iBASEt India Software Pvt. Ltd. / the brothel can never ever be a great place to work

1 Sola Rd, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059, India, India
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Director Viresh shah is an arrogant person, don't have enough knowledge on any technology. But behaves like he is the master mind (with his foolish ideas and showoff). His main hobby is to watch porn sites during the office time. One day he forget to clear the history and opened recent closed tab (that he was watching porn during the office time) in front of the lady employees. They were intended to complaint but they know that they will be targeted, because he is one of the management member. It is Not a good place for ladies (still prefer stay away from Director). He don't know the meaning of "shame" that's why he still holds such a great position.

These space would be less to explain about this Brothel - It had been a worst nightmare - Just deny the offer you would do a favor to urself. He comes drunk to office and HR and Admin is ok with it - He ask you to do personal favors ask to sleep with him. I would have dragged to court to the entire management team if Indian court would had ethics in place. NEVER and ever join this company if you don't want to get in depression.

The most ridiculous is that He is presenting this place as GREAT PLACE TO WORK. Get a LOCK ready you might need it any time now to shut the brothel down.

Jan 30, 2019

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