Hot water tank / Terrible Service!!

Terrible Service!! You people call yourselves Reliance Home Comfort, well that is the very last thing my family and I experienced this weekend. I cannot for the life of me, understand how people can rely on you to provide such an important service such as heat and warm water in their homes in the heart of winter!!

My wife is 40 weeks pregnant and can go into active labour any second, one prepares everything in your home apart from looking at your heat(only the most important thing in your home when you stay in northern Ontario!!) for the arrival of your first child. Friday night my heat and hot water go’s out, I decide to do the courteous thing and switch on the portable furnace for the night, Saturday morning I make the first phone call, 20 min. on the line, I hanged up and attempted the second, eventually someone picked up and informed me my local contractor, Superior Home Comfort will contact me within 3 hours, we spend the whole day waiting for the call….at 6 p.m. I try phone Reliance once again, first call, 16 min. on hold, second call 11 min. on hold. The lady then tells me someone will phone me ASAP to resolve the issue, so they actually do this time, the guy show’s up, tells me it’s fixed now, an hour and a half later, the dam tank is down once more…Again, I thought I’ll wait till the morning, and again I wait 15 min. to get thru, they apologise sincerely and tell me someone is on he’s way and will be there within an hour….not to my surprise two hours later I have to phone once more, again apologies, and now….Sunday morning, two days later in the middle of winter and my family and I are still without heat nor hot water in our house.

THE WORSE service I have ever had, and the general feeling is, were sorry, but we are doing what we can…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Wow, terribly disappointed!

Dirk Mostert

Jan 27, 2013

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