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HomEq Servicing / Fraudulent foreclosure!

1 1611-Windy Hill Place SE Conyers, GA 30013, Conyers, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 770-648-8354 / 770-875-5704

This Company is an evil, conniving, deceitful, rude, crooked and totally unfair. I have a first mortgage with EMC mortgage and HomEq is my second mortgage. I got behind two months on both mortgages because of medical and financial hardships. EMC worked with me and allowed me to catch up on my payments but not HomEQ. They started the foreclosure proceedings against and refused to accept my payments which caused my mortgage with them to get behind more and more.My position with my first mortgage is fine but HomEq has foreclosed and is trying to take my home. They only have a $25, 000.00 mortgage with me and EMC has a $100, 000.00 with me and is in first lien position. How can this company take my home if they are in the second position and I am current in my first position.

Doreatha Penn.

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  • Ph
      8th of Jul, 2008

    Any lender whose loan is secured by a deed of trust (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) may foreclose on that property if that loan is not current. If the holder of a 2nd deed of trust forecloses they will take over the property and become responsible for keeping the 1st loan current. To avoid foreclosure you must pay all the arrears (principle, interest, and penalties) to the foreclosing lender within 90 days of the default notice. To assure proper credit, send the payment by certified mail, return receipt, so that you have proof. As soon as your check clears, obtain a copy of it for your records. Then (this is important) make sure the lender files a "Notice of Recission" with the County Recorder.

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  • Ma
      28th of Jul, 2008

    A year ago we were forced to go bankrupt. We were discharged august 1st of 2008. We reaffrimed our mortgage. I called every month to make a payment after that and they said " that we weren't discharged." I said "we are and I can fax you the paperwork." Nope - they would not except my payments until their attorney tells them it was discharged. It's the end of February, they finally called and said "they have good news our bankruptcy was discharged". Really? Since I have been calling you every month since August to tell you that. Also they stated "you owe us a payment of 48, 000.00" - WHAT?? So we hired a loan midigation company - Unfortunately, a fraudulent one - they came back with Home Eq Servicing agreeing to 18, 000 down and 9, 000 a month. WHAT? We can't afford that. What do we do???

    We then called Home Eq Servicing to keep trying to work out an agreement and they say "that is the only agreement they would be willing to do or 70, 000 payment now". The math doesn't even make sense to what is owed. All along we are having 10% added ( actually 9.875%).

    Then, they throw us into Foreclosure while telling us we can not pay a payment and we hire another loan mitigation company and they are just as frustrated as us. Home Eq will not confirm that they will work out anything with them/ us if we provide the reaffirmation that they should have on file. They said to tell us our kids should not go to college and we should pay the forebarence amount and that there is nothing we can do. Also, the company we hired talks with a different person each time and it is a different story ea time. They are just as confused by this company as we are. Most companies want the customers best interest at heart this one just wants your house in a bad market or a VERY LARGE payment for their comission.

    Everytime you call Home Eq Servicing it is a new person with a new story with more paperwork and no work out plan. They told us US BANK owned the loan and to call them - We called US bank they have no idea who we are. Who owns our loan????? - Homeq Says "they ONLY service the loan" and gets a comission on how much $ they can get out of us homeowners at a time - while they constantly decline a monthly payment and will ONLY demand a large payment. Work out plans? Doesn't exist with this company.

    The government needs to investigate this company it is so fraudulent and has no idea what they are doing except for smuggling money from the people who need the help most. We have been more than willing to make payments but they have said "ALL or nothing " . Is that even fare when the paperwork issues are on their end not ours but now we are the ones loosing our house. ??????

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  • Ka
      20th of Oct, 2008

    HomeEq Servicing is not a good company, I lost my home . My husband left me, sold my home without me knowing anything about what he was doing with my home. Somehow this may got my home back 8 to 9 months later. I feel that HomEq helped this man Fraud me out of my home. HomEq gave this man a 368000.00 plus mortgage on a 40 year home in Stockton Ca. I lost my home, payment where too high for me to pay after my husband left me. The mortgage loan that HomeEq gave this man was so large it they made it a 1st and 2nd loan. I have the D A looking for this nothing guy i married and trusted, but I am working getting HomeEq charged with martgage fraud along with Fannie Maye and Freddie Mac. I am trying to feight and get my home back I may not have any luck seeing that the Fed. Gov. is not bring them (HomEq) in front of the Grand Jury. I agree with you 1000% Someone needs to stop HomeEq.

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  • Ti
      14th of Nov, 2008

    This company needs to be shut down. I could not afford to pay all of my back payments due to a job loss, but I asked them if they would put what I owed on the back of my loan. They said no, that they had to many people to work with, but they keep telling me that they want to help me keep my home.

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  • De
      19th of Dec, 2008

    Does anyone know who to get in touch with? I too am in foreclosure, again. The first time my house went to sell and sold. Luckly I was able to file bankruptcy to keep it. Followed the plan the court set up while also being garnisheed. Then, a totally unexpected issue with my youngest child came up where I hired an attorney, using the house payments. Now I'm 3 months behide and they filed a default putting it back into foreclosure. My attorney says I have to talk with HomEq, HomEq won't talk with me. And the attorneys for HomEq and waiting until today to send the information to HomEq. A whole week later - I only have until Jan. 16th to respond. I can't get to talk with anyone. My attorney told me its out of her hands. HELP!!!

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  • Da
      9th of Apr, 2009

    You think that's bad, Homeq sold my client's home at SHERIFF SALE WITHOUT EVEN FORECLOSING ON IT!!! Not only did I give them prior notice but I also filed proof of all the recent cancelled checks for the mortgage payments and gave them notice of the fact that they didn't even foreclose on the property yet. Needless to say, I set aside the Sheriff Sale and now we're going to crucify them in court. What arogant low life ### suckers they are. If you'd like to testify against them as a witness email me your address and name to [protected] THANKS, DAN

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  • Da
      9th of Apr, 2009

    YES, think about it, you can have a chance to rip on Homeq and Wachovia by telling your true stories as a witness against them in a real trial! Let me know how I can help you in your troubles as well, maybe I can and maybe I can't. I'm a consumer attorney in PA. [protected]

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