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Today, we had experience the most humiliating event in our lives. First, before I begin, I would like to add that we are honest people who will never jeopardize our integrity by skipping out on payment for the buffet line for a measly $13. Every thanksgiving our family has held the tradition to have a lunch at hometown buffet. We were having a great time, catching up on each other's lives, since we only see each other 2 times a year. We were there on our third hour, so my brother, being a smoker, step out for a smoke. He came in, was about to drink a coke when the store manager, tracey gradel, took hold of his cup and jacket and falsely accusing him at the top of her lungs that he did not pay and if he does not show proof at that moment that she would have to kick him out. Now everyone in the restaurant was doing the same thing we were doing, minding there own business and chatting with one another until she publicly humiliated our family by harassing and falsely accusing us. Since we were not able to find the receipt of that payment at that time, we asked her to check the register and she also added that they can check the camera to see if payment was done. She came back and said that it was not worth "it to do that for us" and that if we do not show proof of payment because of her laziness to investigate (I'm pretty sure that is included with job title) then they would have to kick us out. Frantically, we were looking for the receipt, we finally found it at the bottom of my sister-in-laws purse. We showed proof, yet there was no remorse for the false accusation she claimed. She was yelling at the top of her voice, and we do have eye witness of what she did. I really do need a reply back from higher management. I don't feel any conflict was resolved justly. I do think she needs to be reprimanded with her actions and undergo extensive "management" training.In addition I do feel we need to be compensated for the event that was lost this thanksgiving day. There is a right way to approach customers that will not involve public humiliation and harassment. Webster dictionary defines harassment as "to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct 2: to worry and impede by repeated raids.

Frankly she did all this and quite more. All i'm asking is for a simple and just resolution to your customers.

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  • Al
      21st of Jan, 2009

    We do HOMETOWN in Palmdale Ca. Most often than none, the help hast to be asked for ice, ice cream to be filled, and alot of the main food items are emty or low and old. The Hometown in Palmdale has the char broiler for steaks. When going for the steaks they only give you a very small piece. Why is it on the menue if we cant enjoy a nice portion. When approaching the people filling the buffet, their answer is mostly ok and nothing is done about it. What happened to customer service, espacially with what you charge. Get rid of the fake cheese cake, always gets us sick after eating

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