IHOP #675 (Portland, OR) / not good

4931 SE 82nd, Portland, OR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (503)771-1582

Had the displeasure of selecting this resturant. When we entered I WAS NOT busy @ all. We stood by the "wait 2 be seated sign" watching wait staff and the mgr on duty pass us several times, ignoring us. Finally an employee who was obviously on break, sat us. Now we wait again as we listen too our waiter (Terry H) complain about how he is so busy. We ordered and when our food came it was wrong. I complained, 4 all the good it did.
We finally left and the overall feeling we felt was...never before have we got this type of service from any IHOP. Seriously considering 2 never go 2 another IHOP.

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