iBASEt India Software Pvt Ltd.ibaset india software private limited — mental harassment, threat to life and family and character assassination

Even after all complaints, Viresh Shah/Director of iBASEt India Software Pvt. Ltd. have not changed. The Director is as arrogant as ever and continues insulting, abusing and threatening his employees as if he is untouchable. Keeps telling everyone " Main sabka baap hun". Calls his employees "Bhenchod" "Madarchod" "Chutiye" "Gandu" without care (even to females), creates fights among employees by instructing the senior employees to harass the junior employees and some senior employees follow his instructions and fight with their juniors.

He keeps threatening employees that he will follow them to their grave and make sure they are not employed anywhere if they quit his organisation. Recently he has started taking signature of employees on a bond and taken signed blank cheque from them in case they quit. This is illegal in India but he doesn't care. He got a TDS notice for 3 years by the Income tax Department asking him details if he has paid last 3 years tax.

He "trains" his Admin, HR and Account Department to take bribe from Vendor . He teaches them to lie and attract Vendors by offering Business if they give him commission. Recently Director got advance from a company worth crores. Actually he used that money to pay off his old loans.He Know that he cannot deliver anything in future Thats why He is planning to wrap up this company and start a new company soon in Pune with a new name to cover his blunders.

He has a habit of threatening his employees that he will hold their salaries and that he will humiliate and throw them out in front of everyone. He himself has so many police complaints against him for molestation of female employees, yet he keeps a close eye on personal lives of his employees as to which male employee is close to which female employee and himself likes to create controversy and shout at the employees concerned about it. I think in his mind he in the pre-British era and not yet matured to the modern times. He is 45 years old yet likes to tell everyone he is in his 30s. No lady is ready to talk with him because of his daily binge drinking and violent behavior. He has a very big paunch and looks extremely ugly with his wrinkled face and stupid hair with french beard style. yet he thinks of himself as very handsome and very muscular.

I hope he is taken to task someday and someone takes proper action and he gets the just rewards for playing with so many employees' lives and careers so far.

Dec 12, 2018

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