IHOP / bad owners

4931 se 82nd ave, Portland, OR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 503-771-1582

I have been an employee for 4 years at this IHOP and this last january we had new owners come in and make a WHOLE LOT of changes that we all had to conform to or "take your apron off" and leave. It was already ran by ### managers, and the building is disgusting, the ceiling leaks, the carpet is old and dirty, their are rodents and bugs, ### equipment, old broken furniture, nasty and unsafe break area. They never give us our break when there are lawfully supposed to, they post the next weeks schedule only 24 hours before it begins leaving no time to plan. Alot of the back of house staff are derogatory and make sexual innuendos and get treated different sometimes better by management, I also never see them wash their hands and they always have extra unpaid for food on there plates.
Today for me was the last straw! They make us as servers greet and seat, make small talk, get beverages, take their order, enter it and get any condiments, then deliver food, check on them and run out whatever they need, clear their plates, take their nasty plates to the dish area, scrape them off into a small garbage can, and stack them by style onto the dish table and separate the silverware into each container. Then of course we have to wash our hands because stuff is sticky and germy and dirty then go right back to a busy section full of people with the same needs. Oh and drop the ticket and take their money, schmooz them, and then go see who needs help because we are a team. Meanwhile the managers, and hosts are standing around and the bus boys are looking for something to do because we did it all and at the end of the day we tip them 2.5% of our hard earned money. HOW IS IT FAIR FOR SERVERS TO HAVE SO MUCH PRESSURE but the company claims to be a TEAMPLAYERS!
The owners have cut back so much on everyone else and have put too much on a server who cant even make enough money to support her family. They are demanding and controlling and arent giving the valuable employees much room to breath. THIS IS A PANCAKE HOUSE, a family restaurant, not a 5 star elite restaurant.
YOU JUST LOST A GOOD EMPLOYEE and I'm calling the Health Department.

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