IBC BankPoor customer service


IBC took over my bank and from that day on customer service has gone done hill. IBC seems more concern with generating fees than customer service.

Here are just a few of my experience with them.

My wife several times has cashed a check through the drive through window and the amount she wrote the check for sent the account into an over-daft situation. Instead of telling her she was going to overdraft the account they cashed the check and charged a $29 NSF fee. I finally noticed what was happening after they did this three times and went in to discuss this with a bank officer. I was told their official line in that she should keep better track of her balance. When I mentioned that good customer service would have been for the teller to notifier her the balance would not be sufficient, the officer responded it is the customer's responsibility to keep track of their balance. So much for customer service.

Recently I opened a new personal account as a dba. The account wasn't added to my on-line access and I went in a week later and said I needed full on-line access with my other checking accounts since I often transfer between the accounts. Well last Wednesday I went on line to transfer funds to the new account. I could see the account balance but the on-line system would not let me transfer funds to it. The next morning I tried again and saw a check in the pending transaction was going to clear and cause an overdraft. I called on-line banking department at 8:45 and the system was still on night mode. The office is supposed to open at 8:30 am and I left a message for someone to call me back. I figured the check would clear because of the overdraft protection. Checked the account today and they returned the check and charged a NSF fee. I went in today at lunch and spoke an officer why the check was returned and why I wasn't able to transfer funds. Regarding the return they considered the account to be new and that my being a customer for 3 years doesn't have anything to do when overdraft protection kicks in. Asked why I couldn't transfer funds to the account and was told there was a form that needed filling out. I mentioned I was there two weeks ago fixing the on-line service that wasn't working and it should have been done then. Did the refund the NSF fee? No. I expressed I felt my ability to timely transfer funds to the account in question was due to an over-site on their part and the NSF fee should be refunded. Was told they don't refund NSF fees.

The mentality of the bank is very penny pinching. When I opened the dba account the lady that was doing it apologized that she did not have a folder to put the paper work in. She said they stopped providing folders for that purpose.

I have also noticed that quite often when I cash a check the money comes back lose and not in a little bank envelope.

I started a month ago transferring my business to Arvest. I guess I need to step of the process. It is harder to change banks now with so much going through as a direct draft.

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