Indigono cust. service

We live in NJ, USA. We recently came back from India. I had booked a flight from Hyderabad - Bangalore for 7th August 8:40 am. We went to airport and were standing in the line as there is no individual line for this flight. By the time we approached the counter, the manager said it is too late to fly now. He saw our bags and freaked out! Indeed we were carrying 4 big bags for a family of 4. He said that the luggage can not be checked-in as there is not enough time. He suggested that we can fly solo without bags (?). Finally, we had asked him to move us to the evening flight. He refused and said that our tickets are non-transferable and he can not put us on another flight. We ended up loosing 4 tickets (15K rupees). This was a devastating experience for us.

I would not recommend this airline to anyone based on my personal experience as Indigo's business practices are not professional. The managers are very inefficient handling the passenger needs. The manager was unsympathetic even though we were flying with 2 children.

I wish I never knew about this airline. I finally flew that evening coughing up another 15K by the same airline.


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