IHOP Restaurantsiced mocha and service

De Dec 05, 2018

I was served an iced mocha from IHOP in Springfield Ohio. A dark liquid had settled on the bottom of the glass while the rest of the drink looked like a mocha. After tasting it I realised I was served a spoiled milk drink. I am very unhappy that the correct action was not taken to prevent this event. I am concerned for public health. One cook was wearing winter hat. The rest of the people cooking had no hats on. Nor did I notice anyone wearing gloves. We waited 10 minutes to order food. Then our waitress sent someone else over to take our order because "she could not wait on us right now." I was told I would get I water to make up for my spoiled drink. I did not receive my drink for another 10mins. After a total of 20mins our substitute waitress said "We will have to wait a little longer for my toast and sausage link order because she hit the wrong button and ordered or food incorrectly." I have already contacted the health department. We will not go back to an ihop again. Poor service can be forgiven, things happen. However, serving customers spoiled milk products is a public health risk. Someone's job was neglected to be done.

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