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Hughesnet / fair access policy

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Hughes Net Internet Service Provider exists to legally “hook” customers in a two-year contract and force the client to upgrade their service. Hughes Net advertizes to a clientele that has no other possible ISP in their area except 56k dialup service. They promise, through false advertizing, to provide 1, 000k satellite service for the standard fee.

Once you are a committed customer who has signed on the dotted line and invested your up front fees, you find out quickly that you can not operate in the Real World on the internet because of ridiculously low bandwidth restrictions. As you do what normal people do on the internet, you quickly exceed HughesNet’s unrealistically low “Fair Access Policy” (FAP) that monitors you use of the internet, laying in wait for you to exceed the remarkably low utilization of 2MB total during any 24-hour period.

My personal bandwidth declined from mid-800 mbps to between 12 and 17 mbps. That, my friends is a B-I-G reduction. If you are unfamiliar with the FAP you will continue for days trying to figure out what is amiss. As you do this your 24-hour “Penalty Box” time is extended. I couldn’t regain my speed for nearly 4 days! Next you will call the “Help Desk.” The Indonesian employees will explain with remarkable composure how you have violated HughesNet FAP. However, they will not resolve your dilemma.

HughesNet has six payment plans. The one advertized is the Home Plan, 200MB, 1.0 Mbps/128 Kbps, at $59.99. That is the hook. The Switch is next; Upgrade your plan.

Next is Pro, 300MB, 1.2 Mbps/200 Kbps, $69.99. 50% more use which will not resolve your usage problem. Pro is still inadequate. Or, try #3, ProPlus, 426MB, 1.6 Mbps/250 Kbps, $79.99. Perhaps one of the remaining Plans: Elite, 500MB, 2.0 Mbps/300 Kbps, $119.99; ElitePlus, 500MB, 3.0 Mbps/300 Kbps, $189.99; ElitePremium, 500MB, 5.0 Mbps/300 Kbps, $349.99.

Try to find a human being that is not sitting at the Help(less) Desk in Indonesia to speak with. I wish you luck. Even the HughesNet Corporate HQ in Germantown, PA will transfer your call to the Help Desk.

If our Federal Trade Commission was worth a hoot in a whirl wind HughesNet would be called to task on this obvious “Bait & Switch.” Your best course of action is to extract all the anger out of your voice and written communications, contact your State Attorney General’s Office and file a complaint. Only after many, many complaints will they take action.

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  • Bu
      6th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Here is information regarding a Class Action Lawsuit against HughesNet:

    PBM Files Class Action Against HughesNet --- Satellite Broadband Company

    The law-firm of Pogust, Braslow, & Millrood, LLC, recently filed in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, a lawsuit against HughesNet, Inc., Hughes Communications, Inc., and Hughes Network Systems, LLC, for breach of contract and frauduluent business practices involving the marketing of the HughesNet® Satellite Broadband Network System.

    Filed on behalf of HughesNet® subscribers and consumers, the Complaint alleges inter alia that the satellite broadband Company's nationwide advertisement of "Highspeed Internet by Satellite: Wherever Whenever" was materially false and misleading.

    The class action lawsuit also alleges that HughesNet intentionally "oversold" its bandwidth, whereby thousands of HughesNet® subscribers and consumers were subjected to limited Internet broadband accessibility, speed, functionality, and connectivity.

    Additionally, it is alleged that HughesNet actively marketed HughesNet® subscribers and consumers to upgrade their broadband plan under the representation that such would result in faster Internet broadband access. Despite this, HughesNet® subscribers and consumers experienced significant broadband delays, including extremely slow uploading/downloading speeds, unreliable connectivity, and the inability to access email. Furthermore, HughesNet® subscribers and consumers were often required to incur additional costs, fees, and early termination penalities, as a result of HugheNet's false advertising.

    If you or someone you know is a HughesNet® subscriber and/or customer and have experienced similar Internet broadband related issues, please contact our law-firm for a free consultation.

  • Vi
      6th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You might add to the lawsuit Hughes net $5 dollar additional a month charge if you do not participate in AutoPay. I wrote a letter to Michigan Attorney General, inturn they wrote to Hughes net. I received a letter from Hughenet stating they will waive the monthly charge. However, I have to call Hughesnet every month to have the charge subtracted from my Bill, thier software cannot not be programed for that feature.

  • Pe
      16th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    In addition to failing to provide the described "high speed" service, HughesNet further advises users to download and operate ZoneAlarm internet security software. They allow that the software can be operated on up to 4 computers in your home, for one nominal fee, and is the best product available. The software is available for the minimal fee added to your bill. The software, when operational (and why wouldn't you operate it if you are on the internet) consumes copious additional band-with with regular frequent update checks and data set downloads, further slowing access speed and adding to your mounting daily FAP account bucket. Once that is hit you kiss connection goodbye. Dial up starts looking more reliable. I feel I've been "farmed", "raped", "used", and any number of other terms applicable to being robbed. I will obtain "wired" service that I know is fast, set up new email accounts, withdraw authorization to my bank to pay HughesNet, send them a message using the Hughes email address to STOP. Then Ill wait for them to call me. I don't have time to fight with them over any more money, or be miserable about this "service". Public satellite internet service doesn't exist. If it does, it isn't available from Hughes.

  • Ar
      12th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Zone Alarm is not compatable with Windows Vista or Windows 7. I went over the FAP yesterday and had no idea what that is or why my internet connection was so slow or why I couldn't connect with the internet until I spent lots of time on the phone with people I had a real hard time understanding what they were saying . I've been with Hughes Net since 09/02/08 and have had several problems with slow connections but this was the first time I was completly without connection because of the FAP. I was under the impression that this is unlimited internet access until I found out the hard way it's not, how does one know when they are close to exceeding their 'limits'???
    Disappointed in Arkansas

  • Kr
      29th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with all that you've said however, this affects my business operations. Many times I've had to leave my business and drive home to use my "real" internet services which has operates at about 17MBs normally and to have to deal with Hughesnet which is at most times only running at 300kbps when they promised 1000kbps. At around 5 pm daily the speed drops to like 35-44 kbps, as slow as if I'd broken the sacred FAP rule. I spent two hours trying to pull information I had emailed to myself off the net for a meeting that I had at 1:30 yesterday and the connection was so slow I couldn't download my proposal and had to leave without it which made me look stupid! Hughesnet should be charged with criminal racketeering because this service is only a racket!

    I can't believe the FCC hasn't done anything about this company. Department of Commerce should site them for interferring with my right to run a business because they knowingly oversold their capabilities to the detriment of my business and I'm sure many others.

  • Sc
      23rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hughsnet is the worst internet provider I have ever used. It took me several days to find out about Hughsnet’s FAP. I then learned that I had to pay an additional $5.00 dollars if I exceeded their FAP limit of 250Mb. When I contacted Hughsnet’s representative, because I had not been on line at all one day and had gone over the FAP, I was told that I needed to disconnect the cable from the back of their modem or automatic updates would cause the FAP to be exceeded. In other words Hughsnet uses the customer limited internet connection to download their equipment upgrades causing the customer to exceed their FAP. This results in Hughsnet earning an additional $5.00 + everyday by this unethical practice. When the customer is required to pay form more time tokens to reestablish their internet connection. In addition when I contacted Hughsnet I was offered unlimited internet access for $9.00 a month and free installation. They stated that the only manner that they could provide the service is if I gave them a credit card number so that they could automatically collect their monthly charge for the lease. When I checked my account they had billed my credit card for over $400.00. I immediately contacted them and they said "Oh no you purchased the equipment. I said I did not that I had leased it. When I received my refund Hughsnet had charged over $200.00 for installation and my bill was now $80.00 a month. When I contacted them they said I had changed the service. When I was required to move from the rental house by no fault of my own I contacted Hughsnet and requested the service be disconnected. they continued to charge my account until I placed a stop payment on my card. They then turned my account over to a collection agency and stated that i had not answered their correspondence which I never received. When i contacted them again they stated I owed them an additional $450.00 for early termination of a contract which I never signed and had not been aware of prior to this time. This is a very bad company to do business with. I am sorry I ever contacted them. Beware this company will not provide the service they advertise and will apply additional charges without limit or any remorse.

  • Su
      3rd of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have had HughesNet since 2005 when it was DirectWay which worked perfectly. When HughesNet took over our service area we've had nothing but problems. We live in an area of California without any other carriers. I've currently paid daily 7.50 for the restore tokens. I've called, written and am so fed up. I'd also like to know why if they have limited bandwidth with few servers then why is it possible to pay the fee and receive restored service immediately. This service isn't even a wonderful email system as I can't open any Pictures family send me either. They advertise in my area to watch movies and U-tube. That can never happen in my house. They told me to use the Download manager and it never works. They said to get the Pro Plan I did and now I just get to pay more for it and the tokens. I'm mad beyond belief with no relief.

  • Me
      18th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I wish I would have read this before I signed with this fraud that calls themselves a company! I signed with hughesnet and it has been a nightmare since. They said my install would only be $70. They then charged me $170. I chose the lowest plan due to my financial situation. They charged my account $78.00 not the 59.99 I discussed. I realize there are fees and taxes, however the "gentleman" assured me my bill would not be over $68. I was fed up and canceled this service within 30 days of my install. Forget that the 2nd time I used the service my computer obtained a virus which they deny having anything to do with their internet. Now one month later they have charged my account an additional $400.75 for early out fees. I specifically stated to them when I cancelled the account the could not withdraw anymore funds. They will not replace the funds or any bank, overdraft check fees I have encoured. I spoke to my bank and they can't help me either. This nightmare in the end is going to cost me over $1000. Avoid this horrible company. Oh by the way, don't try asking for anybody over the CSR floor manager. They state their is noone over them to speak to... then deny being the owner of the company, tell you they don't care about your problem and proceed to hang up on you. Time it took to have this pointless conversation... 49 mins!

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