IHouse Web Solutions / False advertising

We ordered a website through IHouse web solutions, . Their salesman told us it would auto update from our MLS and it would submit All our listings to several larger websites like,, ect. Well they did NOT tell me you can’t do both. And to have the listings auto updated on our website that it would cost about $20 to $30 more per month for that feature!

Now I asked them back in august to shut off the auto update, which they claim they did, but they kept charging me for it.

I have asked for a manager or supervisor to call me back 5 times now over the course of 3 months and have yet to receive a call back. The second to the last person I talked to, hung up on me when I asked to speak to a supervisor.

After talking to several employees in many departments it is apparent that there is a major lack of real communication at Ihouse web solutions and the salesman and a good portion of the staff, do not understand the products and how they interact together which has cost us a great deal of time and frustration and I’m sure it is costing others as well.

I finally received a call back form the Customer Service Supervisor. I explained that we signed up with them understanding that the website will auto update our listings and submit them to the larger network of websites. She told me yes that is true! But it’s not true you can only do one or the other. Then she also said that we didn’t need to spend the extra $20 - $30 extra per month that it came with our package. But their employee said back in June I needed it in order to have the website auto populate. We left it at closing the account and going to call our credit card company to try and get back some of the lose money.


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