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Infinity Insurance / auto insurance

1 3700 Colonnade Parkway, Suite 600Birmingham, AL, United States
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My husband and I have been your customers for a long time and were really happy with your insurance and customer service. That is until recently. My husband passed away in September and I called to have him taken off the policy. I was told that he could not be taken off until I provided a death certificate. I had yet to receive the certificates so I was told I had to pay my monthly payment in full. I paid it and told them to make notes on my account and I would call back when I received the needed paperwork. A few weeks later I received paperwork in the mail from your company. To my surprise, it was a check for the last payment and a letter saying my policy had been canceled. When I called, the broker that I talked to told me that my husband had been the head name on the account and he could not be removed from the account and that I had to get a new policy under my name. When I asked him why I was not informed that my insurance would be canceled he told me he did not know. I proceeded to tell him that we had just paid the start up fee two months prior and that I did not want to pay it again. He told me that there was no way of getting out of it and no way to credit what I had already paid, back to me. I was not happy but I needed insurance and I was in the process of planning my husbands memorial so I had them start me a new policy. To my surprise the quote I received was only five dollars less then what I had been paying for me and my husband, and my husband had 2 accidents. I asked him why it was still so much. He told me that because my husband died I was no longer able to have my married discount and had to file single. You can imagine my frustration at the fact that I am not single but widowed and still very much married to my husband. He told me there was no widowed box. So because I had been satisfied with the service I had received in the past and out of necessity I went ahead and started my policy. I was told that I needed to make sure that I e-signed within the next couple of days. So I immediately got on my e-mail and tried to e-sign. It kept telling me that my birthday was incorrect. So the next day I called and was told it was a malfunction and they would send me another one. The other one did the same thing. I was told it happens to 1 in 1000 people. So it ended up that I had to be sent paperwork. Once I received the paperwork I immediately filled it out and mailed it back. Thinking everything was fine I didn't give it another thought. Today I received a paper from the DMV saying that my car registration was going to be suspended from lack of insurance. When I called your company at about 11:15 a.m. on 1-8-16, I talked to a woman that told me that my insurance had been canceled on the 9th of December, 2015. I never received any notification of this cancelation which I do believe is against the law. This whole time I believed I was insured. I asked this woman why I was canceled and she told me that I had missed a signature on page 5 on my pack of papers. I asked her why I was not informed of the cancelation and she got really nasty with me and just continued to repeat what she had said before about me missing the one signature. So tired of spinning in circles with this woman I asked to speak to a supervisor. I explained everything to him and he was very rude to me. I asked him why I wasn't informed of the cancelation and he told me that they are not a call service. I told him that I had sent all the paperwork in that I was supposed to and that the reason I had the paperwork was because of a malfunction that was not my fault. He very rudely told me that the paperwork is marked where I need to sign it and once the paperwork is processed if its not right then its not right and we can go ahead and cancel your policy if we want to. I don't appreciate the way I have been treated by your company at all!Everyone I have talked to from the beginning has been unhelpful and rude. I would like my case to be reviewed because I feel I should be entitled to a refund of some kind being as though I have paid your company many times only to be repeatedly canceled without my knowledge. I hope that in the future you will train your staff to better serve all of your customers and not just the ones they choose to be polite to, and I'm sorry to say you will no longer be receiving my business or my good reviews. I would also like to add I am going to research the legalities of not being informed of both cancelations. My name is : Cherise Hunt My policy # was : [protected] My phone # : [protected] My address : 10196 Camulos ave. Montclair, CA 91763 My desire for this complaint is a refund and better quality of customer service. Thank you

Jan 8, 2016

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