HR Block Tax2015 taxes

Do Apr 01, 2016 Beaverton, OR

My daughter went in and had her taxes done for the first time this year. She has never had to file before, the lady did her taxes and found out she owed money. Instead of explaining options to my daughter (who is 24) she looks at her and says I am going to call your mother. Ok! She calls me and says your daughter owes money what do you want me to do. I told her make copies let us mail them in closer to April 15. Well that is what she did and then turned around emailed them in also. All she can say for her mistake is "I'm sorry this happened." I don't know what to do about this mess because neither one of has been working since February. My unemployment has run out and my daughter did not work enough quarters to even be able to draw unemployment, now they are telling us we have to pay this by April 18? I have no idea what to do. I do not recommend this anybody use HR Block.

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