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Hoodia Water / scam

1 WI, United States

WOW - Don't order the free trial of Hoodia Water. What an unethical bunch of predators. I signed up for the free trial for $5.95 THEN i found the reports of scams by this company online. I feel like the idiot of the day. I e-mailed this company to cancel my order. It says on their website you cannot cancel orders. I called customer service to cancel my order. I was told they cannot cancel orders because "your order goes through a third party warehouse in Florida and it locks your order. We can't cancel your order. Once the free sample comes you can cancel the order!" What kind of BS is this? Doesn't do me any good to cancel an order that is already here. The girl said she could make a notation on my account and that was all she could do. I told her to notate that I was calling the bank in the morning and stopping payment to their company. She then got her "Manager" on the phone. The manager was short with me, asking me "why did I submit all that information on-line if I didn't want the product?" The problem is that I don't want to belong to a club or be charged $50/month for product I don't want. All I signed up for was a free trial. According to their website once you've ordered you are enrolled in all this extra stuff. This is information I wasn't given until after I ordered. Then Ms. Manager informs me that it was all something that happened last year ( the over billing) and that all I am being sent is my free trial for $5.95. Now I really don't trust them. Both girls have been really rude to me, they know about the scams and complaints of the past and they are passing the buck on some "third party warehouse" in Florida. I told her I was still calling my bank in the morning at which point she got angry and rude. She told me I was black listed and to never order from them again. I wasn't the kind of customer they want and that she "WOULD" cancel my order and to never call them again. So the moral of the story is...threaten them with your bank because apparently it is something that scares them to death. This company is nothing but a bunch of predators using Dr. Oz and Oprah as sponsors of their products to dupe you into trusting them. I will not hold my breath to see if Ms. Manager cancels my order or not and I will still be calling the bank in the morning. I feel absolutely violated. sheeesh BEWARE!!!

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