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So Dec 03, 2018 Smyrna, GA

I placed an to go order around 7:26AM and no was there around that time (no other customers); only people that have ordered and eating. After placing my order I left and went to the store. I came back around 7:40 stood there while my order sat on the counter until 8:05. A worker stated that someone will help me in a moment.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Smyrna, GA Then finally the worker came and said here is your order. Then I asked her (was my order sitting there all this time?) and she stated yes. You mean to tell me that my order was sitting there for 20 minutes while I had been standing there for 20 minutes and no one said a thing. Had I know that was my order I would have grab it 20 minutes ago. That is unbelievable and totally unacceptable.

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