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This site DOES not have real Ephedra. The only good reviews this site gets is from the company itself. Why do they claim to be the ONLY site that has an illegal substance and they are the ONLY ones that have it, because they DO NOT. They are liars, Save your money. Its easy to fall for because we all want to lose weight

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  • Em
      25th of Apr, 2012

    Before I even get into the meat of my complaint, just want to say that I will state everything I experienced and leave it to the reader to decide. This is not a post to name-call, or blame, but rather a tale of caveat emptor. I have been using Original Stimerex for quite some time (yes, the original meaning side cordifolia) and was disappointed when I discovered my usual vendor was running out. I found thatswholesale and thought I would try them. I decided to go with a different product than Stimerex. I thought I'd get a exclusively ephedrine formula, so I could make my own stack. I found one which contains 25 mg of pure ephedrine, so I order. The process was smooth, no problems whatsoever. Three days later, I receive a phone call from my bank's Fraud Prevention Center. I suspect you know where I'm going with this one. Without getting into the effed up details, I will say that nearly 500$ in fraudulent charges were attempted, but only 163$ of it actually posted. Wait–it gets better. A few hours later, the ephedrine arrives (quick shipping is always good) but for some reason, I decided to price out this brand online and compare with other vendors. I looked up a place that I have trusted in the past and located this particular product. Guess what? The price was similar, but that's not the issue here. Pure ephedrine CANNOT be shipped to certain states, by LAW. I am in one of those states. So what the hell was I shipped by Moreover, how did my Mastercard get breached, especially considering I've never had this happen before and I shop online quite often? I will be the first to admit it was pretty dumb of me not to research laws for ephedrine sales. Even MORE dumb to not research the rep of a company I've never purchased from before either. Like I said, I will leave it to the reader to decide. But please, don't be dumb like me–use my story wisely. Remember it. This may not happen to every single buyer who shops there. I am only relaying what happened to me!

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  • Ep
      25th of Jul, 2012 uses a third party credit card processor and is secure, safe and encrypted. What you are claiming is a total lie. If you are a customer of then please provide your full name and order number. Thatswholeale sells the natural ephedrine called Ephedrine Alkaloids. What you researched was probably the synthetic ephedrine which is Ephedrine HCL. Those are legal too but there is a limit to the amount you can purchase due to the fact that Ephedrine HCL can be converted to meth. If you shop online a lot and provide your credit card number over the phone to representative then you are giving away your personal info to another person who can do anything with it. Thatswholesale does not take orders over the phone so don't blame them for the breach.

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  • Th
      25th of Jul, 2012

    Are you the person who purchased 5 bottles of Pure Ephedrine PE25 from us and was rightfully charged the $163? If you purchase online frequently then why are you blaming for your fraudulent charges? Did you know that fraud is committed by credit card thieves and not companies? Did you know also that by providing your credit card information to a live phone operator puts you at risk since this person can leave the company with your info at any time? does not take orders over the phone for this very reason. It is to protect customer data. Only a hacker proof, third party, verified and 128 bit encrypted is used. What is your point with your post EmmSeven with only 1 "hit and run" negative comment on the securest site with real ephedra on the internet? You must be a competitor selling the fake ephedra called Ephedra Extract.

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  • Th
      26th of Jul, 2012

    Yes, does have the real ephedra, ma huang and sida cordifolia with ephedrine alkaloids. Ephedrine is not illegal and approved by FDA as a nasal decongestant and bronchodilator. only charges you for what you buy. If you purchase frequently online and give your credit card info to a customer representative ( only accepts orders via a secure 3rd party site, not a live operator) then you expose your personal information to another person. Do not imply that overcharged you. Want to know what you got from before making accusations? Have it tested in a lab or consume it like everybody else who has purchased it and is extremely satisfied with the product. How did you also coincidentally, a few hours later, receive the ephedrine from You sound like everything bad happens to you in one day, a few hours apart and all done to you by thatswholesale. Did you also fall down the stairs because your package from arrive and you were too excited to get it? Everything you say does not make much sense. EmmSeven, what is your real name and what state do you live in? What product did you purchase and why did you only post 1 complaint under this user name? Anyone can create a user name and post anything. Quit speaking negatively of and making ambiguous claims. Who posts what happens to them in a day and blames it all on an online company?

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  • Ac
      7th of Jun, 2013

    They posted shill reviews of themselves on Resellerratings, epinions, and Amazon, which is clearly evident by the use of nearly identical wording in ALL of their positive reviews. An honest e-tailer would have no need to bolster their reputation with shill reviews. Moreover, there are complaints similar to that of the original poster posted on [redacted]. Furthermore, they have a rating of "F" with the Better Business Bureau:

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