Hp Ink Cartridge / recycle ink cartridge program

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Two months ago, I took four HP ink cartridges into Office Depot. They put my worklife rewards account up with my phone number and added the credit of four cartridges ($3.00) each, so I thought. When I went into the store about two weeks ago, they stated I should have gotten a rewards card in the mail for that amount and what ever else was on my account. My account did not show I had turned in 4 ink cartridges. I was told to contact worklife rewards section. They did nothing at all, they just explained what I already knew about the program. When I e-mailed them back, I was told not to respond to the e-mail. They told my my complain was being sent to the complain section. That was four day ago. Office Depot stole my $12.00 and refuse to do anything it about. They won't even respond to my conplaint. I am done with them. I will be shopping at staples or Office Max. I hop them close down.

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  • Pl
      Sep 09, 2009

    Darn shame about Office Depot, no excuse for that. They have made a big effort to have managers waiting at the door as you enter at my location, so that tells me they are trying to appear eager to help you, or they want 'authority' to be visible because of all the theft they probably have. My complaint is with HP. It boggles the mind as to why these ppl at HP think that their actions are justified and they will not have any consequences for them. I'm paying $80 a MONTH for the ink required for a new HP Photosmart PremiumAll in One . I only got this all in one because it came so HIGHLY recommended in reviews. You cannot print only in greyscale/black without the color inks being installed as well and apparantly without being
    used' as well. What? Yes. I haven't printed anything in 'color' and set the printer to "greyscale only' and after only 2 weeks the 'color' inks are almost empty. They've manufacturered their copier to use all the colors to make black...what? That's $35 every two weeks. please folks spread the word, because this is plain unjust. Don't bother trying to go to Cartridge World for a refill ink cartridge, HP hasn't allowed that to happen either.

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  • Pi
      Jan 01, 2010

    All major copier companies who have adopted this theif method in their designs need to be added to the Epson
    style class action suit on their design that stops their printers dead if just one color is empty. Come on lawyers where are you, punish these theives.

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