Hughesnet Internet Servicecontract and slow internet speeds

Br Germantown

I to like everyone else have been having problems with Hughesnet service for a very long time. I have been a customer since 2005 and I would do anything to get out of contract. I finished my first 24 month contract and I get a call from customer service telling my if I upgrade my modem my speeds will be faster and like a [censored] I do it but I also had to sign a new 24 month contract. Now keep in mind there is no other high speed internet services out here. My download speeds have been around 200Kbps and my upload speeds have been around 24Kbps. Hughesnets policy is to start trouble shooting after your speeds are under 800Kbps download and 100Kbps upload. Now that’s for the pro plus plan $79.99.

I tried calling basic Tech support many times over a few months time and after an hour or so they exulted my case to Advanced tech support level 4 every time. Then I have to wait up to 3 days to get a call from ATS (Advanced Tech Support). ATS always thinks they have fixed the problem and my speeds will be back to normal around 1200Kbps/down and 145Kbps/up for a few hours then they are back under 200Kbps.

Keeping mind Hughesnet states it offers high speed broadband internet service and According to the FCC, the term “broadband” now means 768Kbps, up from the previous definition of 200Kbps.

So after months of speeds under 768Kbps and over ½ of the time under 200Kbps I called Corporate office at [protected] and pressed 0 for the operator and asked for Executive Customer Care and I talked to a woman by the name of Rebecca and told her my problem with my very slow internet speeds and that I have had talk to Tech support many times and they can’t fix the problem for whatever reasons. I told her that I need to be let out of my contract or I needed a refund for the services that your company promised in the contract I signed and was not getting. She placed me on hold for about 4-5 mins she came back on the line and ask if I have taken the speed test on the hughesnet website and I said yes. I have about 3 pages of speed test done and over 95% of them our under 768Kbps. After she looked up my speed test on the website she told me that she would let me out of my contract. All you out there trying to get out of your hughesnet contracts Remember that the FCC defines Broadband as 768Kbps. You signed a contract for broadband internet service and if Hughesnet is not providing you with that service they are in breach of contract and have to let you out of your contract with no penalties or face a lawsuit But you must have proof that your speeds are under the 768Kbps and the only proof that they will accept is a speed test done on their site and you can take that speed test at you must perform this test 3 times in the morning, 3 times in the afternoon and 3 times in the evening and do this for 3 days or more. I personally had 7 days worth to show them. You must have already tried to resolve this issue with ATS.

Now like I said before there is no other high speed internet service around here that offer the speeds hughesnet offer well nothing over 1000Kbps. So what Hughesnet did for me is cancel my contract and came out and installed a new Dish and gave me a HN9000 modem for free. So now I have a new system at no cost to me and with no contract so I can cancel at anytime and yes the speeds are what they should be now. Now if we could just do something about customer service.

If you want out of your contract because of slow speeds then this is the way. It worked for me and it will work for you.

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