rejected but there is some technical difficulty to get to what I posted in instagram. I tried submitting the activity again but it just goes to the home page everytime i do it. (also, I am already connected to fb and instagram from influenster, so I dont know why it keeps asking me to reconnect).
Also, there is an activity to follow on social media. I am tired of pressing the follow button after very half hour! For some reason, I follow it everywhere and then when i get back to the activity, it says i still havent followed it!! Fortunately, when I unfollowed hourglass today morning, it detected that I have finished following all my social media and gave me points for it!

The other campaign: monstermash, has issues with invite friends activity! I have already invited friends from there but it says I havent!! I dont know how else to finish this campaign if it doesnt recognize my activities!!

If you try to use influenster on computer, it says you can do campaigns feature only from the app and not desktop! The app doesnt work properly! How am I supposed to do anything then?

Thank you

Oct 23, 2018

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