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The search engines have all these complaints against the choice bank affiliated with payoneer. The payoneer card is for payroll and on the websites we found alot of fraud reports on the faq page. It maps atm's near you that does not charge a fee but therefore when a undercover agent got paid on the card, they took it to somewhere on the map where the fee said free fee. Well turns out that it took $6.00 for each transaction and another $4.00 for fees when only there is money on the card. There is no fees when there is no money in the account, go figure. So what we all need to do is to stop submitting complaints and send these messages to the government and search engines. We had to video all conversations and the map and the undercover officer to the atm along with showing him the address stated on the map of faq website saying no fee. I advise that you do the same. They work with 2 banks but choice is the big one. It is some way from the epassporte card to this new choice card that is not a debit card with the fake mastercard logo on it. There is loading fees, fraud atm's that they choose on the website to get people to travel to various locations for a free rate only to find out otherwise. Submitting the complaints dont always work here. Please send all to the us gov website to report payoneer and something be done about it. Send it to google yahoo, to remove the website. I assure you there are investigations on this matter already becoming an issue with the government.See Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NYThe faq is not true! The phone calls are inaccurate, fraud in taking a month in advanced from your payroll before the month comes or just started are a big issue right now. There was a woman who got paid the 28th of the mth. Maintenance fee for that mth was took out along with the month ahead, loading charges. I've never seen such mess in my life as the investigation piles up with complaints. Cannot use the card to get gas? You have to have $50 in account for $20? Also the mastercard logo is fake, we found out by individuals that the card cannot be used at various stores, and online. Did you know that you have to pay out of your payroll to load the card, if your company does not pay? Is that right? Is this justice? Is the fees right? All the collections in complaints are not about these cases. It's like paying taxes. Think about it and let's do something about it. This has been the worst card to get. It was even worst than the epassporte card fraud as they did not charge to load. Lets report all complaints to the government. We are only wasting time and effort reporting to websites. There is some like http://www.Stopfraud. Gov/report. Html
Make sure you report all to your government, its time to go over their heads and sign the paper to have the fraud to stop and removed from the internet. Its time to make that step now, it's getting heated up as we get closer to close this bank!! So with your help, all persons responsible for the internet, call fraud and more will be be put to justice, and be prosecuted. Wouldnt you like the money back? Make a difference now cause the government is not getting it either, its to pay the bank.

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  •   Jun 18, 2012


    My name is Nissim, I'm a Community Manager at Payoneer.

    I'm sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with our services. Payoneer does not have any hidden fees, and a complete list of pricing and fees may be viewed at any time via your online My Account page, in addition to a detailed transaction history. Additionally, if you have a questions regarding the fees imposed on a specific transaction, I would be more than happy to assist you (or also feel free to contact our customer support department).

    Payoneer currently provides payment solutions to over 2, 000 companies and millions of users in more than 200 countries. We adhere to all applicable online payment regulations, including KYC (Know Your Customer), BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control).

    I would be more than happy to answer any questions, or address any comments/feedback related to Payoneer and our services.

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      Jun 19, 2012

    On top of all this, This same person does not get it. The via links that you have provided on the websites are all wrong and investigation in this matter makes it all worth handling for the government whom you chose individuals and via internet links that are not accurate and the fees to the map in the FAQ is wrong. Have you even had time to read all of the persons complaining? No I am sure you did not. You are copying and pasting the same SCRIPT for all the pioneer problems. It is all foreign countries on the calls and not local choice bank in NEW YORK. You are affiliated with 2 banks cause you cannot have a bank of your own. Thats why you and the company chose to use choice bank, bank located in NY to get money from thee US. Are they aware of this? I am sure they are not. This shouldnt have happened, you hold others payrolls and charge them to be added to card. I am sure you wont be in business long and the US government will make sure of that, You have used the banks in the US to make yourself overseas look good, US does and never does this. Quit using the same SCRIPT for every complaint, Please, it gets you nowhere and makes yourself look worst and the banks you say you are using in the US. It makes them look bad to. To everyone reading this, you may notice the same script of every payoneer complaint, I assure you that if you submit your complaint to the US government and to the direct source banks, they will stop. Its time to shut them down

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      Jun 19, 2012

    Matters of this is took to the banks themselves, I assure you we will close the payoneer and open a card of their own, Please be ready to terminate the fraud from foreign countries using the banks of the US

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  •   Jun 19, 2012

    I actually have read through all of the posts made on this board, and have done my best to resolve any issues. None of what I have posted is a copy past, I type it all out myself (though the text may be similar for similar comments/posts). As always, I am available and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions specific to your Payoneer account.

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  • Go
      Jun 19, 2012

    Check out all the other payoneer inquiries and judge from that, because that is what we are doing

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  • Bi
      Sep 05, 2012

    I have applied for payoneer card and they have approved it and sent me an email that you will receive your card within one month on following date. but i didnt received the card. i contacted customer service and they said sorry we are sending again you will get in again one months time on this said date. again they failed to sent and when i again contacted customer service they said please receive payment via any of our partner then we will be able to send you card. They have wasted my precious 2 months. this is insane. if that was the requirement they should have informed me 2 months back. this card is a fraud I must say

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  • Ch
      Sep 19, 2012

    Wait til you see the charges for loading... many complications with this card, you might as well have a bank account to have it wired to you cause its the same amount

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  • Co
      Nov 10, 2012

    i was a partner of payoneer until they deactivated my account and refused my reapplication, refusing official documentation from the registrar of companies in cardiff, wales, regarding my company and my position the company.

    i was not doing anything illegal or underhand, in fact, my company is a global social enterprise fighting poverty and debt.

    no director of payoneer will get involved in disputes, and all such disputes go through your account manager... hopeless if he/she is the one trying to shut you down.

    they are even trying to scam me on a refund.. i paid them £1000 deposit for the card partner deal.. they are offering $1000 less bank charges as a refund.

    a replacement card program will cost well over £150, 000 with a reputable company.

    i have started payoneer complaints off with one here...

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  • Je
      Mar 19, 2016

    they are thieves
    they stole my account
    they blocked it to steal my upcoming funds !

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