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My IHop experience in Palm Coast, Florida. I took my 4-year-old son out to lunch at IHOP. We walked in and waited to be sat. The manager sat us. He asked what we would like to drink. I said unsweet tea and apple juice and also stated that we were ready to order. He said I will get your drinks and be right back. After he dropped off the drinks we waited another 10 minutes for a server to come over. The server took our order. I ordered sampler appetizer, fish and chips with soup for me. Grilled cheese, french fries, and applesauce for my son. I also order 1 confetti pancake just for fun. We waited 15 mins for my soup to come out. About 5 minutes after my soup came out my son's grilled cheese and fries came out. The server told me the other food would follow. After 10 minutes the sampler came out with my fish and chips. As the server dropped off the food she looked at me and said you didn't want any dipping sauces with your sampler did you? I replied, yes...I thought it came with marinara and ranch. She said oh I will be right back. After about 5 minutes she came back with the dipping sauces. I then I asked her to take off the one pancake that I ordered. She looked at me and said you didn't order one.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Palm Coast, FL I said once again asked to please make sure it was off of the bill. The manager walked by and he filled our empty drinks and said that he knew we were having a hard time and that he would take 20% off the bill. I said thank you and asked if he could please bring out my son's applesauce. He said it doesn't come with the kid's meal. I said I know, I am paying for that separately. He said he was comping the meal because everything just was wrong and that they were in the middle of shift change. The server came over one last time and asked if we needed a box. I said yes. After waiting roughly 10 mins she never came. My son carried a chicken finger in his hand out to the car. On my way out I asked both the manager and server who were standing together at the front counter didn't I ask for a to go box roughly 10 mins ago? They both looked at me blank. This store needs major help.
Also, the manager had a sit down with an employee in the booth right behind my son and I. That should not have taken place where the public could hear what is going on within the business. And I overheard the manager tell a customer that his drink was being compted because a customer should not have to refill their own drink.
Ask yourself, would you go back?

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