On 03/08/16 @7:00PM my family and I went the IHOP in Brookhaven, MS after about 10 minutes there we finally had our order taken which was fine but after about 20 more minutes we still did not have our drinks. At this point I asked to speak to a manager and had a young lady come out that was not a manager and got our order taken again. We finally got our drinks about 10 minutes later. But after another hour we still did not have our food and every other table around us that had come in well after we were there had already gotten their food. I asked to speak to a manager again and no one could seem to find me a manager. None of the waiters claimed to know where she was. I really think something needs to be done. I understand that the young guy that waited on us was new and I have been a waitress before and it is not always the waiters fault but it was very poor management.

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