hvacpartsoutlet.combad business scam - beware - redneck hates canada too!

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They will lie to you to get your money!!!

I just needed to buy a couple of honeywell thermostats.

Claim on website

We accept pay pal, visa, mastercard, and discover payment options.
You can use the shipping calculator located on this page to determine the
Cost for shipping your order.

Our systems have upgraded and tie directly into the usps, ups etc..
Usps does not allow us to define their shipping methods.
Usps priority is 2 plus days from time of shipment
Usps express is overnight from time of shipment

Shipment was 30 days late, poor, non existant... customer service, rude, currently fileing a visa fraud investigation report.
They took me for almost 400 bucks, for 2 honeywell thermostats... still trying to get my money back from visa.

Typical response.

— original message —
From: earl hvac parts [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: december-09-08 8:36 pm
To: 'derek'
Subject: re: when you were offline (via liveperson)

See the package was shipped from our warehouse and returned to it!!!
Stop being a jerk.
Now that it has been returned we will confirm and issue you a full refund.
Regardless of what happened you have acted so poorly that I do not want you
As a customer. not even an apology from you. just rude unprofessional
Remarks and you hold yourself to such high standards and past judgment.
Now in regards to your profession, why can't you purchase these items
Locally? are you properly licensed? we are hvac contractors and operate
This site as an extension and we are licensed to install these items for
Customers. you???

Fyi it will take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to post to your method
Of payment. so if it takes a while call your credit card company.

As for running a scam, why would we give you a tracking number? you are not
Very bright and just some low life acting as such.

I thought the tracking number did not work.
Do you need lessons on internet submissions?

Eehhh... and because of this particular problem we have ceased all orders to
Canada. too much effort for so little. so hold your head high as your
Fellow canadians have replied in mass about our recent decision. maybe i'll
Send them your emails to attest and confirm our business decision.

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  • Sh
      Jul 15, 2011

    If you thought the customer was unproffesional, your response was even more so. Calling the customer names and insulting the customer, no matter how wrong you think the customer is, is very poor service. Why wouldn't you choose the high road? It really validates the customers complaint. I was going to buy from you, but this reply speaks volumes.

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  • Me
      Sep 02, 2011

    In my opinion, this company is a Joke and the owner is a bigger joke. Customer service sucks.

    I ordered a specific part online and they ended up shipping a much cheaper version. When I called about this they said these parts change all the time and they say this in their agreement policy. This is what their agreement policy says.

    The images displayed are for reference only. Subtle design changes and part changes due occur frequently and it is not a guarantee an up to date image is available at the time of purchase. Purchases should not occur based upon an image only. Part numbers are the only way to ensure the item purchased is correct.”

    I bought the item based on the part number. What they shipped was wrong. Instead of admitting to what they’re doing to people, I was instead call a “Dick” and many other names by the owner. They have threatened to take me to small claims court for starting a claim with PayPal against the transaction. I am now receiving harassing phone calls from the owner on my company line even after numerous request to stop call me.

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  • Ju
      Jan 08, 2015

    Oh my reading these reviews, well Earl did you really write and say these things about customers? If not sorry to hear people are bashing you but if you did, shame on you. I was considering ordering from blank but after reading this post you may like to clean up the rumors or tell the truth.

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