SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / My money refund Case ID : [REQ:M-319​2386

I booked two rooms at Manila Pavilion in the Philippines for 4 nights last Oct thru but when we arrived at the hotel we were shocked at the state of the hotel. It was so dirty and smelly. The carpet are covered with stains and the bathroom was filthy. They are not what advertise in their website. The gym was an empty room. We arrived in the hotel and we have to wait for hrs to locate us a room but when I get and see the room I was so upset. I wont even put my dog there. We waited for nearly 5hrs at the lobby of the hotel as the duty manager was trying to find as a better room but after 4 1/2hrs waiting we decided to move to the nearest hotel as the hotel is unhygienic. The hotel manager said we can refund our money thru as we booked our hotel with them. I called and boy! they make u wait for hr on the phone one of the customer service I spoke to under the name of Richa promised that she will follow up my Case ID : [REQ:M-319​2386] and will refund my money the next day I even got her e-mail regarding all the conversation we had on the phone. But the next day I have no phone call or even an e-mail from her. I try to call them again but same story they make you wait on the phone and I keep going back explaining again what happen. We spent P26, 000 about HK$5000 for this trip and we didnt even stay in the hotel. With all the hussle and headache they give to us I hope will refund our money

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