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Idaho Child Support / Terrible experience

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From the early nineties to late nineties California took current and back payments from my husbands check and forwarded them to Idaho. In 1998 he received refund checks because he was all caught up on his back support. He moved to Washington State and started getting notices from Idaho saying he still owed back support to the tune of over 14 thousand!. It took Idaho a year and a half to do an audit. Cally only took three months. Idaho's excuse was my husbands case wasn't the only one like it! So, I am currently looking for other Idaho victims. The FBI is involved in this because money crossed state lines. I did an audit using Idaho and Cally's records. Cally's records match my husbands pay stubs but consistently Idaho records have 'short comings'. I added up those 'short comings' and magically it added up to what they claim he owes, gee what a surprise.

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  • Ra
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    Your story is just the same as my boyfriends. I would love any resources you can give me. Me walked in and gavre Idaho $17000.00 which is what they said he owed...the next month they seized his bank accounts, business accounts and DL. We have all the documents and like your none of the numbers add up, whats worse is every time he asked for a statement, no tweo were the same, even on the same dates the numbers are never the same. I am an accountant and still can't figure out how or where they get their MANY different figures. We have spoken to several lawyers and they all agree that he has a case, but none of them are willing to take it because they won't go up against the state. The one lawyer we did hire, resigned and now works for the Idaho department of Welfare CSS!!! We are more than willing to fight alongside you, but would GREATLY appriciate any resources that you have or any contacts that have been helpfull, I just don't know where to start this on my own. Like you his is accross state lines (WA and NV). If you could please help, or know anyone who can...I BEG you let us know. He is at the end of his rope, litterally and I don't want to see anyone else go through this. He has been fighting to get this straightened out for the past 7 years, and it just keeps wearing on him and I'm afraid of what might happen if we still can't get anyone to listen and take notice. It sounds like you have the attention of at least someone who is willing to look into your case, could they help us? I'll take and starting points you might have. Feele free to e-mail me and like I said, anything we can do to help you as well, let us know!! We need to hold Idaho accountable for their actions and the lives they are destroyting!!!

    Raunda Maloney

  • Sk
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    omg. there doing the same thing to me. im in ca. and she is in idaho. i pay my support every week yet she dont get payments sometimes for a month in a row. they have told her things like he quit or his company aint sending the money. my child support started in jan 08 when i still had my daughter yet by may when they started garnishing my checks i was in debt to them 14, 000. iv tried to make complaints about them but there is nowhere to do that. they dont give you that option. ya know i pay child support not idaho support. i actually ow 5000 in back support, 4000 for hospitol bills when the second child was born and 3000 for welfar that my ex fradulently collect for a year when i had my child in ca with me. now i talked to idaho child support last year and they said they could only take my tax refund for the actual past due support of 5000. they cant touch it for they money owed to the state(which shouldnt be owed considering me and the x were on medicade when the child was born so for them to charge me a year later cause i make good money now is wrong and why im paying her fraud is beyond me, she should be i jail) my refund this year was 4000. well the state took it and didnt give my x a penny of that money. something has to be done about these people but i dont know how to fight this state. any ideas email me at

  • Bo
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    My experience with Idaho child support. In 1999 I wrote a formal request for a modification 2 years and three months later I received a response. The modification was terminated because they could not find the other parent. Child support services would not review the account for three years if the modification was terminated. From 1999 to 2001 I was sending child support services and c.s.s. was sending these payments to my ex but c.s.s. could not locate my ex. Nice way to lock me into my current child support for three years. One week later my monthly invoice reflected a 10, 615.oo credit. My thoughts were c.s.s. reviewed my income history and adjusted my account accordingly. 06-2002 my father past away and left me and my children his estate. The end of 2002 I became unemployed for a short time and c.s.s. suspended my drivers license 02-2003 I asked c.s.s. for a modification and c.s.s. said they would not modify my account because I was behind on my child support. 03-2003 I contacted c.s.s. and requested my account balance. I was given the balance of approx. 17, 000.00. My ex lived in Washington for a short period of time so there was a debt owed to Wa. Idaho c.s.s. assured me the 17, 000.00 included Wa. I took a loan out on the house we recieved from my fathers estate of 17, 000.00. Then I went to Idaho c.s.s. and paid my child support arrears. I also took a invoice from Wa. showing the debt owed. Idaho c.s.s. signed the invoice and told me they had to audit my account to see if Wa. had been satisfied, If Wa. had already been satisfied Id. c.s.s. would have to refund me 7, 000.00. If Wa. had not been satisfied I would not get a refund. Two days later Idaho c.s.s. sent the 17, 000.00 to my ex without auditing my account. One month later Wa. c.s.s. seized my checking accounts because Idaho c.s.s. did not satisfy Wa. On 05-2003 Id c.s.s. modified my account to hide the 10, 615.00 credit because with the credit I overpaid 762.00. this also included Wa. We have sence lost my fathers estate along with everything else. Now my son and I live in the back of a truck. 05-2003 I was able to hire a attorney and he represented me for a period of time until H&W offer him a job and he accepted therfor there was a conflict of interest. Idaho c.s.s. suspended my C.D.L drivers license several years ago and flat refused to give it back. sence 2003 I have recieved 9 official financial analysis from Idaho c.s.s. all reflecting different ending balances. I also recieved a official financial analysis from Wa. that analysis is the only one that reflects the 10, 615.00 credit and the modification on 05-2003 to hide the 10, 615.00. 3 months ago I went to H&W AND APPLIED FOR FOOD STAMPS. NOW H&W HAS GIVEN ME MY DRIVERS LISENCE BACK. So I can actively look for work. Idaho c.s.s. committed fraud on my account and and has caused irreversible devastation to my children's well being. They also took my ability to support my children. Idaho c.s.s. cannot replace or repair the devastation they have caused EVER!!! Idaho c.s.s. takes a parents drivers license when they get behind on there child support ( strips the parents ability to support there children ) If they have to feed the family then they understand the importance of a drivers licence and are willing to give it back. Idaho Health & Welfare has to be stopped. 2 days ago I met with the chairman of the Health & Welfare committee in Idaho and I knew more about c.s.s. than she did. Imagine that!!!

  • Ch
      1st of May, 2010
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    I just ran my credit report yesterday. I live in California and my x lives in Twin Falls Idaho. I pay child support to her through the Santa Clara Child Support Services. For some reason my credit report states that I am in arrears for $6769 through the Idaho State Child Support Services. How is this possible why am I being doubled dipped. I need to renew my passport and they wont let me if it shows you owe back child support!

  • Bc
      4th of May, 2010
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    Is anyone noticing a pattern? It has nothing to do with living in California and living in Idaho. It simply has to do with the fact that you are male. My husband is going through the same exact thing. Idaho is discriminatory. They will bend over backwards for the female. Idaho is still trying to collect child support from my husband and we have had custody for over 14 months. The ex is 14 months delinquent and all they tell is is that their hands are tied. HA HA!

  • Pi
      5th of May, 2010
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    I was pretty much told by idaho cs to get on food stamps so that we could afford the child support payment my husband owes to his ex. We have his two girls 50/50 and we are responsible to pay child support and 79% of medical bills. We also have 4 other children in our home. My husbands ex goes on vacations, has 3 properties, a chest job, and so on...Idaho Child support wants us to get on assistance to provide for our family??? If anyone was any kind of legal advice for low income families please post it! Something needs to change! I am tired of pinching pennies to make it while they dont have to worry about making ends meet!

  • Sh
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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    I am a woman who is having equally as horrendous problems with the Idaho CSS. I don't have time to list all of the egregious errors and misrepresentations that have been made to me about the support that I was supposed to be getting. I have all of the documentation from Montana that shows the payments as they were made to my account. Idaho has been completely unable to balance the audit...although they have attempted. This is not specifically about whether you are a man or a woman. They are just COMPLETELY screwed up. I have contacted the AG Office and several attorneys. Sounds like it's class action suit time.

  • Am
      30th of Jan, 2012
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    i'm getting ready to sue idaho child support for a number of things...wanna join me??
    amy jo 509-475-4374

  • Am
      30th of Jan, 2012
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  • Db
      14th of Feb, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Wow I feel your pain guys, my husband is going through crap with Idaho Child Support too. His ex wife died and the kids were adopted by her parents, Idaho is still saying he owes $10, 000 and it's still stacking up... Then his other ex has custody of all the kids and one of them she gave to her parents to take care of for awhile along with I think a temporary parental power of attorney and they are saying that he owes her mom who had the kid years ago for only a year over $2, 000. But most of all Idaho says he owes close to $28, 000 to his second ex that I mentioned. 2 of those kids from that marriage are already 18 and older and there is one kid left and she is 11... They just suspended his license today and we are fed up with Idaho giving into his ex (with the one kid left) everything and trapping him and saying that he never pays. We need to do something about Idaho because they are destroying lives.. Please email me if we can do something about it.

  • Id
      15th of Mar, 2012
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    same story, checks are garnished by Utah ORS, $2000 'disappeared' between utah and idaho... mother witholds custody, got a letter today saying their going to take any/everything i've got... our house loan fell through after the sellers accepted the bid due to Idaho placing leans on everything.

  • In
      27th of Mar, 2012
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    Idaho is by far the worst state for their laws governing support. If you are male forget it. I have been on both the receiving and paying end with Idaho. My ex was free to not pay while my poor husband every time we turn around is dealing with modification issues and wage garnishment based on an unsigned court order. The system is allowed to be used as harassment, stalking bludgeoning tool for bitter people. We had to move to Alaska for work and Idaho neither cares about the other children in this situation nor the cost of living. They are free to count his overtime because he works for extended periods in the bush. We are starting to think maybe a job at McDonald's would be the answer because the more he makes the more they take. We have paid on time for 10 yrs. and we pay an amount that is fair for raising a child in Idaho. They never enter a wage in for her on the modification papers so we are 86% responsible for her financial raising. How can you be more than 50% responsible for a child that is half yours. We do not deny we should pay to raise this child but Idaho's slogan should be "We are all about the money" They allow her to not work and let us pay for her 4th new car and trips while we eat top ramen. Wish I knew who or where to start to change these ridiculous laws that have no cap on an amount you can collect. It ceases to be child support and becomes spousal support when the amounts are high.

  • Pa
      20th of Jul, 2012
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    To everyone on this board, please submit your formal complaints to the Idaho ACLU. I have begun working with them to get the Idaho Child Support Statutes revamped, but their response to me was that there didn't appear to be enough complaints and/or interest on the subject. I told them that if that was all that was holding them back that I could probably have 100, 000 complaints filed within a week if I could get the message out. This is one such attempt.

  • An
      25th of Mar, 2013
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    My God My son is going thru all of this, we live in Boise his Ex in Idaho Falls, and she filed up there, so therefore they did everything up there and said my son made 3800 a month therefore you owe 600 a month for child support. He has never in his life made 29 bucks an hour, and the judge and her lawyer said he did, therefore in went through and now he is 15, 000 in arears and has lost everything including visitation to his son my grandson, his truck, his wages are being garnished, he has filed 3 modications which the judge up there denied. My son is about to have a nervous break down. and this mother is so dam mad, how someone can do this to another person, and not even care I don't get it.. Idaho Sucks... and I have lived here for 30 plus years, I had faith at one time in our judical system, that they would be fair and honest and do what's in the best interest of the child as well. How can it be right to keep a father and his family from a child we all love, believe a women who has lied about income and keeps him away from us all. This is killing us, and we have went to everyone we can find to help us, even health & welfare to ask for help in searching for our grandson, and they said sorry we don't have any known address for her.. but no problem taking all his money. so upset in Idaho... no help for my Son, we are all broke trying to find someone that gives a dam...

  • Co
      6th of Aug, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Yea...Idaho has really taken me for a ride! Washington has been enforcing my case since 2001 and since then Idaho has been taking payments from me! I am on disibility and will need a heart transplant and cannot afford to have that happen! My wife and I got a payment history from Idaho for my child support case and they have taken over $8000 from me that they shouldn't have! We are just gettting the ball rolling so we will see what happens! Stay tuned for more!

  • Ma
      31st of Oct, 2013
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    my x husband lives in Idaho fall and I live in Puerto rico. I have the kids and he doesn't send anything for them. he is currently in arrears over 44, 000 and is avoiding all child support calls and wont accept their mail. I have been attempting to hold him in contempt of court, I thought once the debt got so high they would place an arrest warrant for him. but to this day nothing has happened. Ive been doing everything I can to provide for our children but it hasn't been easy due to his lack of cooperation. He pays rent, pays the vehicle for his wife, and takes good care of his pets but doesn't send a cent to his children. I desperately need my case enforced, but Idaho child support is not doing their part. they know where he is, just don't care to take higher actions against the non custodial parent. the debt keeps adding up every month he doesn't pay yet he is living the good life in Idaho. I have a lawyer but he is still waiting for some sort of reply as to why proper actions haven't been taken but im starting to see that Idaho is not going to cooperate on that note either. if someone could please lead me in the right direction to achieve collecting child support from James Moynihan in Idaho please e-mail me. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sh
      25th of Apr, 2014
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    Here is another similar story...although not to the penny yet. A man paying child support moved to Washington from Idaho. He was current..three years went by and he moved back to Idaho and the state didn't recognize any of the payments made in Washington the state of Idaho had his drivers licences was revoked. Still fighting it. If you would like to contact him that would wonderful. Joshua Mantz 208-301-1959.

  • Ca
      18th of May, 2014
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    My experience is on the flip side of most of ex owes me $24, 000. One $50 payment in 15 years. He has lived with the same woman for 12 years, and Washington state PAID HIM to watch her kids. They've had warrants for his arrest but Washington won't actively look for him, even though I have his address. They've caught him once and drug him into court, the result was my one $50 payment. Now my kids are grown, although they are still "enforcing" the back child support. I lived in Idaho (until recently; I moved to Washington), he lives in Washington. Although I have to say he's been consistent--total deadbeat. Not even a birthday card in all those years. And yes, I keep in touch with his parents, so he could have seen his kids or got my address anytime. He quit calling them because they repeatedly gave me HIS address (which I gave to CSS). He's on the Washington State CSS Most Wanted website, BTW, so if you know where he is, give them a call! His name is Spencer Lloyd Ess! Any payment would be appreciated, and the money would very likely go to stuff for his GRANDKIDS.

  • Th
      29th of Jul, 2014
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    My experience with Idaho health and welfare is absurd. Back in 2009 I got behind on payments due to unemployment. I worked out a payment arrangement with Health and welfare. They were already threatening to suspend my CDL. I had an arrangement with them to pay by September 12 2009. I paid over the amount of 276 at 876 dollars. I paid online with my debit card and held a receipt in my hand, called the state child support and Idaho department of transportation. They said i would be fine, and i faxed them the information of my payment. Two days later a cop pulled me over saying my license was suspended. I ended up with an SR-22, Paying reinstatement fees, and the fee to get my truck out of impound.
    Fast forward to 2012. I relinquished my Rights to my son, (it was not easy) due to legal reasons of my Felony. Two weeks later I get a call saying I may be a father of another child. To a woman I have always disliked. So the parents got arrested for child endangerment, and some other charges. They said they were looking for an adoptive father for the child to go to. I never heard anything after the paternity test. She does not want anything from me as her life is the way she wants it, and mine is on a slippery slide with parole. Being a felon I have been out of work for almost a year, they hit me with 330 a month in child support, plus medical insurance. Once again i got a bill for back child support a month ago saying i owed 2500 dollars. I just had gotten a new job and told them it would be at least two to three weeks to pay them. My Cdl was suspended while i was in Portland on a short haul. I do not get it, I tried to work with them and it seems they want to screw me as much as possible. So i am sending them a bill for the work lost, and my reinstatement fees. I cant work if I cannot get there. I hate Idaho and the corrupt courts we have.

  • Db
      31st of Aug, 2014
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    My story is some what different, I receive child support in Idaho. When i left my ex in 2005 idaho child support came up with the amount 507.00 for 2 kids. When we appeared in court the judge changed amount to 458.00 however the amount I received never changed from the 507.00 in 2008 idaho child support told me that they supersede a court order (cuz I questioned the amount difference) in 2013 I had a modification done. Next thing I know i'm being told that I owe 4k back to child support because my ex had paid to much. Now they won't even give me the full monthly amount that's ordered. They wont provide me with any kind of documentation, they kept the money my ex paid for back child support, they are going to take my taxes and that's just my case. My husband and I took custody of his 2 girls (for 6 yrs) in 2007, for the 1st year they continued to take child support from him. his ex never paid her court o

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