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Hutch / Wrong billing for prepaid connections!

1 India Review updated:

I came across the complaint of Mr. Sivakumar Nachimuthu of SRF, CIFE, Mumbai 400061 regarding wrong billing on his prepaid mobile connection of HUTCH. In his case, HUTCH had alleged that there must be something wrong with the handset. But in my case, HUTCH said that it is not possible to investigate complaints of excess billing in case of prepaid connection, meaning thereby that the consumer of a prepaid connection has no remedy against wrong billing and he has to suffer even in case of the system failure on the part of the service provider like HUTCH.

I am a subscriber of HUTCH in respect of a prepaid mobile connection. For two days, i.e. 20th and 21st April 2006, I found that I was billed at twice the rate. I talked to Mr. Butt Avais of HUTCH on 22226 about the same but he was unable to sort out the problem. He informed me that sitting at the service center, he would not be able to verify the details but anyone at the Hutch Gallery would be able to do so. I sent an SMS to 6790 recording the above but there was no response except for the standard reply SMS stating 'We appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

I normally check my balance every morning and on 21st morning, I found that the amount debited for the previous day was rather on the higher side. I then made a call to a local number and again checked the balance after the call and came to know that I had been billed at twice the rate. I noted down the details of the local call as well as the time at which the same was made. It lasted for 53 seconds but my account was debited for Rs.3.98 instead of Rs.1.99. I furnished the details to HUTCH by e-mails dated 25-4-06 and 29-4-06.

On 29th at about 10:00 hrs Mr. Ashish from HUTCH called me and stated that since I am subscriber of a prepaid mobile, it was not possible to verify my calling details, meaning thereby that my complaint could not be looked into. This was contrary to what your Mr.Butt Avais informed me on 21st.

Thereafter, I had sent three e-mails to various officers of the HUTCH. The final reply, which I got, was that it was not possible for the HUTCH to verify excess billing complaints of prepaid subscribers.

If there is a system failure on the part of the HUTCH even for five minutes, during which the prepaid subscribers are charged at double the rate, the HUTCH must me wrongfully earning lacs of Rupees. It is not believable that the calling details of a prepaid subscriber are not accessible in the system of the HUTCH. I am now planning to approach Consumers Disputes Redressal Forum through a consumer organization. Other affected subscribers can also do so.

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  • Ve
      28th of Sep, 2006
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    Hutch - False promises and deliberate lies!

    I am a retired army officer and have been a hutch customer for mobile services in tel noo is 98114902662. This account has been with me for about five months now. It is seen that hutch prepaid services manage to short change the customer as a routine. One might feel' what, an e mail complaint for just / a few rupees ! My god'. Sir that is not true--these instances happen day in and day out and by now hutch has duped me for quite a neat amount. Multiply that duping with the huge hutch clientele and the sum would boggle your mind for hours. In india that could easily translate into say a half a million rupees for a one minute short-change. This practice has been going on for quite a few months and whenever i lodge a complaint, which they in any case are so reluctant to register- they say some one will revert back and take care. But that never happens for eg my complaint dated 18th july is yet to be redressed though assurances were so easily dished out yesterday (july 18th 2006). Next they have so few operators that for a call to get thro to operator you have to wait 10/ 15 minutes. At nights this time can stretch up to even 30 minutes and by then hutch has managed to wear out most customers and often we just hang up expecting a brighter sun the next morning. Alas that never happens.

    I am so disgusted that today i decided ---after months of procrastinations--- to finally go thro' the caboodle and get set. I wonder if even this letter will awaken the sleeping giant who couldn't- care- less and yet who however startles awake the moment you wish to charge your no or any other process that means hard cash to the hutch inc!

    Ditto in r/o messages. All in all a money making machine that swindles customers on false promises, baseless assertions and deliberate lies. I do not know if even now i 'll get redressal or no---indeed i do have aplethora of xcomplaints, all on genuine grounds but let' s hope there is a start somewhere. I do wish to complaint to the trai--a govty body for this duping in india- but guess will have to drive down for this all the 20 kms up stream. Hope things wouldn't' drive me there.

  • Ra
      17th of Nov, 2006
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    Hutch - Billing conspiracy of hutch exposed!

    A copy of email to:

    Shri Ashim Ghosh
    Head Asia – Pacific
    Hutchison Essar Limited
    Hutch House
    Peninsula Corporate Park
    Ganpatrao Kadam Marg
    Lower Parel
    Mumbai 400 013
    Board no.: (022) 66645000, Fax no.: (022) 66661222 or 66661200

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Dear Mr. Ghosh,

    Before initiating this letter I am feeling ashamed of myself that I am associated with HUTCH although in the capacity of a subscriber only but I am not sure whether you would also feel the same way after getting through with it.

    It is now an open secret now that HUTCH has been adopting all unfair means in order to swell the small bills. And the irony is that it portrays itself as the most fair Mobile Service of the country.
    It has been mentioned by me on many occasion before on many forums right from You to your Help Desk, News Papers’ Grievance columns to Consumer forum etc but without avail because today I am told that your are fully aware of the Dirty Game being played by HUTCH.
    Just to brush up your memory let me tell you again that I am holding two connections of HUTCH; 9811978783 & 9811938783 for the last three years. Since I do not use both the connections much, my bills never exceed Rs. 100/- per month. However perhaps HUTCH Delhi doesn’t like to maintain small customers and has adopted a ‘Novel Way’ to increase such bills by levying FAKE SMS charges which are never sent.
    During last three years I have paid for at least 50 FAKE SMSs on a mysterious number 12311 which I am not even aware of. On enquiring it was leant that this number pertains to subscribing to ‘Caller Tunes’ which I have never subscribed to and same can be verified from HUTCH’s records and my Bills as well. It is not only a matter of couple of bucks only but it’s a matter of getting duped. And that too by the second biggest Business House of the trade.

    But, the worst side of the story is that whenever HUTCH Delhi is complained about the same, it gets away with a casual reply that there is nothing wrong at their end and the SMSs have actually been generated from my handsets only and hence the charges cannot be reversed. To name some people who are sending such replies are one Mr. Virender Singh, Ms. Ritu Kaushal and Ms. Shefali Arora.

    I am absolutely baffled by their reply that how can they be so callous for such a sensitive issue. I am holding a responsible position in GOI and would never indulge in such cheap practices to save some bucks but the attitude of HUTCH Delhi is getting more and more tyrannical with every passing day. Today it is a number as innocuous as 12311 tomorrow it may be some other number which may land me in trouble if HUTCH continues to show FAKE numbers on my bills.

    However, what I came to know from one of your HUTCH Shop assistants only sent me out of my mind. He, on the promise of keeping his identity not be disclosed told me something which is although extremely hard to believe but is unfortunately true to the last bit. He told me that whatever is happening is being done on the directions of Top-Brass to increase the bills. The way and strategy divulged by him too was fully convincing and I have no other option but to believe him. According to him there are more than 16,00,000 HUTCH subscribers in the country. If on an average a bill is increased by Rs. 20/- only the collection would be of Rs. 3,20,00,000/-. Out of 16,00,000 consumers even if 2000 customers spend their time and energy on an as petty sum as Rs. 20/- the refunded amount would be only Rs. 40,000/-, i.e. a sheer gain of Rs. 2,80,00,000/-. Which is coming as a charity to HUTCH. And representatives of HUTCH have clear instructions never to accept any lapse from their end in writing but if te things start going out of hands they may in the case of some difficult people may reverse the charges without elaborating the reason.

    Ever since I have come across these revelation I have been cursing myself as why the hell I chose HUTCH and not any other damn company. In my dictionary these practices are clled ‘Day-Light Robbery By White Collared People’

    Needless to mention that had I not deposited two-year rental in advance I would have snapped all ties with HUTCH at the very first instance when I was duped. But, in spite of all your wrong-doings you are having the last laugh because I have turned from a subscriber to captive of HUTCH.

    Best Regards

    Yours Sincerely,


    *************** Next Bill After The Above Letter ***************


    31, Maitri Apartments
    A-3, Paschim Vihar
    New Delhi 110 063


    Shri Ashim Ghosh
    Head Asia – Pacific
    Mumbai 400 013

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Dear Mr. Ghosh,

    Kindly refer to my letter dated October 16, 2006 wherein I had told you your own story regarding the fraudulent practices of HUTCH (copy enclosed).

    However, I must honor HUTCH by crowning it as the ‘MOST INCORRIGIBLE & GREEDY ORGANIATION’ of the country because in spite of getting exposed by own people HUTCH has yet again played the same con-game of charging for same FAKE Numbers 12311 thrice in the latest bill.

    Mr. Ghosh if HUTCH wants to strike out my name from its subscriber list why does it not come out with it openly without adopting wicked means which in the longer run is going to harm only your reputation.

    And if it is really so I would therefore be thankful to you if you settle my account for both the numbers once and for all after returning my balance because I do not have any more time to waste on malicious game being played by HUTCH with me.

    Best Regards

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Dr
      21st of Nov, 2006
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    I have taken one Hutch post paid connection on 15.10.2006, 299 plan.

    Today i am at Delhi and I want national roaming.

    But there is no signal for this hutch connection.

    i spoken to Hutch Care centre (9886098860) but they are saying to deposit Rs. 1000 first then it will be activated.

    At the time of connection taken I specially asked that I required this connection for roaming that time Hutch people had not informed about any deposit.

    I am not able to make this deposit but i want it to activate currently.

    What i can do for it.

    My Hutch No. is 998sss

    Dr. Pradeep

  • Su
      13th of Dec, 2006
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    I am a user of hutch for the past 3 years . I also do the payments regularly. Normally my bill amount comes up to Rs 1200 but this time i was charged Rs1120 extra saying that these are hungama downloads i told the customer care that it is not even remotely possible that i will do a download of Rs 1120 but they fail to agree i have enough proof that i haven't done the downloads but all my attempts to tell them has gone in vain. Since I am a very old hutch user i cant change my no. but i also do not wish to do the payment as i know i haven't done anything wrong and on top of that the call center has also been very rude so if anyone can help please i will be very happy as i do not wish to discontinue this no.

  • Ar
      18th of Dec, 2006
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    Hutch - Hutch is cheating the customers

    This is Arun working for one of the MNC Bnagalore and this complaint is regarding my charges which they charged without my knowledge. Regarding this I called the customer care number several times and they are trying to disconnect my call without answering.

    Every time when i am calling back they telling sorry for the inconvenience but never replied any proper answers why it was charged and also it will be disconnected automatically.

    Is this the service Hutch provides to the the consumers? I am very peeved with this kind of treatment and will file a complaint with Consumer Form if hutch don’t take any action. Who is going to pay for the loss & inconvenience which I have incurred because of you?

    Every time they used to gave me different reasons which is not tolerable. I am planning to change my number soon.

  • As
      25th of Dec, 2006
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    Hutch - Hutch is cheating the customers

    I have taken a student hutch connection two months before and as per the offer I have to get full talk time and 4000 national sms on all recharges of 350 and above. I recharged for an amount of 350 on December 5th 2006. I got only 150 talk time.

    They registered my complaint on 10 th December. After that I called customer care two to three times per day. Whenever I am calling they are telling to please wait for one day. I am hearing the same for the past 15 days. They are not even giving any explanation. I think the customer care people are attending the call for their enjoyment and they are not at all bothered about the customers.

    I don't know now what to do with this kind of customer care. They are cheating the customers.

  • Mo
      31st of Dec, 2006
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    Hutch - Hutch is cheating the customers

    I am staying in Saudi Arabia and I recharge my fiancé's mobile everyday through ICICI Bank. Bank says that the money is deposited but the mobile is not recharged.I don't know how to inform this company, coz no one is taking the responsibility. Beware of Hutch they cheat customers!

  • Da
      3rd of Jan, 2007
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    Hutch - Number closure complaint

    Re: I took a corporate connection from Hutch Tel No.9811725595 during my service tenure with Aviva Life Insurance. Despite my repeated reminders for the last bill to customer care, I have not received any detail of same.

    This is very unprofessional attitude displayed by your organization wherein you do not provide the details and later on forward the details for follow-up to collection agency.

    Me and my family members have been harassed through frequent threat calls, whenever we ask for the bill details no one supplies the information to us.

    Please treat this as my last reminder and communication to your company. If I do not receive my last bill amount due as a revert of this mail and any of my family members receive a call I’ll be forced to take up the matter with the police and media.

  • Pr
      13th of Jan, 2007
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    Hutch - Non working products, unethical services

    I have suffered HUTCH services for long, after making the blunder of selecting this service provider.

    Besides, selling you non-working products, and charging u for it, they have funny business processes that smacks of unethical conduct.

    I suffered their roaming product both nationally and internationally ... it simply does not work. When I called their awful Customer Care, three guys gave me three different versions of response! They cannot even tell you whether their roaming on a specific handset would work in another country ... can you believe it? All point to the fact that they themselves do not know how their own product works! And the onus is on you, the customer, to find out before purchasing, else you would do that at your own risk.

    Here is a recent example .... I am a Hutch Mumbai customer. I activated roaming in mumbai before going to Chennai. Their prompt sms response said 49 has been deducted (they are good at debiting ur account for one thing!) and that roaming has been activated. When I reached Chennai, i got a hutch sms welcoming me to chennai and quoting a Hutch Chennai customer care number for help. The roaming did not work, and neither was there any response at all from the Chennai Cust Care number! I inquired the moment I returned to Mumbai. They said I should have contacted the Mumbai Hutch Care number! But they have no answers to : why my roaming did not work, why I should call Mumbai when their own SMS said I should contact Chennai Customer care, and why I should still be charged for a product that did not work!

    Forget customer care, I don't think this company even knows basic ethics of business!

    If you are contemplating on selecting a cell service provider, please don't get sucked into Hutch. Their non-service bulldog will dog you everywhere u go!

    And if you try escalating, after a lot of effort to find out whom to escalate to, the response wont be any better .. upto their CEO level!

    So watch out Hutch!

  • Ha
      14th of Jan, 2007
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    Hutch - Blunders of hutch, the most inefficient service provider

    I am carrying two numbers of hutch 9820112866/9920112866. Every time there is some or other problem in the billing. Though most of the times I get the reversals. It’s tedious and frustrating to call up customer care every month then explain them all the details with the Date and the names of the executives whom we have spoken previously for getting the reversal.

    When I changed my talk plan I was not informed about any advance I will have to pay. It just popped up in my bill this month. Isn't it unethical to charge customers without giving complete details about the charges initially. I was even charged for the services like caller tunes and zonal roaming which I was not using.

    It’s very very frustrating when call center executives keep on transferring the calls to concerned person and then we have to repeat entire history to each and every executive. Calling hutch customer care always eats up at least half an hour of my time.

    I was offered an add-on card (9920112866) through corporate tie up with hutch . Hutch executive whose name is "Ajay Tiwari" told me that I wont be charged for CLIP on this number, and any calls or SMS to any mobile or landline will be just 50 paisa etc etc. All these claims turned out to be false. And I was charged heavily for add-on card. I registered a complaint at customer care against Ajay and requested to keep me updated about the action taken on him. Almost 7-8 months passed but till today I haven’t received any communication on the same.

    Once we talk to customer care executive we get a message for giving feedback about the executive we have communicated. But I have observed that this SMS is sent only when the call went through fine. When we have any issues with the executives while speaking to him, at that time this SMS is not sent. So I guess this is a trick played by Hutch to receive only positive feedback.

    Last month, I paid my bill for number 9920112866 through my Citibank credit card by calling 111. Entire payment procedure went through fine and I didn’t receive any error message. I confirmed the payment by calling the hutch care, executive said that you will get confirmation SMS within 4 days. I didn’t receive any SMS neither was I informed that there was some problem between Hutch and Citibank network so my payment was not successful. I came to know about it when I received the message that your payment is still due. Now will you call this kind of service very efficient?

    To conclude I will say that they do not live up to your brand name at all, and after paying heavily too I didn’t receive good services. I have decided to close both my numbers.

  • Ga
      25th of Jan, 2007
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    Hutch - Harassment in the name of customer service!

    Grievance in snapshot :

    "When a continuing customer who has been making timely payment of all currently billed amounts, and some outstanding keeps continuously getting reflected out of old billed amounts, is it not professionally as well ethically required from a service provider to really look into and resolve the problem???"

    If this cannot form part of the professional ethics adopted by Hutchcare, with their current team of Hutchcare Executives, then at least they should try and put responsible professionals for handling their customer queries. If this is not addressed, Customer Service carries no meaning and better the entire Department / function can be wiped off (at least Hutch can save on considerable costs on Administrative overheads!)

    Grievance in detail :

    I had been a loyal subscriber of Hutch over the years, almost last more the 5 years. Initially I started off with a connection in the Gujarat region and the service was found to be excellent right since the date of activation till the date of termination, which was purely due to my personal reasons owing to my relocation from Gujarat.

    Subsequent to my relocation to Chennai, it has been more than 2 years now that I had been subscribing to Hutch connections. Right since the beginning, it has been harrowing experiences all through, that I have been faced with. Still the height of pity has been my continuing loyalty wherein I started with 1 connection and consistently grown to 3 connections within my family as on date.

    Just wanted to bring to this forum, my terrible experiences with Hutch, for creating awareness among the existing / planning to be subscribers.

    1) Initially when I wanted a connection, I actually applied along with my official colleagues and we opted for a CUG and the entire scheme was finalized with almost 19 of us subscribing to the CUG scheme. Once the bills started coming in, there were so much of irregularities in the filling pattern, that after 3 months, lots of complaints were addressed to Hutch by most of my colleagues. Luckily,I had no such problems, by the Grace of Almighty. However, when these complaints were addressed,Hutch came out with a DISGRACEFUL reply saying that the concerned executive who finalized our CUG scheme, was not at all a responsible official of Hutch. Issues kept on dragging and come settled and remaining unsettled, within a span of 6 months, our CUG strength got reduced to a staggering 3 or 4, from the initial number of 19. This in itself talks about the effectiveness of CUSTOMER SERVICE / CUSTOMER RETENTION strategised by Hutch.

    2) However, as I said, I did not face any billing problems and hence I continued without any cribbing on Hutch. I had within the first month also gone in for the 2nd connection. Subsequently I also added the 3rd connection which has also been in use for more than last 6 months.

    3) Over more than the last 4 months, I had been harassed in typically 1 of my existing 3 connections. It so happened that one particular month, I was out traveling and hence could not stick on to the due date for dropping my cheque for the amount due. The realization of my due amount happened I believe, close to some 4-5 days later than the due date. This attracted a penalty of Rs.100 on my next statement. I spoke to Hutchcare and explained the reasons for delay, but still nothing happened for reversal of this amount. In the same way,within the next 2 months, another delay happened for 2-3 days due to similar reasons, which attracted another Rs.100 as late payment charges. This again was discussed with Hutch verbally with Customer care and I was assured that it would be looked into.

    4) Subsequently, on one of my calls with Hutchcare, I was told that I need to send out a request clearly spelling out the reasons for the waiver requested. This mail was sent immediately, which happened almost 2 months back. Immediately I got a response to this mail saying that my request was acknowledged and Hutch would get back to me in the next 48 hours. After another couple of days,I got an excellent mail from Hutch saying that my request was being reviewed and I would be getting a feedback in due course. Still that "due course" is continuing and I have lost hopes of receiving any feedback at all.

    5) Meanwhile some strange developments that happened included :
    a) every month there would be threatening SMS saying that the services would be discontinued if the amount outstanding (the same Rs.200 as above) is not settled within the same day of the receipt of SMS
    b) due to the panic on receiving such a threatening SMS, I used to talk to Hutchcare and somebody would listen to my grievance / cribbing / disgusting talks and give me some momentary reply and pass it off
    c) once a collection agent came to my doorstep demanding for immediate settlement of this HUGE OUTSTANDING which was basically an undue penalty -I call it undue because Hutch did not even have the spine to explain me properly the reasons for not being able to process /consider my request - It cannot be a simple DADAGIRI all the way like "for retaining connection active, you got to pay anything and everything that is billed". Ultimately I had to drive away the collection agent citing my ongoing discussions and hopefully anticipated feedback from Hutch. Though this happened almost more than 1.5 months back, I have not even heard from this guy or his agency. Nor has he dared to reach my doorstep subsequently following up for the same due

    6) A couple of days back, my connection has got debarred, in the funniest of circumstances. Last week happened to be the due date for the bill amount and a couple of days earlier, I spoke with Hutchcare with a clear interest to understand and solve / resolve this issue of outstanding which has been harrowing me for quite some time. I was given a status reply that I would get a confirmed feedback the next day from Hutch and I was planning to make the payment after receiving this feedback.

    7) As it usually happens with Hutch where guys promise to get back just for the sake of hanging up and gaining momentary relief,I never got a feedback. Hence with the same amount left out, I settled the remaining charges on account of utilization by dropping a cheque right on the due date.

    8) After this deposit, now around 3 days back, someone by name "Rahul" had called up to inform that the waiver request was acceded to. The next day, came in another threatening SMS calling for the payment of the same dues immediately to continue the connection. Since this was not paid, the connection got deactivated a couple of days back.

    9) When I followed up with Hutchcare after this deactivation, I got the shock of my life when someone initially said that there was no such person by name "Rahul" with Hutch (as if I got this name / character in my dreams and pulled out this piece of conversation from Heaven!!!).

    10) While I was explaining the nature of these penalties levied and the running episodes, he came up with my next shock claiming that no such records of complaints from my side existed in their database / history of my transactions. The height of all these being the claim that not even a trace of my email request for waiver or Hutch's reply both in terms of acknowledgment and the ridiculous status reporting, was existent in their records. This call again terminated with a statement that my request was being updated in records and I would receive a call from a Hutchcare Executive the next day. Though I am still eagerly awaiting such a call, the duration assured has already lapsed, which is anyhow not new with Hutch.

    11) In this scenario, I really fail to understand if at all HUTCH is having Customer Service / Customer Retention as one of its motives, at all. My simple question is that

    "When a continuing customer who has been making timely payment of all currently billed amounts, and some outstanding keeps continuously getting reflected out of old billed amounts, is it not professionally as well ethically required from a service provider to really look into and resolve the problem?"

  • Mr
      11th of Mar, 2007
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    Hutch - Hutch is cheating the customers

    I am often having trouble speaking to my relatives abroad due to interruptions from other phone lines & hutch ads. I am also being charged for these calls with my purpose of call being unfulfilled. I am really upset with the way hutch is performing.

  • Nu
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    I am life-time subscriber of hutch from april 2006, mobile no 9923484476. They have kept on deducting my talktime balance on regular intervals without any valid reasons. When i called up their customer service to check i was given the reason as GPRS usage by me, which i did not use at all. When asked by me if they had any letters form me for taking GPRS connection, they said no, so i asked them how could i get GPRS connection, and if i am not accessible to it, how is my balance deducted?

    I called their customer service for 30 times and above , during which i got connected to atleast 8 of their service staffs and had to explain to each one of them regarding my complain, thus wasting my time and my money.

    To add to this, i was fed with their customer service , i spoke to their SALES MANAGER & CUSTOMER MANAGER (GOA), who were useless than their staff. I had to call them 10 times each on their mobile nos. When i felt this is getting worst i also visited their office in PANAJI_GOA.

    I was assured that my problem will be sorted in next 48 hours, till today 2 months & 24 days have past but my problem still persists.

    Again on 24 march 07, my amount is deducted even though my balance amount is negative. I am facing lot of inconvenience due to this problem, as i am unable to recharge and my outgoing calls are banned. I sort to seek help from consumer forum, against this company for cheating their consumer.

  • Sa
      3rd of Apr, 2007
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    To ,

    The Hutchison Essar Limited
    Hutch House
    Peninsula Corporate Park
    Ganpatrao Kadam Marg
    Lower Parel
    Mumbai – 400 013

    Sub : Given the Mental & Physical Harassment by Hutch House, Shahanazaf road, Hazaratganj Lucknow after did not solved the problem of Customer of wrong Billing.

    Dear Sir,

    Myself Sanjay Khare subscriber of Hutch and My Mobile No. 9839454729. I have 699 AR Half rate Plan

    My Problem is as follows and these problems are not so big for one customer but in huge amount of customer, the problem is very big:-

    1) My Form No. is 52056. I had filled the form on 6th March 07 and my services were activated on 7th Mar.07. I was taken the additional services (half rate access fees and STD fees) on dated 6 Mar 07. My problem is that when all the services activated by Hutch on Dated 7th Mar 07. So why these 2 additional services not activated at the same time??? and why my STD call charges H2H they had charged @ Rs 2.40 means I did STD called from H2H 32 min. But they charged Rs. 58.60 after discount instead of Rs. 32. Whenever, at the time of filling the form they said the STD fee @ Rs.1 H2H & Half rate Access fees services will be activated when your phone will activate (means 7th Mar 07).

    2) Please find detail bill. As per this bill ( Page No.3 of 6) they charged Half rate access Fees from 7 Mar to 15 Mar 07 is Rs. 15.75 but as per calculation this should be Rs. 14.70 during 9 days. Means Rs. 1 Extra. Same problem in STD Fees Rs. 3.57 instead of Rs. 3.3333 means Rs. 0.24 extras. This problem has been created due to your software.

    3) Why they charged for special SMS Rs. 3.00 ???

    4) From customer care & Hutch house M/s Priya, M/s Kajal etc. also could not solved my problem properly.

    When today ( 3rd apr’07 ), I went in your Hutch House Office in Lucknow & met to Mr. Ranjit. First he said that he did not have any record of mine. then he asked from where you got itemized bill because they don’t have detailed bill & collected all information from me and when they could not able to solved my problems then they did it misbehaved & gave so many dirty abuses & too much shouted on us. After that they called Hoodlum people and created the disturbance without solving the problem of customer gave the mental & physical Harassment.

    I am also service class person & not able to go every time in your service center for this small problems. Because your customer care are hopeless and can not able to solve the problem of customer and not able to give satisfactory answer.

    Finally I would like to request to check my itemized bill and if problem at your end please rectify it your software. I do not want only to rectify my bill also give the compensate the amount of wastage of my precious time from last two week & my mental harassment.

    Thanking to you all Hutch team member for giving me a lesson, not to trust blindly over any one and I also will recommend the same about Hutch to every human Being.

    I appreciate to you solve my problem as soon as possible till then I will not pay any bill & any fine after the due date. without closing my hutch services otherwise if you are not able to solve my problem then I will compelled & bound to take another action.

    Thanks & Regards


  • Kr
      11th of Apr, 2007
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    Hutch - Really bad customer service

    Copy of letter to Hutch customer care:

    I have recently taken two prepaid connections with Hutch and I regret to say that I have been subject to extremely poor and shoddy customer service.

    - I submitted my documents on 3rd Apr 07 and my connection was activated the same day. I took the connection from the Hutch Shop on VN Purav Marg in Chembur. The agent who helped me with the connection was Ratna. Despite having submitted the full set of documents more than a week back, it appears as though the documents were never processed or submitted to your main office from the shop. Or maybe the documents were submitted but not processed at the main office. From the 9th Apr 07, I started receiving SMSes from Hutch saying that my documents have not been submitted.

    - In response to the SMS, I called up customer care and spoke with one Dhananjay Pal on 10th Apr 07. This person told me that the documents were showing as accepted and convinced me that my phone would not be disconnected. He said that if the issue came up again, all that I had to do was with call up customer service and that the issue would be immediately resolved over the phone.

    - However, on the 11th Apr 07 morning, my phone was disconnected. When I called up customer service, I spoke to one Ashish Jaiswal. Ashish tried to tell me that the problem was with the Hutch Shop in Chembur and that he has contacted them and the phone will be reconnected in one hour. The phone never got reconnected. Also, I found Ashish to be extremely discourteous and rude over the phone. When I asked him what was I supposed to do in the case of an emergency when my phone was not working, his reply was "If it is an emergency, buy a new SIM Card and Phone." Also despite my repeated requests, he was not able to put me through to a senior person or a supervisor. He also kept saying that it would take one hour for the phone to be re-connected and the problem was due to some "temporary technical issues".

    - When my phone was not activated again, I called up customer service and spoke to one Tina Parab. She put me through to her supervisor, Pravin Dukheja. Pravin said that I needed to go the Hutch Shop because the shop people were saying that the documents were not submitted. In all these phone calls, I kept asking for the phone number of the Hutch Shop so that I could speak to them over phone but they were not providing the Hutch Shop phone numbers.

    - When I reached the Hutch Shop at VN Purav Marg in Chembur, I was told that all the documents were received by them and that they had not been received at the head-office. The agent assisting me was Swati. Swati said that she had put through the request to activate the phone right then and my phones were re-activated in about 10 mins. I am hoping I don't face any more problems with the Hutch service because I do not look forward to going to the Hutch Shop again to resolve the problem.

    This entire episode leaves me with a number of questions for which I would like answers or hear your response.

    - As a paying customer (remember my account is prepaid, I have already paid for everything), why should the service be so shoddy? Why should I have to spend even one minute without service when the documents have been received and the phone has been activated. Either you should not release the SIM Card unless all the documents have been received, or once they are received, they should be processed promptly. Overall, very poor document management.

    - Your Customer Service Agents are very poorly trained. At least two of them (Dhananjay and Ashish) gave me wrong information. None of them was willing to accept that the fault was with Hutch. Also, all of them (Ashish, Swati, Praveen) have the habit of talking over the customer's voice when the customer is still talking. It points to very poor training and supervision of the call center agents.

    - I don't understand why the Hutch Shop phone numbers were not given to me despite me repeatedly asking them. A phone company not having a phone number? Very strange!]

    - Finally, it shocked me that I had to personally go to sort the issue out when there was absolutely no fault from my end and the problem was all at Hutch's end. It is nearly 40 degrees outside and I need to travel 15 mins by auto to get to the Hutch Shop in Chembur. I don't care whether the issue is with the Hutch Shop or with someone else. Hutch represents an organization to me that provides me a service and the entire organization has ended up looking very ordinary in my eyes.

    I don't know what kind of remedial action you would like to take on this. If you can take all of this as useful feedback and change some of your processes, that will be good for you and I would like to hear what you are planning to do. Please recognize this to be an overall system problem and not a problem with one or two individuals. If you treat this as yet another unhappy customer and want to ignore this email, that's entirely your problem.

    For your information, I live in the US and visit India occasionally. I will be headed back by end of April. The reason I had chosen Hutch was because I used to be an older Orange customer for more than 4 years and was very happy with their service. But it looks like your service has degraded very significantly, and I am very unhappy to see this.

    From my end, I propose to:

    - Make a complaint to the consumer courts on this issue
    - Write about this experience in consumer forums and highlight the quality of Hutch's service
    - Talk to my friends planning to visit India about Hutch's service
    - Never ever use Hutch again

  • Mu
      15th of Apr, 2007
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    On 14 of March I paid my bill amounting Rupees 219.59 paisa through internet banking but when I got my bill I found that the payment I had already made still showing in as Outstanding in my bill. I called up Hutch Customer Care and complained about it. Today, It has been 15 days but the issue is still unresolved. Every time I call Hutch Customer Care executive beg for 24 to 48 hours to resolve the issue but nothing is happening in this regard.

  • Pa
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    Hutch - Abusive phonecalls

    There is a particular guy, his number being 09838492652, who calls up my grand parents atleast 20 times a day, more so at night and shouts obscenities. It seems to b a hutch number but inspite of complaining to them, the calls have not ceased. It is really a nuisance and has gone on fr 2 to 3 weeks everyday.

    Police complaint is not an option since it will be impossible fr my grandparents to get into that. If this forum can help in any way, i shall be highly obliged.

  • Am
      19th of Apr, 2007
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    I thought this was only happening to me, but No Hutch is rubbering everyone in day light.

  • Ch
      25th of Apr, 2007
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    Hutch - Complaint against dealer

    A copy of email to Hutch:

    Myself Chandrashekhar D. Nirwan. Before somedays I brought the 'Hutch Service' for my Celluler Phone. As per that plan I got Rs 250/- talk time for 9 months validity.According to that plan your 'Dealer' charged me Rs 450/- but,when I contacted to your "Customer Care Executive", according to them that plan is at cost of Rs 350/- (Actual price). So i think that, your dealer charged me 100/- Rs. more. Thats why now I am in loss of 100/- Rs. So as I mentioned in above subject I want to make Complaint against that your dealer. As I think that now its your duty that you must do some action against that Dealer. I hope you will definitely do some proper action against him & I will get my money back with proper procedure.

    I have that much of proof against that Dealer that he did fraud. So I wish, first you do some action against him as early as possible otherwise I'll do some legal actions personally against him & his Superior. I mention below all the information of that Dealer.

    Thank You.

    DEALER NAME :- Appaswami Mobile Galary & Daily needs.
    Address :- Darvha Road, At post- Lohara, Dist.- Yavatmal.(M.S.)

  • Ra
      10th of May, 2007
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    Hutch - Billing problems and irresponsibility of customer care

    I was hutch subscriber from long time, i was leaving india to finally settle down abroad. So, on my last day in india, i called hutch cust. care to disconnect my connection and paid all bill by check. But cust. care in return said, our computer is down, we'll disconnect it as soon as it comes online. But they never disconnected it, and kept on adding my bill. N now they r threatening my family that they'll file case against me. Why do i pay when i have discarded my SIM after December that too after paying complete bill. I am feeling harassed.

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