House Of Brides / service and bait & switch

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Rude Scammers who live to provide World's Worst Service.

My fiance went to House of Brides for her wedding gown. From the start, the service was appallingly awful. She had an appointment set up to be there, but the person "helping" her could spare no more than a few minutes with her. She and her maid of honor who was with her were left to their own devices in trying the dress on, figuring out how things go, how they're supposed to fit, etc. Lucky for House of Brides, and unlucky for her, she found a dress she absolutely loved. Disgusted with the fact that she was going to be purchasing from House of Brides, the business with which she received the worst service of any business she has ever been a customer of, she put her deposit down and ordered the dress.

She was told by the useless salesperson that she would have to order her dress 8-10 sizes larger than what seemed to be the right fit. When she expressed her concern about the size being much too large, she was snottily told essentially that they were right and she was wrong. She was also told that alterations were included with the price of the dress, and that the dress would be in September 9th (our wedding is on October 9th.)

We've since found out that the salesperson outright lied about the cost of alterations (its going to be $300.) We also have since found out that they lied about when the dress would be in (its still not in, and likely won't be until 9/17.) We're assuming they delay shipping the dress to avoid people going elsewhere for alterations (though we found someone who will do them with just a few days to spare, at 1/3 the cost, and likely, if the service at HoB is any indication, will do a much better job.)

So now, we're waiting for the bombshell to drop, that the good-for-nothing salesperson was completely wrong in her "order 8-10 sizes too large" assessment, and the dress won't work out at all. If that happens, we'll have to ante up with a good company and buy a new dress. We both already plan on spreading the word to everyone we know to never use House of Brides for anything. However, if there are any further problems with her dress, I will dedicate a portion of my future income to placing billboard ads in the Chicago area, informing millions of how bad House of Brides is.

You would think that when you're spending over $1, 000 on a dress, and for your wedding, that the level of service would be impeccable. To us, it seems the people the fast food joints fire because of their lack of service and intelligence, are the people who work at House of Brides. Every other wedding vendor we have (florist, limo, photographer, cake, etc.) has been WONDERFUL. House of Brides is and has been ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

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