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Hydranics Driveline Service Inc - Plano, IL / Scammed me out of $460.22!

1 United States

Hydranics Driveline Service Inc.
1947 W. Route 34
Plano IL 60545


I purchased a 1996 Honda Civic last year. I had an air conditioning belt replaced on the car in June 2007. The Shop owner at Hydranics wanted to check the rest of the vehicle for any other potential problems. They told me that upon inspection, the timing belt "was shot" and needed to be replaced as soon as possible. When they called to tell me the car was done, they expressed again that the timing belt was worn out and should be replaced immediately or I could blow the engine. Because they stated so emphatically that I was at high risk, I gave them the authorization to replace the belt. A week later I found old service records indicating that the belt had been replaced in September 2006 by Honda of Lisle. The Service Dept. at Honda told me that it would be impossible for the belt to have been worn out, as the belts are good for 100,000 miles. When questioning the owner of Hydranics Driveline, they became very defensive, retracted their original statements to me, and basically lied to my face about our conversation. They denied telling me that the belt "was shot". They said they strictly go by the mileage on the vehicle. Since I told them at the time of service that I had no records or remembrance of the last time the timing belt was replaced, they felt safe to insist that my belt was worn out. They are now attempting to say that they strictly went upon the mileage on the vehicle, not the worn belt. This is an absolute lie concerning our conversations. I feel that I was deliberately scammed because they felt I had no service records to prove otherwise. Now that I was able to produce the records, they have become extremely defensive. And, of course, they threw out the old belt which would have proved that they deliberately scammed me. At no time did they state that the reason they wanted to change the belt was due to mileage on the vehicle. During our conversations, the condition of the belt was the issue, never the mileage.

Therefore, they scammed me out of $460.22 for unnecessary repairs using scare tactics.

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